mondays aren’t all bad.

sometimes, even when you travel for work on a monday, it isn’t all bad.


you get to spend the morning with your husband, and he makes you coffee and breakfast.

you get to put on your travel clothes. and isn’t it fun to get dressed to go on an airplane? i love the challenge of finding an outfit that is appropriate for work, comfortable for the flight, and just a little bit fashion forward. airports are the best place to try new outfits i think, because no one knows who you are or what your “safe” style is. it’s the best.

you get to fly and your seat happens to be in a row where the third person never showed up. so you get to stretch out and read your book for the entire flight to california.

you get to have a bangin’ dinner with wonderful co-workers (right after you awkwardly and sweatily work out with them in the tiny hotel gym) and eat so much you have to hop up and down and do the “pack it in” dance.

you get to enjoy wine in a courtyard and talk about work and house-hunting and all sorts of random in front of a fire.

the only thing that would make it better would be if you got to bring the aforementioned husband with you. although trips like these always make Mister Man and i appreciate the other’s point of view a little more. i start to understand why his constant travel can be exhausting. he starts to understand why it can be hard to be the one at home all the time. and then we get to be excited to see each other at the end of the trip. let me tell you, nothing keeps a marriage fresher than homecomings…


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