i have no idea what day it is.

the title of this post is one of the weirdest things that’s happened to me since becoming a mom. when everyone else is saying, “so happy tomorrow is friday!”, i’m sitting here going, “wait, it’s october and a whole week has gone by?” it’s a really bizarre phenomenon.

i have a lot of posts that are in draft mode right now, mostly because i start to write them, and then amelia wakes up. and then maybe the next day i don’t have any laundry to do so i start to edit and add photos, then amelia wakes up. so later that same day i try to finish the post, only amelia never actually goes back to sleep. you get the idea. so yes, they are all in draft mode. but i have some good ones coming up. for all you other bloggers out there who have babies, how on earth do your babies allow you so much time to write on a regular basis??

tonight i just felt like throwing a random post up, because Mister Man and Amelia are snuggled up watching the packers/vikings game, and i had a lot of random thoughts while walking around with a baby in my arms today.

tummy time fail.


  • today i considered myself having gotten dressed by the mere fact that i put on “nice” sweatpants at 11am and a sweatshirt at 1:30pm. basically, if i end the day in different pajamas than the ones i started out in, i count it as a victory.
  • along those same lines, today i brushed my teeth, washed my face, and took my vitamins while wearing a sleeping baby in the sling carrier. MULTITASKING.
  • this week i’ve had some really crappy moments and been disappointed in myself as a mom (patience is most definitely a virtue i was not born with), but i’ve had some awesome moments where i really felt like myself again for the first time in six weeks; i took amelia on a spur-of-the-moment errand run and it didn’t feel like a huge undertaking // i got a latte for myself on that errand run, and it reminded me of a normal shopping day pre-baby // i went grocery shopping all by myself last night and it was as refreshing as getting a massage. the little things mean a lot now.
  • if it’s after 8pm in our house, the lights are dimmed and we talk in whispers.
  • the next time Mister Man travels for work, i’m going to try staying here at the house instead of going home to stay with my parents. i’m fairly confident that i can do three days by myself, but also i’m already a bit nervous.
  • since i’m only writing around two posts a week for the moment, i’ve spent a lot more time reading blogs than writing. here are some of my favorites from this week:

two wonderful bloggers in one post? thank you cassie!

i don’t just like this vlog from ashten because she mentions me, i also adore watching her face talk on a screen.

this post on brand new mom guilt from lisa at two martinis speaks ALL THE TRUTH.

okay, baby is due to wake up (she actually hasn’t stopped eating today, i believe this is what people were talking about when referring to the six-week growth spurt?) so i’m done with this random brain dump. thanks for still coming here to read my thoughts, even when they’re a little sporadic. i’m much better at instagram and twitter right now, so make sure you’re following me there (although you should follow me on bloglovin too if you aren’t already!). i post a lot of baby photos and my sleep-deprived blurbs are always entertaining (in my sleep-deprived brain anyway..)!

the magic sling.

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