weekend goodness.

this is mostly the only photo i found from my birthday bowling extravaganza on friday night, courtesy of miss lauren:

mostly because i get all jumpy and wacky and needing to TALK TO EVERYONE ALL AT ONCE when i get in a group of people i like a whole lot. but bowling at memory lanes was amazing! they were so nice to us there, they got us a good deal and gave us extra beer. which really helped my night along….yea, i may or may not have overimbibed. i don’t know you guys, i’m not my mother’s daughter. all i know is that fern’s served us a wee bit too late into the night and i woke up on saturday feeling a lot like Mister Man said i looked. so, beautiful. because he would never tell me i looked rough. never!

when i finally felt up for getting off my couch, MM and i took a little walk around our little neighborhood in cathedral hill. i grabbed my camera so you guys could see how cute it is where i live. i love it here. if only we could afford to buy a decent house in this zip code. i think we may have to wait for retirement.

mister man

there are tons of little shops up and down our street, restaurants, salons, bars. you can walk to pretty much everything. and i especially don’t mind walking when that cute guy up there walks with me.



sometimes we like to look at houses on summit avenue and imagine what they look like inside. i say houses, but you should imagine mansions. MM has some pretty grand plans for a couple of them.

that wooden statue of a lady creeps me out every time i pass by. i just don’t get it.

mister man and me

i finally got a photo of us that doesn’t make us look too special! i treasure these.

look at those skillz. i love this little rink on the corner. it’s one of those charming places in the city that just makes you happy to be here.


damn he’s a good subject to shoot. so is my husband. (baha! jokes. i am so good at them.)

st. paul


this walk was much-needed. i got a little inspiration from getting out around my stomping grounds, and some good fresh air. winter here just feels like you’re always inside or rushing from place to place before you freeze. so any chance you can spend more than five minutes out and about is cherished.

my in-laws made me birthday brunch on sunday. i have to tell you guys, birthday season around my family is almost more dangerous than holiday season. so much good food, so much. and both of our parents are fabulous cooks. i’m bummed that i didn’t get any photos of my birthday meals. i was spoiled. and i’m feeling heavier. they were so good!

the rest of sunday was spent doing homework, organizing finances (student loans, woof), and meal planning for the week. i have a really great recipe i made tonight that i’m sharing tomorrow! it was really productive. i even went grocery shopping while my main man went to hockey. and i’ll just leave you all with this little gem that pretty much sums it all up. happy monday everyone!

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