humpday happy list.

hi guuuuuuys! it’s wednesday! but feels like friday! which is terrible!

but like i said last week, spring is almost here, warmer weather is around the corner (it might get up to 40 degrees this weekend!), and even if it’s not friday, we’re halfway through the week. these are the things keeping me going this week, what are yours? happy humpday!

1) humpday accessory: michael kors wrap watch.

okay, so i will never buy this watch. because i am a crazy frugal person, and most of my nice things are given to me by other people for birthdays and christmas. but gosh do i love looking at pretty things like that. i’m 99% sure that the color of my soul is that green right there. purty.


2) humpday crush: this guy.

i don’t know why, maybe it’s wedding planning nostalgia (does that exist? does it make me insane?), or our first anniversary coming up in a few months, but i have a major crush on this man right here. he’s kind of the best. i got to watch him play hockey last night, and let me tell you, watching your husband score a couple goals will make any girl fall in love all over again. (also, he’s sick with a fever/flu today, so any good thoughts and vitamin c are welcomed in the ‘z’ household.)

mister man

3) humpday treat: trader joe’s coconut cookie thins.

i gave up chocolate for lent. i’ve never done that before, and i never realized how often i eat a little square of it after dinner for a little treat. so i’ve been looking for alternatives for my sweet tooth. these right here are hitting the spot. they taste like a ‘nilla wafer, but with a hint of toasted coconut flavor. also,  i only go to trader joe’s for two things: snacks and frozen foods. they’re usually in the same aisle, and i could walk that aisle for hours. so many unnecessary food items!


4) humpday daydream: maui.

we are headed on a family vacation to maui in a few weeks. i know, i’m so freaking spoiled. but let me just say that this will definitely be our last vacation for a looooong time. our jetsetting will definitely be shelved for a  bit as we househunt and prep for other additions, so we are going enjoy the heck out of this trip! oh my gosh. i cannot wait to get there. with just my family, my main man, my swimsuit and my maternity dress (peh heh heh).


5) humpday breakfast: quick smoothies.

i’ve been making smoothies almost every morning for breakfast the past few weeks. i either make one and have the whole thing for breakfast, or share it with Mister Man and have something else small with it. i’ve even been doing that pinterest-y thing (i love how that is a word now) where i pre-pack the frozen fruit and/or spinach in sandwich bags so they are all ready to go in the morning and i just have to add the yogurt and orange juice.

this morning’s smoothie recipe:

  • 1 C. frozen mangoes and strawberries
  • 1/3 banana, frozen with the other fruit
  • handful of spinach leaves
  • 1/2 C. 0% greek yogurt
  • 1/2-2/3 C. orange juice

add yogurt, fruit, spinach, then orange juice to the blender (the little bullet one that your husband laughed at you for wanting but now uses more than you do). blend up and enjoy!


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