amelia: one month old.

so i’ve been a mother for a month now?

yea. that is a real thing. i can’t believe it either.

i am writing this at the tail end of amelia’s morning nap time. i use the term “nap time” loosely, because i feel like that leads you to believe she has a set time in the morning when she sleeps, which is not the case at all. she likes to be up and hanging out from her morning feeding (around 5-7am) until late morning (around 10am-12pm), which can be a little tiring for mom. although if she isn’t gassy, she’s quite a lot of fun! we like to look up at the ceiling together, her favorite spot is the corner of the dining room ceiling.

our darling daughter has been pretty wonderful so far. she eats like a champ, which i am so thankful for, i haven’t had any issues nursing her at all. she sleeps at night with almost no fussing, and has had a couple nights where she goes five hours in between feedings. do you know what it feels like to get four hours of sleep in a row when you’re only used to two?? heaven, it feels like heaven.

our only challenge has been that her little tummy is growing so fast and working so hard, that she has had some troubles with gassiness the past week or so. there is nothing worse than feeling gas bubbles running through your baby’s tiny body and not being able to do anything to help her feel better. we have started giving her a warm bath in the morning, which helps, and dad and i have both learned some moves that make her feel better, but if it’s a bad day, there is nothing that helps until she has cried herself into an exhausted sleep. i’m confident that she’ll grow out of this in the next couple of weeks, but until then, we will wear a circle into the living room carpet while pacing with her, and keep the baby gas-ex company in business.

i think my favorite part of the last month has been amelia learning to focus on our faces. one day last week, she started to really LOOK at her dad and me, instead of just looking near our faces. it’s the coolest thing to watch her develop and grow and discover things around her. the day she starts to find her hands and feet is going to be the craziest/best/awesomest!

we have a crazy week ahead of us, because one of my best friends is getting married on saturday and i’m in the wedding! so amelia will get to go to her first salon visit while mommy gets her nails done, and she’ll get to hang out while we get ready the day of the wedding. i predict she is going to be quite the party animal, and will get pretty milk drunk, so i’ll have to keep an eye on her.

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