amelia: five months old.

congratulate me! i’m writing this before amelia has hit five and a half months! exciting things. good things. forward progress. (except minus two points because i forgot to use the five month sticker…good thing my darling friend megan made us these cute month by month onesies!)

sometimes i wonder how it’s possible for me to love a living thing more and more as time goes on. every week and month that goes by, the more fun i have with my daughter. her personality continues to grow and shine through her with each day that passes, and based on what i can see so far, her and i are going to get along just fine than you very much!

she really seems to like me lately. when i get home from work and say hi, i get immediate hysterical laughter. she doesn’t really do that for anyone else, and so i’m choosing to believe that this means she thinks i’m hilarious, not that my face makes her laugh. i live for those giggles at the end of a long work day. and to know that my little love is starting to like me for more than just the fact that i’m her milk machine…well that’s something that will never get old!

she still doesn’t have any teeth, so we are still fighting that beast called bedtime…but who can fall asleep with a sore mouth?? i just feel bad for the girl! she’s sitting up all the time now, although still refuses to roll. Mister Man and i are just waiting for the day she pulls herself on something and our lives as we know it end. and don’t get me started on how excited we are to start her on solids soon…she’s going to love it.

dearest missy moo, every day with you is an adventure, and your dad and i couldn’t be happier or more proud to be your parents. we can’t wait to keep having dance parties with you, and love you forever!

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it’s a day for napping.

at least, that’s what i think. amelia has other ideas. we are trying to get her to sleep in her crib, since we will be in florida for vacation in a couple weeks, and she is going to have to adjust if any of us want our sanity. unfortunately for me, that means a long day of crying and a cranky baby while she learns how to get comfortable in the crib instead of her rock n play (oh if only she never had to outgrow that thing!). pray for us. and that i have good news to update on tomorrow!

so, because it’s snowing like crazy today (why, tundra, why!?!) and my energy level is at a 2 no matter how much coffee i drink, here is the new marcel the shell video for you. if you haven’t seen marcel yet, 1) what is wrong with you and 2) go watch all three videos immediately. these videos always put a smile on my face and make the crying baby sound a little less loud, and the snow feel a little less cold.

wherever you are, and however your day is going, i hope you get to drink a hot cup of coffee and snuggle up somewhere cozy.

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date nights and other musings.

mister man and i had our first date night away from the baby last night. it was amazing. and not “amazing but i missed my baby so much” amazing, it was “amazing and i wish i could have had a second cocktail” amazing. we ate a delicious dinner, i drank a pumpkin manhattan, and we talked about grown up things unrelated to our child’s bodily functions.

what is it about date nights that feel so special once you have a baby? is it the feeling of playing hooky from parenthood? is it that you can put on your fancy clothes and remember what it feels like to just be yourselves again? is it just the ability to order a strong cocktail and drink it all without being interrupted? i guess it doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day, it’s magic in some form or another.


our daughter has all of a sudden turned into a happy, smiling, lovable ball of joy. not that i didn’t think that she was the most precious peach in the whole before now, it’s just that she was…less than happy, let’s say (i have more to say about that soon). now, well, now she wakes up with a smile and a giggle for me, and we spend the day chatting together in a baby language only we understand. we talk about things like daily plans and where we should take a walk and how to solve the national debt crisis. she’s got some good ideas that girl. she is also laying down some mad flirting game for any male she sees…we’re going to be in trouble someday.

she also is doing this all of a sudden, which means that tomorrow she’ll be eating solids and in a week she’ll be off to college:


it’s a weird thing to answer the question, “what have you been up to?” when you’re on maternity leave. the answer is complicated. i’m doing everything and nothing at the same time. i’m watching lots of crappy tv and also keeping my child alive. the shorter/more socially acceptable answer is “oh just hanging around the house, getting out when we can, not a whole lot of anything really.” but what i really want to say is “i’ve been teaching my little girl how to exist in our world, it’s exhausting and awesome and i want to talk about it all the time!”


