my work uniform.

if you’ve been around for a while, you might remember when i originally posted about my work uniform, over two years ago. that was pre-baby, pre-job change, pre-lots of things in my current life. and while it hasn’t changed up too much, my style has grown up enough to warrant an update.

the biggest way my work uniform has changed is that button-down shirts are now on the list of acceptable items. they used to be strictly forbidden (by me) because of the way they made me look pregnant (or so i thought). as someone who has now actually been pregnant, i can tell you with certainty that when we all say, “oh that makes me look pregnant”, 99% of the time we do not, in fact, look pregnant. that being said, i won’t wear just any button-down. in fact, i am very, very picky about them. but the good news is that the kind i like to wear happen to be very easy to find right now.

work uniform

my favorites are the calvin klein zip-pocket roll sleeve shirts. the fit is wonderful; they’re fitted without being tight, and tailored without being too formal. i have them in four colors (and am biding my time to buy a fifth) and i wear them so often that Mister Man has been asking if i’m ever going to buy new work clothes (so judgey!). i told him that i’m just dressing like men do, in pants and shirts every day. it’s my uniform after all. i buy mine at herbergers, but you can also find shirts like this at h&m, forever21, and other boutique type stores.

i’m still loving my black skinny pants and i’m probably due for a new pair. they are all i wear now, because my legs were blissfully unaffected by my pregnancy weight. come to think of it, if i’m staying true to my konmari principles, i should probably just get rid of all my other work pants…the skinny fit lets me wear flowier tops without being too unbalanced in my proportions, and they look really put together when paired with leather booties or a classic black pump.

i will throw on a sweater/t-shirt combo every now and then, but since i’ve just now started to get serious about getting in pre-baby shape, the fitted things haven’t felt as comfortable to me. i’m much more likely to throw on a pullover sweater or a shirtdress. regular dresses were off-limits until i was done breastfeeding because i didn’t want to get completely disrobed three times a day while pumping. but now that i’m done, i’m back on the dress train. my latest favorite is one that i got in my last stitchfix. it feels like a sweatshirt, hits at the perfect work length, and is tailored enough to be appropriate for my office. also, same shoe reason as above. i wear it FAR too often.

work uniform

so to sum up, my work uniform is basically:

  • skinny black pants + loosely fitted button down
  • skinny black pants + pullover sweater
  • dress + tights (optional)

pretty easy, right? i love having a limited number of options to choose from in the morning. it makes the start of my day so much smoother when i don’t have to think about things matching or being appropriate. i just know that whatever i grab out of my closet is going to work. do you guys have self-imposed work uniforms, or are you more throw on whatever you’re feeling kind of people?

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