blood orange strawberry smash.

thank you all for the anniversary love this weekend! it meant a lot to us, truly. we are two lucky kids to have found each other and lucky to have so many people rooting for us. sappy erin out!


i have this bad habit of going grocery shopping when i’m incredibly hungry. it’s the number one thing “they” tell you to avoid, right? but somehow, i always end up getting to the store right before a meal or when i’m feeling particularly snacky, and it takes everything in my power to not put all the chips in my cart. but the thing that’s even worse than being hungry at the grocery store is being thirsty there.

hear me out on this. maybe it’s just me, but i am such a sucker for fun beverages. i love sparkling water, juice, and fancy sodas and if it comes in an adorable container, it’s all over. don’t even get me started on cute straws. so when i went to kowalski’s the other day, i was fresh off a round of golf, and was supposed to just make a quick run for the essentials and fruit salad fixings. i was doing so well, until i walked down the beverage aisle…completely by accident, i swear to you! because that’s when i saw it: the blood orange soda in a vintage style bottle. and all i could think was “BLOOD ORANGE COCKTAIL!”

i didn’t make this for a special occasion, or a party, or even a nice night out on the patio, because frankly i am not that great at planning these things out, and my food blogging skills aren’t honed to that level yet. nope, i made this for myself on a sunday night for a viewing of “the hobbit” with the husband. and dang if it wasn’t the best idea i’ve had in a long time. it was so good, i had to share it with you all.


blood orange strawberry smash cocktail recipe (serves 1, easily multiplied)

  • 2 oz. absolut mandarin (or regular vodka, but the mandarin adds a nice citrus note)
  • 1 oz. triple sec (feel free to omit if triple sec is too sweet for you. again, modify to your tastes)
  • blood orange soda
  • 4 strawberries (3 chopped into small pieces, 1 for garnish)
  • lime juice

cut strawberries into small pieces, place into bottom of the cocktail glass, along with the juice of 1/4 of a lime (or use that lime juice in a bottle that looks like a lime if you’re classy like me). add the vodka and triple sec, and muddle together until the strawberries are fairly mashed up. add ice to the glass and top with the blood orange soda. garnish with the last strawberry and enjoy through an adorable birchbark paper straw.

p.s. for all my badittude about fancy cocktails, this would actually be the perfect drink for a date night on a patio, or a girls night watching “the bachelorette” (i can’t quit that show! does anyone else hate/love it like i do?).

p.p.s. my straws are from a boutique stationery store in pittsburgh, (they came in a pack of 50, woo!) but i found you some on etsy.


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