if you’ve been around the last couple years, you’ll remember that Mister Man and i celebrate our anniversary with the traditional gift rules. year three is leather.

in the past year of being married to this man, i learned that in addition to picking a great husband, i picked a real good baby daddy. (i also learned that when you have a baby, you don’t have very many pictures of the two of you without said baby in them.) i couldn’t have imagined a better partner to raise children with than my Mister Man.

i don’t have a lot of words to say this year. mostly because i’m very, very tired. but not as tired as i would be if Mister Man didn’t help me as much he does. he pulls more than his weight around the house, he gets up with amelia all the time so i can at least stay in bed some nights, and he still manages to take care of the two of us with a smile on his face.

i don’t know what i did to get so lucky as to have him by my side for the rest of my life. i really don’t deserve it. i’m just happy that God sees fit to bless even the most undeserving of us with wonderful people in our lives.

Mister Man, you are my reason for getting up with a smile on my face in the morning and you will always be my favorite person to go to sleep next to. i don’t know how the next 50 years could possible beat the last three, but the best part is, i know they will. every day is an adventure with you.

love and sugar.

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