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coffee date.

it’s a coffee date! it’s a coffee date! it’s a coffee date!i started to write one of these on a day where i really needed a crap-ton of coffee (that’s an official measurement), but i fell asleep before i got through the first paragraph, so that was stupid and oddly ironic. then out of curiosity, i went to see when my last coffee date was, and do you know what i found out? my last coffee date post was last JULY. and the one before that was in NOVEMBER 2016. are you kidding me? i used to do one of these every few months, and i loved them. still love them. they’re my favorite type of posts to read and one of my favorite to write. have i been spending so much time drinking real coffee that i’ve forgotten to make time for my online coffee? is that even a real sentence? how is anyone even reading this blog?if we were on a coffee date…i would ask what you were getting, and then tell you i’m still on that americano grind. i make special exception and have a latte every so often on a friday, but i just love my inexpensive, caffeinated americanos. also, i’m obviously getting a hot beverage, because i live in the tundra and have you seen it here? we kicked off the year with the MOST frigid temperatures that kept us trapped inside with two toddlers (heaven did help me, but so did wine), and then were lulled into a beautiful dream state by warmer weather, and then had a foot and a half of snow dumped on us on monday. but actually, i love when there is snow, because you can actually play outside with the kids. i mean, it takes half an hour to bundle them up, only to be out for 25 minutes, but fresh air is fresh air my friends.

if we were on a coffee date…i’d tell you how obsessed i am with my letterboard. i resisted getting one for so long, because really, how often was i actually going to use it? and does the world really need someone else thinking they’re witty and posting about it on instagram? but then my darling husband surprised me with one for christmas (this letterboard right here if you’re interested) and it was all over. i love how meditative the process of creating the message on the board is. something about how it’s tangible and hands-on makes me so happy. i keep a list on my phone of potential quotes, so if i’m ever inspired on a whim, i just put it on the list and use it when it feels right. i’m pretty proud of the one that’s up right now, because it’s just pure truth…if we were on a coffee date…i would bore you with rave about how much fun the kids are lately. are they sleeping the best? no. do they still whack each other at least once a day? yep. have i yelled at least once in the last week? oh very much so. but darn it if they aren’t the most fun people right now. there is no shortage of personality in our house right now, let me tell you. we have dance parties everyday in the kitchen and dining room; william’s favorite song is “barbara ann” by the beach boys, while amelia’s is a tie between “when will my life begin” from tangled and “help me, rhonda” by the beach boys. they are also fans of van halen, the moana soundtrack, and the beastie boys. we are raising some well-rounded music enthusiasts! they have started actually playing together, which is a sight i will never get sick of. there is nothing sweeter to my mothering soul than watching my two kids play with playdough side by side, or build with legos together without someone getting angry because the other one knocked it down. like, why do i not have five more of these things?? (it’s because they don’t come out this age. that’s why. in case you thought i had gone temporarily insane)


if we were on a coffee date…i’d probably start telling you how i feel like i’m at a crossroads in my life. i’d ask you if you’ve ever gone through something like this. there is a feeling somewhere deep down that is telling me that a change needs to be made. it first manifested itself in the form of my social media fast, which has been life-altering for me and is still going really well (you can read more about that here and here). now it’s starting to spread to other areas of my life, in a really positive way, but in a way that is really stretching me to think long and hard about what i want, and how i want to achieve it. if that sounds vague, it’s because it is. i have no idea what this will look like, or what the feelings even mean, but i know that this year is going to be one filled with a different type of change than the last few have been. thanks for having coffee with me! i seriously love being able to let loose and talk about all the random things bouncing around in my brain. i hope you like reading about them. let’s do this more often? maybe a few times a year. if you’re cool with it, i’m cool with it. hugs and smooches.

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these days.

happy saturday! i’m on day 6 of my sugar detox, and i have to tell you i’m really looking forward to it being over. i don’t think i got enough calories yesterday due to how busy i was at work, and so i got pretty cranky last night. i may have broken down and eaten popcorn (sorry kali), but am back on the wagon this morning.

overall the week has gone fine, and even though i haven’t noticed any huge improvements from how i was feeling prior to the detox, i know that my insides are doing better. i’m pretty sure the reason i felt like i had a hangover this morning was from the popcorn i ate, so obviously it’s doing something behind the scenes to improve me.

this weekend we will be working on the yard, celebrating my dear lo’s birthday, and enjoying a bonfire with friends. it’s starting to get really cold here in the tundra, so we need to enjoy the outdoors while we can! i can worry about getting the inside of the house set up when there is a foot of snow outside…

(p.s. in honor of the cold weather arriving, for the rest of october i’m offering my monster squawker ad spots for 50% off with the code “sweaterweather”. with this spot you get social media love, an intro in one of my daily posts, and even a guest post opportunity if you’d like! go here to get your spot, they fill up fast!)


