where i come from.

instead of waxing poetic on why i am the way i am, or how my family has helped me become who i am, i’ll just leave this “edited for continuity” text message here for posterity’s sake:

Patyick 4:17pm: am i the last sib to get an iphone!? can’t wait to send fun emojis: [] [] (ed. the brackets are what i see, as the only sibling to not have an iphone.)

Beedge 4:18pm: no erin still needs one so she can see poo sniffing emojis too!! what color did you get?!

Patyick 4:25pm: [] it’s the color of this hat (don’t want Erin to know the color).

Mairsie 4:37pm: Ahahahaha sneaky pat!! [] [] [] []

Me 4:27pm: you guys are the worst.

Patyick 4:35pm: look at all the beautiful fish! just so you know, Erin replied: you guys are the worst.

Patyick 4:35pm: just want to keep you in the text group 🙂

Mairsie 4:38pm: i [] our siblings.

Mags 5:00pm: [] [] [] [] [] [] now i can send you the entire “small world after all” gang

Mags 5:00pm: [] [] [] [] [] [] or cute mammals to brighten your day

Mairsie 5:02pm: ahahahaha dying at the small world after all.

Patyick 5:03pm: hahahaha.

Mags 5:04pm: Erin will only get beautiful self portraits of me. Mags Selfie

Mags 5:04pm: but no emojis…just annoying selfies.

Me 5:09pm: pass this on: i’m only going to send you guys pictures of my butt and the inside of my nose from now on.

Mags 5:12pm: hahahahshahahahaha.

Me 5:14pm: Me Nose

Me 5:14pm: that’s my nose.

Mairsie 5:15pm: Mairsie Selfie

Mags 5:28pm: Erin says she’s only sending pics of her butt and nose from now on.

Mags 5:28pm: Above is an example of the nose.

Mags 5:29pm: Mary is too good at selfies. I felt like a total a**hole taking it.

Patyick 5:33pm: thank you for calling [patyick’s workplace] this is Patyick”. Patyick Selfie

Mags 5:41pm: hahahahaha i had to pull over so i could laugh because tears were filling my eyes!

Mags 5:41pm: i will forever have that image in my mind. love the headset, bro.

Beedge 5:48pm: hahahahahha you all are too lovely. mom and i went shopping and just peed a little while reading all of these messages when we got home!!! i like Erin’s nostril…good air flow it seems.

Beedge 5:51pm: herro special friends.Beedge Selfie

that pretty much explains everything.

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