thirsty thursday: boozy cherry limeade.

thank you everyone for the awesome well-wishes on the new home! we are pretty excited and have started rolling up our sleeves to get the place ready to move into next week. i’ll be taking photos and blogging here and there, but again, need a little help from my friends to keep this baby alive and well.

it’s that time again…thirsty thursday! trisha’s back with maybe one of the best looking drinks i’ve ever seen. cherries, lime, booze. summer nectar is what that is. thank you for the awesome recipe lady, i’m thinking you might need to open a shop that focuses solely on cupcakes and cocktails. i’ll volunteer to test all your recipes! 


It’s no secret that we take cocktails pretty seriously here in Wisconsin. One drink we take almost as seriously as the Green Bay Packers is the Old Fashioned. In fact, here in Madison we even have a restaurant called The Old Fashioned, which serves the best of Wisconsin eats and drinks. Think Friday night fish fry, pickled eggs, bratwursts, prime rib, local beers, and of course, Old Fashioneds. Where am I going with this, you ask?

Well, the key to the perfect Old Fashioned is the muddling. And I just happen to love this part of cocktail making so I incorporated it into a tart, summery beverage, just for you!
cherry limeade

This drink is pretty customizable to your own personal taste. I went more on the tart side of things, but you can certainly make it as sweet or sour as you’d like by adding more sugar, more lime, more bitters, etc.

boozy cherry limeade

Boozy Cherry Limeade

4-6 cherries, stems and pits removed
-I used Bing cherries, but use any type you’ve got. Even go with maraschino if you want this super sweet!
2-4 lime wedges
a few splashes of bitters
-again, as much or as little as you’d like- I used 1 heaping teaspoon
vodka/gin/rum of choice
sparkling water/club soda/Sprite

Place fruit, sugar, bitters, and a splash of sparkling water/club soda/Sprite in a cocktail glass and muddle until cherries are pretty mashed up. At this point you can strain the juice into a new glass if you prefer to have your drink without the chunks of fruit.
Fill glass with ice.
Add booze. 1-2 ounces. 3 if you’re having a rough day.
Top with lemonade and another splash of sparkling water/club soda/Sprite.

Drink it up!

*While I don’t mind a few chunks in my drinks, I did end up straining my drink after cherries clogged my straw within the first few sips. To each their own!


I’d especially like to raise a glass of this goodness to Erin and Mister Man in celebration of their new home! Thanks for having me again lady, and welcome to the world of homeownership!

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thirsty thursdays (with a special guest).

as i said yesterday, and at the beginning of the week, i asked some of my friends for help around this here blog. trish was one of them. trish and i happen to share a love for many things, pretty cocktails and happy hour being two of them. we have been sitting on the idea to do a happy hour collaboration for months now, and july just seemed like the perfect time to start our little project. you lucky kids will see trish here with cocktail recipes a couple times during the month of july, and i will be over on her blog sharing some of mine too!

thank you so much trish! you are a girl after my own heart, and i am so happy we finally decided to get our booties in gear to do this. cheers and happy 4th of july!


¡Hola! I’m Trish and I normally dish over here, but today I’m pleased as punch to do a little guest post for the lovely Erin!


I started my blog a couple of years ago, mostly because I wanted to create and share recipes. In reality, I “dish” about a little of everything and I’ve made quite a few blog friends (blends) along the way. When I’m not blogging, I’m usually baking cupcakes, hanging with my sweet hubby and pup, and taking in all that Wisconsin has to offer with my awesome family and friends. Admittedly, I’m one of the many overworked and underpaid, but in all honesty, I love my job and try my best to truly relax when I’m not working. Blogging is one of the methods I use to unwind. Well, blogging and drinking. 😉

Last summer I started a semi-weekly tradition of sharing a refreshing summer cocktail on my blog, just in time for the weekend. More often than not, my Thirsty Thursday concoctions involved Hendrick’s Gin. As it turns out, hooleywithaz here is also a fan of Hendrick’s so I thought it might be a good idea to share a Hendrick’s cocktail on her blog.


And in honor of Independence Day, it was also imperative to make this cocktail a certain few, patriotic colors.

It starts with a simple syrup that you absolutely may make ahead of time and store in a sealed container in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. If you want to use it right away, you’ll just want to make sure it’s at least cooled to room temp before using.

Melon Berry Sparkler
1 cup fresh watermelon chunks
5 raspberries; rinsed
5 strawberries; hulled, rinsed and de-stemmed
juice of 1 lime
1/2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. agave nectar (honey would also work)
2.5 oz Hendrick’s Gin
2.5 oz lemonade
flavored sparkling water (I used raspberry lime)
Place watermelon, berries, lime juice, sugar, and agave nectar in medium saucepan over medium heat. Use a potato masher to mash fruit as small as possible. Bring mixture to a boil and allow to simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature. Strain into a glass jar and refrigerate until ready to use.
To assemble the cocktail:
Place a few ice cubes in the bottom of your favorite cocktail glass. Pour 2 oz. of melon berry mixture over ice cubes. Toss in a few blueberries. Add more ice. Add Hendrick’s and lemonade. Add more ice, if desired. Top with sparkling water.

Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

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blood orange strawberry smash.

thank you all for the anniversary love this weekend! it meant a lot to us, truly. we are two lucky kids to have found each other and lucky to have so many people rooting for us. sappy erin out!


i have this bad habit of going grocery shopping when i’m incredibly hungry. it’s the number one thing “they” tell you to avoid, right? but somehow, i always end up getting to the store right before a meal or when i’m feeling particularly snacky, and it takes everything in my power to not put all the chips in my cart. but the thing that’s even worse than being hungry at the grocery store is being thirsty there.

hear me out on this. maybe it’s just me, but i am such a sucker for fun beverages. i love sparkling water, juice, and fancy sodas and if it comes in an adorable container, it’s all over. don’t even get me started on cute straws. so when i went to kowalski’s the other day, i was fresh off a round of golf, and was supposed to just make a quick run for the essentials and fruit salad fixings. i was doing so well, until i walked down the beverage aisle…completely by accident, i swear to you! because that’s when i saw it: the blood orange soda in a vintage style bottle. and all i could think was “BLOOD ORANGE COCKTAIL!”

i didn’t make this for a special occasion, or a party, or even a nice night out on the patio, because frankly i am not that great at planning these things out, and my food blogging skills aren’t honed to that level yet. nope, i made this for myself on a sunday night for a viewing of “the hobbit” with the husband. and dang if it wasn’t the best idea i’ve had in a long time. it was so good, i had to share it with you all.


blood orange strawberry smash cocktail recipe (serves 1, easily multiplied)

  • 2 oz. absolut mandarin (or regular vodka, but the mandarin adds a nice citrus note)
  • 1 oz. triple sec (feel free to omit if triple sec is too sweet for you. again, modify to your tastes)
  • blood orange soda
  • 4 strawberries (3 chopped into small pieces, 1 for garnish)
  • lime juice

cut strawberries into small pieces, place into bottom of the cocktail glass, along with the juice of 1/4 of a lime (or use that lime juice in a bottle that looks like a lime if you’re classy like me). add the vodka and triple sec, and muddle together until the strawberries are fairly mashed up. add ice to the glass and top with the blood orange soda. garnish with the last strawberry and enjoy through an adorable birchbark paper straw.

p.s. for all my badittude about fancy cocktails, this would actually be the perfect drink for a date night on a patio, or a girls night watching “the bachelorette” (i can’t quit that show! does anyone else hate/love it like i do?).

p.p.s. my straws are from a boutique stationery store in pittsburgh, (they came in a pack of 50, woo!) but i found you some on etsy.


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let’s talk about…drinkware preference.

i’ve been noodling a lot on really unimportant things lately. and sometimes i just need to get my thoughts out in the open air. so today, let’s talk about drinkware preferences. i feel like my thoughts on this will either cement our compatibility or make you think i’m even nuttier than you first suspected. either way, let’s have some fun.


i have very specific tastes when it comes to my beverage receptacles. if you’ve been reading for a while, or follow me on instagram, you may have noticed.

married life gin&tonic

i wasn’t born this way. in fact, i used to be able to quite comfortably drink my 3-buck chuck out of a coffee mug. or my tea out of a juice glass. it didn’t matter what the method was, as long as it got the liquid to my mouth. i was in college, i didn’t have time or money to worry about silly things like that.


and then i met Mister Man. and those days were over. because my husband, he is nothing if not particular. it’s got to be the chemical engineer in him. his motto might as well be, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. so when we started dating, if i grabbed a water glass with the intention of putting beer in it, i would gently be told where the pint glasses were (most likely in the freezer, chilled and frosty). this is all related to the fact that he likes cleaning and tidying, whereas i am a little less “careful” about things like that.

clear coffee mug

and so slowly but surely, i started to pay more attention to the types of drinkware i was pouring things into. all this to say, that the other day, as i was making breakfast in my parents’ kitchen, i actually had a conversation with myself that went a little something like this:

me: which glass would be better for orange juice, that tiny 6 oz. one, or the bigger 8 oz. one?

myself: well, technically a serving of juice is 8 oz., but that smaller glass is actually the juice glass, so you should probably use the 6 oz.

me: but i’m thirsty for more juice than that.

myself: well, it’s probably okay, but you should really use the appropriate glass if it’s available to you.

me: i’ll remember that for next time.

it went a lot faster than that, but that is basically what the exchange inside my head looked like. who does that? who questions what type of glass they’re going to pour their orange juice into? i’m still not sure how this became me, but i’m thinking that Mister Man’s well-organized mind + my tendency towards habitual behavior has ruined me in this area of life. thank goodness he makes such delicious pancakes for me all the time, or i’d have to shake my fist at him.

at least if i’m ever in doubt, we all know that a mason jar can be used to drink any type of liquid.


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