these days.

oh where oh where do the days go? i feel like i blink and it’s friday already every single week. i’m still planning on doing humpday happy lists once a month, but obviously last month got a little out of hand so i skipped it (and also obviously, my happy was our house!). but they will be coming back. i am thinking about starting a weekly post that is a little less labor-intensive than those were too.

“these days” posts are going to be a little more flexible, a chance for me to wrap up what’s been going on this week, talk about anything fun happening on the weekend, even though life will probably be much less exciting after wedding season is over. homeownership responsibilities and whatnot.

i’m even thinking we could make it a link up. i’ve seen a few of my blogging friends do similar posts, what do you girls think? if we want to make this a regular friday thing, we could link up our posts in each other’s comments and invite the rest of our little communities to do the same. (but let’s be honest, i need to get to know some other smaller bloggers so there is clearly an ulterior motive here!) let me know if you have any interest!


these days i’m…

eating caprese salads like they’re going out of style. there is nothing like a caprese made from homegrown veggies to make you feel like you are being extra healthy and also deserving of that glass of wine.

planning for 5 (or maybe now 6?) friends to stay with us this weekend for the wedding. i am convinced that i have everything ready, but must confess that my brain has been scattered due to work travel, so be patient with me my loves!

reading real simple magazine, but wishing it was better homes and gardens, because i have the interior decorating bug, and i have it bad.

praying for my little sister to have the best first week of freshman year in the whole history of everything. even though you’re going to be a bennie, i think you’re going to have an amazing time!

watching “dr. who” with my husband. if any of you are particularly nerdy like we are, please please please start watching it. it’s on netflix, i will probably need to do a whole post on it because it’s too awesome to only give it one sentence.

drinking vinho verde. it’s a white wine from portugal, usually around $4 per bottle, tastes like a slightly fizzy sauvignon blanc. i’ve been drinking it since i discovered it in portugal 5 years ago, and if it gets popular and makes the price go up, i will be furious.

loving bare nails and no makeup. something about summer coming to an end makes me want to go as bare as possible. i’m all about the lipstick and nailpolish in the fall and winter, but it feels good to be free right now.

not loving my hair. it’s been about, oh, 3-4 months since my last haircut/color and it is not looking hot over here people. the words that come to mind are mousy, scraggly and unkempt. need to book that appointment asap.

working on getting back in shape. jillian michaels, i can’t quit you. but i hate you so much at the same time. do right by me lady.


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