contact me


if you want to say hi, ask me a question, or just tell me how nice i look today, but don’t want to leave a comment, you can email me at:

everythingwithloveblog [at] gmail [dot] com

i will always try to get back to emails within 48 hours, because i really like talking with you guys…it’s my favorite part of this whole blogging adventure!

work with me

i post new content three times during the week, and love to use various social media avenues to promote this blog and my partners. this little blog of mine is growing every day. as it continues to mature into a lovely young thing, i am always looking to work with interesting partners. plus, i think i’m pretty fun to hang out with, so there’s always that!

if you’re interested in working with me to help review, promote or advertise your products, i’d love to talk with you.

i love working with companies that care about their products and their customers. i am willing to review or talk about your product in exchange for a sample of the product for me to try, and/or a sample to give away to my readers. i reserve the right to only write about products that i really believe in, and that fit well with my blog brand. i will not write a positive review about a product just because i received it, unless I truly feel positively about that product.