so i basically spent my weekend wishing that i was stuck in the snow like it seems EVERYONE else was! i mean, i live in the tundra, aren’t we supposed to be the ones who get all the crazy snowstorms? i’m seriously craving some snowdrifts so we can build a snow fort for amelia. that’s crazy, right? i know it’s crazy.

and i’m feeling kind of blog nostalgic today. i really feel like just going back to the roots and keeping it classic. so today, you get a “currently” post. i love reading these types of posts from other people, it’s like getting a little snapshot into their brain. like the written form of snapchat (username: hooleywithaz for anyone who likes long snap videos about getting stuck in parking ramps after work).


…time – 3:50pm. this is pushing my luck. amelia went to sleep at 1:15pm, and a three hour nap is hard to come by around these parts. but let’s take a gamble, shall we?

…doing – besides the obvious writing of this post, i’m getting a crap ton (yes that’s a real measurement) done. we’re talking up at 6am, worked out, did laundry, took amelia to music class, had a coffee date with a fellow music class mom, grocery shopped, made lunch, put the kid down for a nap, worked, did more laundry, finished thank you cards kind of day. now after seeing that i’m exhausted.

…eating – pretzels and poor man’s buffalo chicken dip (light sour cream, frank’s hot sauce, rotisserie chicken mixed together). don’t judge me, did you see how much i’ve accomplished today?

…drinking – the last of my latte from my coffee date this morning. does anyone else do that? nurse their fancy coffee over the course of a whole morning and afternoon, or is that just me? i do it partly because i get too distracted to finish it all at once, and partly because i don’t want it to end.

close up of starbucks red cup sitting on dark wood table

…watching – gilmore girls on netflix. well, rewatching. i’m at the end of season three, and you guys, this is the gilmore girls sweet spot. this is where it gets really good. everyone’s found their groove and the witty banter is just the tops. highly recommend if you have somehow managed to live your whole life without the beauty of gilmore girls in it.

…loving – my new apple toys. okay, you guys, i am notorious for using technology products until they are way past their prime. case in point: i’ve had my iPhone 5 since before Mister Man and i were married. and it’s a lovely phone. i’ve had the same case for that whole time too and they have survived a marriage, two moves, and a new child with no damage. i love it. but it was past its shelf life. like, three iPhone updates past. i just hate buying expensive phones, so i never did. but an opportunity has recently presented itself where it just made sense for MM and i to buy new phones at the same time. so we did. and now i’m like, what took me so long? also, if you missed my instagram post about my other toy, you should really go check that out and see why i hyperventilated on friday.

…hating – not having an office. hate is probably a strong word, but it follows “loving” nicely. i love our little house, but man, one more room (hell, even a big closet) to use as my office wouldn’t be the worst thing. it’s tough to have to just set up wherever there’s room at the kitchen table or coffee table, and not feel like i have my own space to be creative. someday though. someday.

…reading – a real book! an honest to goodness book! i can’t tell you how long it’s been since i’ve read one. wait, yes i can, the last time i read a book was over memorial day weekend. so if you do the math, that was about five months ago, over a holiday weekend. yikes. i’m thinking i might need to be more intentional about how i spend my down time. anywho, i’m reading a real book, it’s called the boys in the boat, about the 1936 u.s. olympic rowers who won gold in berlin, and i’m already obsessed. a fun fact about me: in college, i was a coxswain for my school’s rowing team, aka the yeller in the boat, so crew has a sweet spot in my heart.

…thinking – about the next few months and how they’re going to shake out. a lot of changes are happening around here, all good, but all a bit disruptive. i’m trying to prepare myself for all of it (and trying not to lose my mind) by writing a lot of lists and keeping my calendar permanently attached to my hand. i think it’s working? i don’t know.

…feeling – pretty dang happy. as of now, it’s 4:12pm and i’m sipping on a different cup of coffee, waiting for amelia to wake up to play. i’m also feeling pretty lucky for this life that Mister Man and i are living. a roof over our heads, a heater that works, and a daughter who is healthy (albeit allergic to a lot of stuff apparently, a story for another day) and awesome. edit: she woke up as i was finishing this, which is why it did not post until 11pm. best intentions. woops!

happy monday, what’s everyone else up to?

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