william: five months old.

please read the next paragraph and laugh with me. i started writing it a month ago.

“we are getting back on track people! i really underestimated how crappy going back to work was going to be on my sleep and my energy and my life in general. but i think i’m finally out of the woods at least a little bit. in any case, i have the blogging bug back.”

hah. that was funny past erin. you thought you had things under control. but to post a monthly update, you have to take a photo… in any case, the following is what william was like between four and five months:

the thing about babies that is so great and also so terrible is that they do not keep. they just keep growing. which i love because sometimes babies are exhausting, and no amount of cute can make up for the lost sleep. but also sometimes i want to stop time and keep them just the way they are for a while longer, because the sweetest moments can be so fleeting.

[look. at. those. eyebrows. and. lashes.]

William is learning so much, so quickly, that i feel like i can’t keep up with him. every day he does some other thing he couldn’t do before, and before i know it i’ll be chasing after him in the yard with his sister. he wants to move so badly, and unlike his sister, actually tries to scoot towards the things he wants. i sense some baby proofing in our future, which we never did with Amelia, so we might be out of our league with this child. he’s the happiest baby i’ve ever had the pleasure of cuddling, so that’ll make up for any heart attacks he’s sure to give me down the line.

he rolls, and can sit up mostly unassisted, and he is already noticing us eating. like, he stares at the spoon going from the bowl to our mouths. we’ll be starting him on cereal in a few days, mostly so we can see if it helps him sleep better, sweet boy. he’s just getting too big to sleep for long stretches on milk alone. oh long stretches of sleep. i miss you.

little william: i cannot imagine life without you here now. your personality is so full of life and joy, and you delight everyone who sees you, from your dad and i, to your sister, to the checkout lady at the grocery store! thank you for being perfect little you. but maybe start to sleep through the night pretty soon, mmmkay?

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