eyebrows are my thing now.

who knew that doing your eyebrows could make your beauty routine MORE low maintenance? (well, probably this girl, but she knows everything.)

ever since finding myself with minimal time in the morning and at night, i’ve been trying to figure out how to streamline my routine even more. but also i don’t want “frumpy” to become a word that could be used to describe me. what to do?
get rid of the thing that takes the most time! mascara, in my case. takes too long to put on and take off. but since i still want my eyes to pop, in comes the eyebrow pencil.

takes two seconds to fill them in, but makes you look more polished. also, an eyebrow pencil costs about $3 (i use this one) and doesn’t go bad like mascara. on some level i love that it gives me a distinct look without much effort.

could you please share any other beauty routine hacks you use? i don’t think getting dressed is gonna happen today, so i could use them.

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how to: lip colors for fall.

even though i’m not in school anymore, fall is still a transition time for me. i feel the seasonal changes the most this time of year, and it makes me want to learn new things or nest like crazy. it’s the one time of the year when i want to spend a little more time getting ready, sprucing up the look, you know? probably something stemming from all that back to school shopping we did back in the day.

that’s one of the reasons i had meg fix up my little space here. did she not do a phenomenal job?? she took the vision right out of my head and put it into this blog. i am so happy with how it looks. it’s so much more me and so much more fun to look at than the old one, right?

the last couple of years i’ve been really into lip color in the fall. it helps remind me to put lip balm on when the moisture gets sucked out of me by the terrible tundra weather, and it’s a great way to look nice without trying very hard. i still need to find a good pink-plum color, i just haven’t had any luck with that shade yet, but i have a few other favorites that i pull out for the fall. (apologies for the light in the photos, it’s a hard knock life when your husband is out of town and can’t take photos for you!)

1. sheer nude. this color is perfect with just a bright eyeliner in emerald or blue, and simple mascara. it’s great if you are incredibly scared to put on an actual lip color, you can just start yourself out slow!

(i’m wearing revlon lip butter in creme brulee)

2. orange. okay stay with me here. i swear it’s more wearable than it sounds. minimal eye makeup is key here, as is minimal color on the face, but make sure to swipe on some bronzer so you don’t look washed out. it works with all eye colors and really makes them pop in my opinion. (p.s. this color is also bangin’ in the summer. i wear it year round.)

(i’m wearing revlon super lustrous lipstick in siren. the perfect orange.)

3. oxblood. this is simply a classic. fall = dark purple = perfection. this one, i’ll admit, is scary to try at first. try it on a girls night out (or in), and just tell yourself you’re playing dress up. that’s how i tricked myself into wearing it at first! it’s all in your attitude.

(i’m wearing revlon super lustrous lipstick in black cherry.)

these are going to be my go-tos all season, although i will still be on the quest for that perfect plum color (any recommendations are welcome!).

anyone else get that itch to change it up this time of year?

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breakout(s, i get them).

hi, my name is erin, and i have bad skin.

that’s such a typical girl thing to say, isn’t it? but when i say i have bad skin, i mean i am one of the people who actually has a dermatologist and has been to them for something other than to get a funky-looking mole checked out.

because of this, i have a pretty strict skin-care regimen, which my husband will tell you i’m religious about. i do the same thing every morning and every night, even when i’m traveling. oh how i wish i was one of those people who could just use a dove bar and call it a day. if any of you reading right now are one of those people, what is that like? i imagine that it feels a bit like heaven.


i somehow was able to keep my breakouts at bay in the months leading up to our wedding last year, which was no small feat. it was so good (for me) that i was even able to do my own makeup. this is momentous people.


then i did something stupid and tried a raw apple cider vinegar toner because i read somewhere that it was the most amazing treatment ever. you guys, if you have even slightly sensitive/problem/demon skin, DO NOT DO THIS. it basically destroyed any progress i had made in making my breakouts stop, and i had to start the process all over again.

so now i’m back to a good regimen, which i thought i’d share here. i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do for breakouts, since i have so much experience with them, and i’m happy to share any tricks i have. let’s be honest, i could basically give facial treatments in a spa, i’ve done that much research.



  • rinse face with warm water
  • moisturize with cetaphil lotion
  • apply eye cream (because wrinkles you guys!)


  • wash face with cetaphil daily facial cleanser
  • every other day, apply either proactiv repairing treatment (make sure you only buy white pillow cases and sheets, unless you want to ruin a few colorful sets while you learn your lesson the hard way) or origins drink up intensive overnight mask, depending how gross your hormones are making your face look
  • apply eye cream (see above)

once-twice a week:

  • wash face normally
  • steam your face with a hot, damp washcloth to open the pores
  • apply clay or charcoal face mask (bonus activity: freak your husband out while you walk around the apartment)
  • apply proactiv repairing treatment

like i said, this stuff is what’s working for me right now, and even though i might get breakouts here and there, my skin is good enough to go outside my apartment with no makeup on my face. i feel like those of you with beautiful skin may not understand how awesome this is, but again, it’s momentous! i get giddy just thinking about it!

any awesome tips out there that i’m missing? any miracle products i should be aware of for the future? (i’m planning on trying out a norwex facial towel that i’ve heard is like a miracle, which you better believe i will be talking about if it works!) i’m totally willing to try new stuff, even if it might make things worse. i’m a risk taker like that.


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