amelia: seven months old.

oh look. a blog post. about my daughter. who ironically is the reason that i don’t blog anymore. (i mean the whole day job thing has a lot to do with it too…) she’s too cute to get annoyed at though. 

i’ve got a daughter who is dangerously close to being mobile. and when i say mobile, i don’t mean rolling or crawling. she rolls around now (finally!) and i’m guessing she is never going to crawl, or if she does it’ll be for a hot minute before she starts walking. because girlfriend wants to WALK. her days consist mostly of wanting to stand up on things, and then stand up on you, and then stand up on other things. frankly, it’s exhausting. and according to my mom, i walked at 10 months, and my brother walked at eight months. she has been taking after her uncle in both activity and temperament, so i’m starting to panic a little bit….

as mentioned above, amelia decided that it was finally time to start rolling. she still kind of hates being on her stomach, so she does this roll over/pivot/roll back movement in order to get places. it’s actually pretty great to watch.

seven months has also brought shaking things. girl has some rhythm. she would shake her rattles all day if we let her. as soon as she can walk, i’m pretty sure it’ll be like having one of those traveling mariachi bands from a mexican restaurant in the house. we’re excited!

teething has returned to our house like the terrible houseguest that won’t leave. we had some serious interrupted sleep the past couple of weeks, up every 3 hours and there are a couple days at work that i don’t really remember but apparently i’ve been getting everything done? this morning i spotted the sharp ends of the two top teeth, which means the end of this round is in sight. i think that i’ll be writing a post on how to survive the teething monster, because we’ve tried literally every remedy (minus the amber necklace) and even if it hasn’t worked for us, some might work for your baby!

miss amelia joyce, seven months is a fun one. i have a sneaking suspicion that these next five months are going to go a lot faster than the last seven…you are so much fun to be around these days! you know how to play games with us, and you think we’re funny (you and i both know that i’m the funniest but your dad is the true love of your life), and we think that this is just the greatest thing that could ever happen. you are the best part of every day, even when we’ve been up for 20 hours of it because of you.

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