i’m in new york!

 hello there!

guess where i am?

did you guess new york? good guess! you are really smart.

yep, i’m in the big apple, mostly for work, but also for FUN! i’ve never been to new yor

 k, so when i found out that my next work trip was going to take me there, i decided to take a vacation day and enjoy the city on my own time. i wanted mr. z to come with, but he’s got this thing called a job, and also there’s the whole ticket prices for flights being ridiculous thing. so that didn’t work out. but because he’s so nice, he let me use all of his hilton points for my hotel. and he is not even staying with me. he gets those points by being gone from home traveling for work, and he let me use them all. what a guy, huh? okay, done bragging about my awesome husband.

i’m the worst at taking “getting to new york” photos. but the cab driver was so talkative!


not a terrible view!

so i’m here in new york, and i’m super excited to just walk around and see as much as i possibly can while i’m here. when i was in spain, and in uruguay, my favorite thing to do was just walk around and look at things. if  i had a coffee and a sandwich, i could last all day in a city doing that. for me, there’s something about observing life in a different environment than i’m used to that just makes me happy. i want to see central park, 5th ave, greenwich village. i could probably just walk all the way down 5th ave and then turn around and come back and be happy. it’s the simple things people.

the thing that i’m probably the MOST excited for though, is seeing a friend of mine that i studied abroad with. we haven’t seen each other in 4 years, and i cannot wait to catch up and hang out again. she has always lived here in new york, except for that brief stint in iowa city (good writing program….first question i asked her when we met too), so she gets to give me tips and see how little i know about this place….like not knowing if it was right to call the part of the city where i’m staying “midtown”. ugh, honestly me, do some research. i brought her some wedding photos to look at because she threatened me with death if i didn’t (but seriously h., you better appreciate them, because uploading photos to print is a biatch) and catching up with her is going to be the highlight of my time here. hear that new york city? she wins.

hopefully if i don’t suck too terribly much at taking photos, i can have a pretty blog post about my trip with pictures. we shall see.


  1. Sometimes I think I would love to have lived at the same time as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  2. The only makeup item I cannot live without is concealer. This is the main reason why I decided I could never be a nun.
  3. If given the choice between ice cream and popcorn, I would choose popcorn every time.
  4. Sometimes it’s easier to finish the wine bottle than to re-cork it and save it for later.
  5. Now that I look at #2, I don’t think I would have survived in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time.

    Definitely would not have survived on the prairie.

  6. When I see those weird, three-wheeled motorcycles that really look like adult tricycles, I want to ask the owner what the point is.
  7. I would rather listen to Disney songs and Broadway musical soundtracks than any other type of music. Because of this, I don’t show anyone my Pandora stations.
  8. I think smartphones are a waste of money, but will probably end up getting one someday anyway. What does this say about me?
  9. I collect recipes but I rarely follow through and make any of them.
  10. Sometimes when I feel like I need to travel so bad that I might go crazy, I go through the process of booking a trip but stop just before I click purchase.

My beautiful ciudad, Sevilla. I had to pry my hand away from the 'purchase' button.


I hate the word nastygram.

In the area where I work, it seems to be one of the favorite phrases people use when they have to send a not-so-nice email or leave a stern voicemail for someone. As in, “I had to send him a nastygram after he didn’t do what I asked him.”

I have a couple of problems with this word. One being that it just sounds mean. Even if you aren’t saying to the person receiving the message that it’s a nastygram, just saying it to other people makes you sound like a yucky person. I said jokingly to a friend at work that I had come to his desk to leave him a nastygram for not being on time for our coffee date. He was like, “Why? That sounds mean!” And it totally does! It made me sound like a mean person who just likes to go around giving nastygrams to people all day like a cranky mailman.

The other problem I have with this word is that it sounds like one of those gross corporate jargon words that are so pervasive nowadays. Kind of like “Let’s touch base” or “We’re really going to drill down on this”. “Nastygram” is just another one of those terrible corporatese phrases that I believe are bringing down communication in this country. Why can’t people just say what they mean instead of making up a word to try to sound more politically correct? Doesn’t “stern email” sound more professional than “nastygram” anyway? I just think that there would be a lot less time and email wasted if people just said what they meant. I swear that when people use corporatese they end up with emails at least twice as long as I would write using normal language.

This has quickly degenerated into an “I have problems with corporate life” post. Which is weird, because I actually don’t have that many issues with working in the corporate world. I kind of like it actually. What can I say, I’m a sucker for routine and organization. And I like having a familiar place with familiar people in it to go to everyday. It’s just my style. I don’t even know if I could work from home. I’m sure I’d get used to it eventually, but there is something about having that motivation to take off your pajamas that does wonders for my work ethic.

*Edit: As I spellchecked this post, “nastygram” did not come up as an error. Apparently that’s a recognized word. Just proving my point further.

**Also: “Spellchecked” is a recognized word as well. Gah.

It’s happening!

Spring is (kind of) coming! A little bit!

Honestly, it’s things like this photo that make me feel okay about living in a place where being 40 degrees in May is somehow acceptable. Okay, but not great.

Just living in a city with trees really makes a big difference in how I feel about the seasons. I really feel like I wouldn’t be as excited about the fact that spring is here if I lived in a city with no greenery. I mean, it wouldn’t even make that big of a difference, would it? Yea, it’d be warmer, but if you can’t see the trees getting greener and the flowers blooming, what else is there to get excited about? I would totally feel like there was no reason for it to ever rain (which it’s been doing constantly before this week) if I couldn’t see the difference in the greenness level of the trees. Is greenness a word? I’m making it one if it isn’t.