in case you haven’t noticed, it’s decorative gourd season mofos (points for anyone who gets that reference). normally i would be crafting something like a seasonally appropriate garland, or making plans for some festive activities. this year, since it’s a feat to manage to get dressed every day, i’m feeling a little lackluster in the fall spirit, and since i’m as basic as you can get (give me all the hot cider/crunching leaves/pumpkin spice lattes/boots&jeans/etc.) this has pained me. so i set a goal for myself last week to do one fun fall thing, and i think i managed TWO(!). you shall see for yourself in the coming week. any guesses what they were? hint: think super stereotypical fall things.

and with that, i end these musings for today. thank you for getting inside my head with me. i’d love to hear the random thoughts bouncing around your heads if you would be so kind as to entertain me with them!

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our village.

they say it takes a village to raise a child. i agree and would like to add a second piece to that: it takes a village to keep that child’s parents alive.

Mister Man and i would not be doing as well as we are at this parenting thing were it not for the immense amount of help and support we received from our family and friends since amelia was born. you might think i’m exaggerating when i say this, but i truly believe that our quality of life would have suffered if it weren’t for them. we would be more sleep-deprived, our house would be a mess, and our marriage would have struggled.

instead, because of all the wonderful people in our lives, we were able to stay (fairly) well-rested in the first few weeks. we were fed and had errands run for us and were just generally loved on as much as possible. this let us stay ahead of the curve and be the best parents and spouses we can be. there are no words for how grateful we are to our village for taking care of us the last two months. i would have said this sooner, but only just now feel like we’ve made it to the other side of the newborn days. THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING CARE OF US!

it goes without saying that our biggest supporters have been our parents, the new grandparents. my mom came and stayed with us for a week after amelia was born and helped keep the house running, my dad and my in-laws have provided lots of time for our naps while they hold the little one, and i can’t count the number of meals that they’ve fed us. there is nothing that we can give to repay the help we received from them. but we wanted to say thank you somehow.

ignore the wubbanub, this is our life now.

as small as it seems, i decided that a card with photos of amelia on it would be a good way to say it. in comes treat, a custom greeting card website by shutterfly. i was able to find two adorable thank you cards that i could add photos of amelia to, and send directly to the grandparents if i wanted. i opted to have the cards sent to me first so i could see them in person (not that i’m type-a or anything).


i love how they turned out, and so did the grandparents. if you have anything to say thank you for, or really any reason to send a card, think about using treat. it’s as easy and as inexpensive as getting a card at a store (maybe more so) and definitely more personal. now that going to target is kind of a production, i have a feeling this may become my go-to for greeting cards…

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how to lose the baby weight.

i’m going to be honest with you; getting my pre-baby body back has been the furthest thing from my mind these past couple of months. maybe it’s because i’ve been lucky and have been wearing my regular jeans for a while (although not if i can wear leggings instead…), maybe it’s because the idea of doing a true workout makes me stabby, maybe it’s that this little one is more interesting to me than the state of my body, who knows.

what i do know is that taking care of an infant makes it easier to shed those last couple of pounds. i mean, it’s like having a personal trainer who will never let you stop moving and screams at you if you do. i realized this pretty early on, and decided to make it work for my best interest.

here’s my fool-proof plan for losing the baby weight*. new moms, all you’ll need is your newborn and most of your sanity intact. you can thank me later.

1) walk up and down the one flight of stairs in your house fifty times. do this while holding a 10.5 pound baby.

2) wear your 10.5 pound baby in a sling carrier all morning so she sleeps. bonus if you walk around and fold laundry while doing so.

3) breastfeed if you can. you will then understand the meaning of the phrase “sucking the life out of me”. i’m no scientist but i think the calories get sucked out too…

BONUS TIP: if you’re lucky enough to have a gassy/colicky/active baby, spend additional time each day bouncing and swaying your baby to soothe them, preferably when you would be eating a meal or drinking your coffee. less calories ingested, more calories burned!

there you go. this is what’s working for me. just follow my tips for losing the baby weight and you’ll be back in pre-baby shape in no time!

*this plan is neither fool-proof nor is it an actual plan. it’s actually just a description of my daily routine. i hope it didn’t take you this long to pick up on the snark.

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