these days i’m…

eating no sugar. (but dreaming of these cornish game hens that my dad made last week for family dinner…yum!)

planning my garden for next year (i’m planting bulbs people! and talking about full shade vs. full sun and what plants do better where!). but right now it entails cutting down all the old plants so they can grow back nicely next year, and oh my gosh it takes forever! i don’t know what i’d do with a bigger yard, i’m having enough trouble keeping up with my tiny one.

listening to britney’s new single. you can hate it if you want to (Mister Man certainly does), but i will never be embarrassed to listen to her stuff, lipsynched as it may be. it is so addicting!

wearing tights tights tights and also some tights. i’m getting really into patterned ones this year, they are so fun and make me feel a little rebellious, which is weird, because they’re tights.

praying for some big love from the man upstairs. i’m wanting a lot out of life right now, and i’m working to have the grace to accept His timing. see this post here for some more eloquent thoughts on this.

watching hocus pocus all month. actually i need to buy a copy first because neither amazon prime nor netflix lets you stream it. whoever finally realized the wide-reaching appeal of that movie and is now cashing in on the royalties, hats off to you for controlling its availability. target, here i come!

here are a couple fun articles for you if you’re as obsessed as i am:

drinking no alcohol. see sugar detox above. i can’t talk about it right now.

loving the fall colors. i know. heeeey cliche white girl, heeeeey. but to me that includes the light at this time of year. when the sun actually decides to show its face, everything is just gorgeous.

not loving that someone broke into my dear cousin’s apartment on monday. seriously?? that is not cool (although now we have one more excuse to have sleepovers at my place!)

working on a little project that i need to put some more thought into, but if it gets legs, it could be really exciting around here very soon. *vague mic drop*


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of dinner dates and happy hours.

do you want to know the thing that surprises (quite a lot of) people the most about Mister Man and me?

it’s not that we didn’t live together before we got married. it’s not that we’re practicing catholics who go to church every sunday. it’s not that we were only engaged for 7 months before making it official.

it’s that we eat dinner together every night that we’re home together.

i know! WHAT?! i had NO idea that so many couples ate dinner separately. now, this is not the first time that i’ve been incredibly naive about things that are common knowledge to most people (see: how i used to think airplanes took off). but because of both his and my upbringing, i just assumed that families ate dinners together when they were home. add that to the fact that he travels so often, and you get a pair of people who both value dinnertime with each other a ton. sometimes it’s the only chance we get during the week to spend real time together, talking and catching up.

(monday night’s dinner. except we ate the meat fully cooked.)

and we love preparing for dinners together too! MM is an amazing cook, and one of our favorite things is planning meals together. last night, for example, we made grilled cheese sandwiches with caramelized onions, green peppers, turkey and chipotle cheese, served with good old-fashioned tomato soup. gourmet all the way baby.

(not last night’s meal either, but a delicious one nonetheless)

i know that it can be hard to make time to eat dinner together. i know this. someone wants to work out, while the other wants to finish a project around the house. someone has to work late, or the other has an after-work happy hour (or #happyhourhangout) to go to. but here’s the thing. i believe that making the time to eat together is one of the most important things you can do as you start a family. it’s an automatic time set aside to talk to each other, without having to make special dates to do it. it builds a habit that continues well into your lives together, when you have babies, then children, then grown children with grandchildren. it carries through all the way to the time in your lives when you’re alone with eachother again.

eating dinner together helps you learn to “just be” with each other.

so that’s my rant for the week. and you know what? i hope the next time i tell someone that Mister Man and i LOVE eating dinner together, they’ll be like, “yea, us too!”. and then i’ll know that my job here is done. life lessons for everyone!


and now, a note about my night last night.

i was able to get on a google hangout with a bunch of lovely ladies to chat about life and blog business (as a note, i usually try to treat my blog like fight club….the first rule about my blog is that you don’t talk about blogging on the blog, but i made an exception for this amazing event). the happy hour hangout was started by ashten and amber as a sponsorship, and a way to get a lot of bloggers in one place to pick each others’ brains and drink booze together. mainly the drinking booze part.

i had no idea what to expect from 10(!) ladies on an online video chat, but let me tell you, i was so pleasantly surprised at how fun it was! everyone was so honest and positive (and hilarious), that even some technical snags didn’t take away from the girl-bonding that took place. i learned so much from each and every one of them, and i am newly inspired to continue with this little space of mine, however slowly it decides to grow.

i will absolutely be a part of this in this future (although fyi, the november hangout is totally full…go click on ashten and amber’s faces in my sidebar to get signed up in advance for the next one!). i’ve found some lovely new blog friends to spend my time with, and i think i may even get to meet a couple in person now! thank you to you all for a fabulous night of wine and chats, let’s do it again!

click on these links to see for yourself why i’m raving about these lady friends:

(and ladies, i’m sorry i had to leave early to eat dinner with the Mister. now you know why!)


