and the detox starts now.

today marked the first day of my no sugar detox. and after a day of no sugar, i’m thinking i may have been a wee bit cocky when going into this whole thing.

you see, in my head, i am super healthy. i eat lots of whole foods, i broke myself of the coffee habit, and i exercise on a regular basis. i am convinced that i don’t eat a lot of sugar or processed food. until today. today, i learned that i really like crackers and things made from simple carbohydrates. and i learned that i don’t like being hungry. oh no i do not.

the detox isn’t actually as intense as it could be. i’m not doing some sort of crazy juice cleanse or a cayenne pepper smoothie crazy thing. it’s mostly a reboot of your diet to make you more aware of how much sugar you’re putting into your body, and it’s just made up of whole foods and lots of veggies and protein. but it’s still so hard!

(photo c/o kali, mastermind of this detox)

my meals today consisted of the following:

breakfast: cold muesli with raspberries.

lunch: beet/carrot slaw salad, hard-boiled egg, 1/2 grapefruit with flaxseed meal.

dinner: salmon with spinach/onions and sweet potatoes.

i mean, not bad, not too different from what i normally eat, even fairly delicious. (but that lunch! do you see why i’m hungry? work makes me want to eat ALL THE CHEETOS and i can’t eat any of them!).

the other thing with this detox is that it requires a lot of cooking and food prep. and it takes so much time out of the day, i was actually a little surprised. not being able to throw a sandwich together for lunch takes a little more thought than what my menu is for this week (surprise, surprise). so if i’m a little quiet on the blog front this week, chances are it’s because i’m chopping vegetables in the kitchen, while trying to keep up with the normal household stuff.

here’s hoping i come out of the other end of this detox alive!

have any of you ever tried a detox of any kind before? how did it go? was it worth it?


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