the weekend in bubbles.

hoo baby! we had a WEEKEND around here. it was one of those where you wake up on friday and go to work, ready for the weekend to get here already, then all of a sudden it’s monday morning and you have no idea what happened in between. it was all fun stuff, so i am not complaining, but sometimes wouldn’t it just be the best to have an extra day in the weekend? i think so too.


i kicked off the weekend with a last-minute date night with my dear friend lo and my cousin twin hanna. we had a quintessential st. paul evening, starting with dinner and a beer at the happy gnome, and finishing up with bubbly champagne and chocolate cake at the muddy pig, which is not a bar where you normally order either of those things (#girlsnight #winning), but we did not care. we wanted bubbles and we were going to have them! [sidenote: we like to name our bars after tiny things preceded by a fun adjective (see also: the cheeky monkey)]. it was a fabulous night, and i decided i need more of them like that. who’s in? let’s make girls’ nights and patios a regular thing this summer, shall we?

(photo credit to lolo…or hanna…who took this?)

saturday was a day for the record books. my little twinsies, beedge and mugs, graduated from college! we are so proud of them and their huge achievement. i personally cannot wait to see what they are going to do in this world. one is going to change the lives of many kids, and the other will be a crazy successful businesswoman, and both of them will be great at anything else they set their minds to, be that marriage or kids or giving back or all of the above. the sky is the limit. do the damn thing lady sisters!

(photo credit to maggie)

sunday before the mother’s day festivities started, i got to watch my cute husband play in a hockey tournament. honestly, there is nothing better than dropping him off at the rink, heading to get a latte at the ‘bou (caribou coffee for all you uninitiated), then coming back and snuggling into a blanket to watch him skate circles around the other men. i’m serious, he does, i’m not just saying that because i’m his wife. he’s really good.

then off to the mothers we went. we are both so lucky to have the moms we do, that i cannot even begin to explain how much they mean to us. i mean, they care so much about us and all their kids, and have both adopted their new child-in-law like we were born to them. my mom likes to take Mister Man’s side on most things, and his mom is happy to take mine. none of that “monster-in-law” crap going on in this family, no sir. we love each other and we couldn’t ask for better role models. i am going to have a lot to live up to when i take on the mommy role.

cut to sunday night, and Mister Man and i getting back to an apartment that hadn’t been cleaned up since the weekend before. my suitcase was still sitting on the floor, packed, from my work trip the week before. and because “we” are a bit picky about starting the week off with a clean house, we got to work straightening everything up so we didn’t feel crazy in the morning. the suitcase is still out, but it’s empty and waiting to be packed for the next trip, which is coming up on friday. the only thing i got out of was doing the dishes.

now, if you remember correctly, i actually like doing the dishes. i hate vacuuming. that is important. the reason i wanted to wait to do the dishes until tonight is because i recently received a box containing two bottles of Palmolive® soft touch™ dish soap inside for me to test. well, one of them was for me to test, the other one i gave to lo, because girl loves her some soft hands. and apparently this dish soap is supposed to be really good for that? anyway, i wanted to be able to really concentrate on the new dish soap and see if it actually made my skin less dry. i’m one of those people who really don’t think basic products are any different from each other (my husband is still making fun of me for the one-ply toilet paper i bought last winter), so my expectations were low. real low.

i have to say, i was fairly impressed. my cuticles are notoriously dry, especially when i wash my hands a lot or have them dunked in a soap bath to do the dishes. and while this definitely didn’t feel like it moisturized my hands persay, it definitely didn’t dry them out, and may have even made the cuticles a little less dry than when i started. and i had the coconut butter variety, which smells delicious, like those scented plastic dolls you had when you were little(?). so good on you Palmolive! like i said, i am trying to move to more natural products, so i don’t know if this will be something i’ll buy in the future, but it is phosphate free, if that’s something you care about at all.


so my weekend started with bubbles and ended with bubbles, i’ll let you decide which ones were more fun. hope all of your weekends were spent with your moms and that you are ready to make the jump from winter to summer. spring is not a real thing anymore, which makes me sad. happy monday!


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disclaimer: i received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.