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i’m erin. i write this blog. i’m also a true minnesotan (i say i don’t have the accent, but i completely do), a laura ingalls wannabe (who doesn’t know how to sew…yet), and an overthinker (i also really love parentheses…and ellipses).

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there are a couple facts you should know before you spend time around these parts. one is that i have a husband who i call Mister Man, and who i really love to brag about. he’s basically the best thing ever invented. another thing is that we have a beautiful daughter named amelia and a sweet boy name william! they are the greatest things i have ever made. the third thing is that i like to talk about how i feel about everything. no matter what i write, whether it’s a recipe, an essay, or a style post, there is going to be a personal memory or story attached to it. i can’t help it, i love to talk about my feelings!

28 weeks

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i believe that everything in life, even the smallest things, should be done with love (read more about that here), and i hope you’ll see that reflected. there is nothing better than cooking a family recipe for a group of people you love, and enjoying it with a glass of good sauvignon blanc or a hendrick’s gin and tonic. a trip to the farmer’s market that ends with a batch of canned pickles is my dream saturday. and curling up with some popcorn and a movie on the couch is my happy place. i have other favorite things, which you can read about here.


a quick recap: this blog is the story of a life lived thoughtfully. if you stick around, you’ll see that sometimes i write about things my family does together. other times i write about things i really like. and sometimes i write about things i make. it’s really up to my mood that day. sometimes it might be silly, but it will always be me. i’d love it if you followed along.

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