i have a podcast problem.

my name is erin, and i’m a podcast addict.

i know, i know, i’m totally late to the party on this, but i have recently become addicted to listening to podcasts. i listen to them in the car on the way to and from work, while doing dishes during amelia’s naps, and even while nursing her on the weekends. I CAN’T STOP.

there is something about radio voices and interesting stories that just captivates me. mister man travels a lot, and i used to keep the tv on in the house, just to have noise around me and keep me company so to speak. but the problem with tv is that there is a visual aspect to it, so if i was trying to wash dishes or fold laundry or do some other task, i would inevitably get distracted by the images on the screen. not good when you’re trying to get stuff done when the baby is sleeping for lord knows how long.

so when i found podcasts, it was like this perfect solution. the sound of the voices keeps me company, but since i am only listening to them and not watching them, i can be a lot more effective when i’m doing the tasks i need to do.

if any of you have been thinking about getting into podcasts, here is a random post of a few of my favorites that might help you get started.

1) this american life. this is one of the most popular podcasts out there, put on by NPR. every week, they tell a different interesting story. it can be anything from how a used car sales shop on long island makes their sales quota to digging into the tension between the police and society going on today. i’ve learned a lot of really interesting and random things from this podcast, and ira glass is the cutest voice on the radio today.

2) invisibilia. another NPR production (you’ll see a trend here). this one is produced by two women who look into the invisible forces that govern our world, like fear, sensory experiences, etc. some of the things they talk about will blow your mind, because they dig into how our brains work, and i don’t know about you, but i think that stuff is crazy. 

3) serial. oh yes. i’m on this bandwagon big time. probably everyone has listened to serial at this point, unless you live under a rock. i am just waiting for the second season!

4) snap judgement. oh look. another NPR podcast. this one has great music and sound editing, which is what makes it fun. the concept is that there is a new theme each week, and three different stories that relate to that theme are told by different people. vignettes if you will. this one is just great storytelling and the stories are about the human experience.

5) TED radio hour. i know there are some TED talk fans who read this blog. this podcast chooses a different theme each week, and then chooses a few TED talk participants whose talks relate to the theme, and they kind of adapt their TED talk to radio. they talk to the host, and snippets of their TED talks are played, so it’s kind of a mashup show of sorts. SO ADDICTING.

6) mom enough. this is a podcast put on by a local minnesota mom and daughter team.  the episodes are usually only about 20 minutes long (perfect for moms with short nappers) and each show deals with issues that may interest parents, like sensory development, how to be an engaged parent, and so on. i love it.

do any of you have this addiction? if so, please share your favorites with me in the comments so i can expand my listening even more!

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