SIDEBAR: Speaking of making up words, we were at a BBQ last night for a friend of a friend who was visiting for England, and we were just sitting around the bonfire chatting. I truly can’t remember what the heck we were talking about, people getting hurt or something, but all of a sudden the word “mortilate” came out of Mister Man’s* mouth. Now, he has the tendency to say words wrong, like saying “uncapable” instead of “incapable”. I think it’s so endearing when he does that, because it’s just a unique part of him, and they are such little mistakes that it doesn’t affect the meaning of the word. But “mortilate” is not a word. I don’t even know what meaning he was trying to get across by saying that, but apparently he started using it in high school when he and some friends were demolishing a shed and it stuck.

If “mortilate” can be a word, so can greenness.

Today it’s warm, it’s sunny, Glee is on and I get to go to the Muddy Pig for a beer. Can it get any better? I don’t know how.

*Mister Man is what I call my boyfriend. I realize at this point that no one is reading this except me and whoever else I decide to let read it, but I figure he can keep his anonymity if I have to squawk about him. Plus, I’m really proud of that nickname.

checkout lane nightmares.

The great part about grocery shopping is that you control 99% of the experience. What you buy and how fast you buy it is totally in your control. I am not about wandering around the store, looking at all the food, and deciding which I want more, the Kashi with brown sugar, or the Kashi with brown sugar and cinnamon. I like to get in, get out, and get on with my day. Where the experience ceases to be in your control comes at the end of the trip. The worst part of the trip. The part that any sane person dreads.

Picking a checkout aisle.

You have roughly three choices for checkout lanes these days.

1) The self-checkout lane: God help you if you ring up produce in the self-checkout lane. There is a weighing system, and there are eight different types of tomatoes to choose from in the computer. You will end up calling an employee for help, which then has completely negated the point of doing the checkout yourself. If you do manage to get through the self-checkout alone, the next hurdle is getting your groceries bagged before the electronic lady starts ripping you a new one.

2) The express lane: 10 items or less. Who honestly goes to a grocery for 10 items or less? I suppose that I’ve run to Cub Foods for a pint of ice cream and nothing else after a particularly rough day. And maybe if you’re nothing like me (read: responsible), you can get by with one big monthly grocery run and smaller weekly runs for things like milk. For those of us that are incapable of that, the express lane might as well not exist.

3) The regular lane: This is the tried and true method of paying for your groceries. You unload your cart onto the conveyor belt, you let the employee swipe all your food, you pay, you pack and you leave. That sounds smooth, right? That’s because it is. The problem with the regular lane is not the process. The problem is that grocery shopper in front of you. You know the one I’m talking about. The one who looks like they have a small cart. Normal. But these shoppers in front of you are never a normal checkout. No. They have coupons (coo-pons, not cue-pons). They have questions. They forgot to get milk, so hold on a second while they run to get it. The shopper in front of you is the reason that grocery shopping takes so long and makes you avoid it like the hairdresser you hate but can’t fully get rid of.

One of my worst ever grocery shopping experiences happened on a day that I really shouldn’t have been grocery shopping considering the mental state I was in. One of my best friends had just moved away from St. Paul to Ann Arbor for six months, and my boyfriend, Mister Man, had just moved to Des Moines for an unknown amount of time. I had probably gone to the store for that pint of ice cream I mentioned before, but had decided I should get other things while I was there (see checkout lane #2). I had grabbed all of my things and had found a lane I was SURE wasn’t going to take a long time to get through. The first person in line had finished paying and had moved out of the checkout lane. The woman in front of me wasn’t moving so, very politely, because I was raised well, I said, “Excuse me, you can go through now.” She didn’t seem to hear me. Actually she seemed to purposely look away, but that was my imagination, wasn’t it? So I said it again, louder. She didn’t respond. There was enough room to move my cart around her, but when I started to make my move, she all of a sudden snapped to attention, moved her cart up to fully block the lane, and looked away from me. SHE PURPOSELY LANE-BLOCKED ME AND THEN GAVE ME THE COLD SHOULDER! At this point, I thought I might not be above hitting an old woman, so I went to a different lane.

I should have known where this was going and just left my cart and gone home, but I didn’t. Instead I stayed behind two women who were checking out two carts of groceries, one they could pay with for food stamps, and the other they paid for with cash. Which, fine, that’s a different issue, but my problem with it that day was that they forgot the pin number to their welfare cards. They called people on the phone to figure it out, they racked their brains until finally, 15 minutes later, they remembered it. Don’t ask why I was still in line. I don’t even know why.

By the time they had gotten through, I had been waiting to check out for more time than I had grocery shopped. I fought back tears of frustration as I checked out and packed my bags. I then swore that I would never wait that long in a checkout line again. I would just leave my cart, perishables and produce items and all. Putting yourself though an ordeal at the checkout line is just not worth it. If I had the money, I would get that mail order grocery service, because that is just a beautiful thing. You come home to groceries without waiting in line! Genius.

I’ve needed groceries for about two weeks now and I think I’m starting to realize where my hesitation is coming from. Maybe I’ll wait another week and just borrow some of my roommate’s milk until that’s gone too.