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these days.

well, this week went so fast and i had so much to get ready for this weekend, that i have nothing much to say about it all. that’s a first!

so here’s what’s happening around here these days. there’s a whole lot of planning and organizing and the like going on, that’s for sure.

september just does that to a person i think.


these days i’m…

eating the first soup i made from my grandpa’s cookbook. i’ll be cooking my way through it over the next year(s) or so, and if they all turn out like this, i’m pretty excited to keep going.

reading the new j. crew catalog and wishing with everything in my being that i made more money so i could dress myself in all of it. all the sweaters and the shoes and the bags and the everything!

wearing scarves once again! people might make fun of me, but when i’m waiting for the bus, that chill in the air is real. and scarves are the best, so you know what, i’m there now. (also, leopard shoes are the best neutral, game over. )

drinking red wine again! i am a seasonal drinker (it relates to this), so i only drink red wine september-may. and i’ve missed it. it makes me feel more like a grown-up.

planning to host a few girls this morning for a brunch and bloodies before the big tommie-johnnie football game. for those of you not from minnesota/not familiar with the miac conference, st. thomas and st. john’s are rival schools here. tommie-johnnie is the annual game when they play each other, and the rivalry is so much fun. we travel to whichever school the game is at, and it’s such a good excuse to see old friends from both of them. (go purple!)

loving how much we’ve been getting done on our house. i’m so excited to have all the rooms finally done, and get into the interior decorating piece of all of it. that’s my sweet spot, and it’s going to be fun.

not loving that Mister Man’s travel season is ramping up again. i just miss him so much when he goes away. (tiny violin playing in the background) looks like it’s going to be a long season of single lady meal nights. single lady meal=popcorn and wine for dinner.

working on being more organized around here. i’m planning on overhauling my schedule and how i run our house, and i’m really hoping it’s going to be a great thing for my life. the goal is to have more time to work on my little projects that i’ve never finished (christmas stockings, mending work pants, etc.) and more time to relax. possible? we shall see.


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these days.

oh where oh where do the days go? i feel like i blink and it’s friday already every single week. i’m still planning on doing humpday happy lists once a month, but obviously last month got a little out of hand so i skipped it (and also obviously, my happy was our house!). but they will be coming back. i am thinking about starting a weekly post that is a little less labor-intensive than those were too.

“these days” posts are going to be a little more flexible, a chance for me to wrap up what’s been going on this week, talk about anything fun happening on the weekend, even though life will probably be much less exciting after wedding season is over. homeownership responsibilities and whatnot.

i’m even thinking we could make it a link up. i’ve seen a few of my blogging friends do similar posts, what do you girls think? if we want to make this a regular friday thing, we could link up our posts in each other’s comments and invite the rest of our little communities to do the same. (but let’s be honest, i need to get to know some other smaller bloggers so there is clearly an ulterior motive here!) let me know if you have any interest!


these days i’m…

eating caprese salads like they’re going out of style. there is nothing like a caprese made from homegrown veggies to make you feel like you are being extra healthy and also deserving of that glass of wine.

planning for 5 (or maybe now 6?) friends to stay with us this weekend for the wedding. i am convinced that i have everything ready, but must confess that my brain has been scattered due to work travel, so be patient with me my loves!

reading real simple magazine, but wishing it was better homes and gardens, because i have the interior decorating bug, and i have it bad.

praying for my little sister to have the best first week of freshman year in the whole history of everything. even though you’re going to be a bennie, i think you’re going to have an amazing time!

watching “dr. who” with my husband. if any of you are particularly nerdy like we are, please please please start watching it. it’s on netflix, i will probably need to do a whole post on it because it’s too awesome to only give it one sentence.

drinking vinho verde. it’s a white wine from portugal, usually around $4 per bottle, tastes like a slightly fizzy sauvignon blanc. i’ve been drinking it since i discovered it in portugal 5 years ago, and if it gets popular and makes the price go up, i will be furious.

loving bare nails and no makeup. something about summer coming to an end makes me want to go as bare as possible. i’m all about the lipstick and nailpolish in the fall and winter, but it feels good to be free right now.

not loving my hair. it’s been about, oh, 3-4 months since my last haircut/color and it is not looking hot over here people. the words that come to mind are mousy, scraggly and unkempt. need to book that appointment asap.

working on getting back in shape. jillian michaels, i can’t quit you. but i hate you so much at the same time. do right by me lady.


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