coffee date

coffee date.

did you all have a good thanksgiving? are you guys black friday people or are you stay inside + cuddle with hot beverages people? i myself am a stay inside + cuddle (or go outside + play) person. whichever camp you fall into, i hope you have enough coffee/tea/cider to last you through the weekend.

on this coffee date, i’ll be drinking an americano, mostly because it makes me feel fancy to order one, even though it’s not really fancy at all. i just think that before the festivities continue into the holiday season, i should take it easy on the fancy drinks. there will be enough of that in the coming weeks, right? eggnog and all that?


i have to tell you, i am SUPER pumped for christmas this year. amelia gets it a little more than she did last year (but not enough that i can’t buy her christmas presents in front of her), and i’m excited for her first visit to see santa, and for her to see our christmas tree, and for all the fun family time she gets to have. also, i’m THIS.CLOSE to being done with my christmas shopping, and i’m basically giving myself an award for adulting so well.

this month has been crazy busy, but in a great way. lots of cooking, some crafting, and a lot of (maybe too much?) contemplation about what’s in my closet. i can’t wait to see what the next month has in store…i’m just hoping i can stay present enough while it flies by. i have some really fun posts planned for december to get us all in the christmas spirit. i hope you’re all ready to get some christmas cheer going, because now that thanksgiving is over, it’s on!

do you guys ever think how incredible it is that we get through the holidays without going crazy? most of us are busier during this time than we are the whole year, and yet we live through it. not only that, but we enjoy it, we thrive on it. i have a theory that it’s because we’re busy doing things that matter, instead of busy doing things that aren’t important. it feels better to be busy with family and friends, with cooking and baking for loved ones, with celebrating the reason for the holiday, so we don’t see it as a burden. i wish i was better at acting like that all year. because a full life isn’t so tiring when it’s full of the right things.

i hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! make sure to tag your weekend coffee date activities #withloveandcoffee so i can keep up with all the fun festive stuff in your lives. i know some of you are getting christmas trees and putting up decorations, and i want to see all red and green and gold!

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coffee date.

happy monthly coffee date! and happy halloween! holy crap has october flown by.

coffee date

i think that in order to commemorate the holiday, we have to go basic or go home. that’s right. pumpkin spice latte, get in my belly. i’ll take just a half shot of the pumpkin spice, because i’m going to be eating all the skittles later this evening and i have to at least pretend i care about my sugar intake. i’m not really a big halloween person, but the candy i am into in a big way. i think you should probably have a pumpkin spice latte with me. let’s be basic together.

do you guys want to know what amelia’s going to be for halloween? then you should probably follow along on snapchat (hooleywithaz) and instagram (erinhzauner) because there are going to be pictures galore. we’re actually doing a family costume this year, because it was just too perfect to NOT do a family costume. i mean, we’ll only trick or treat at two houses, but it’ll be worth it.

i have been loving this whole “back to blogging” thing i’ve got going lately. i’ve been lucky enough to get connected and reconnected with some fabulous people, like casey at an auspicious adventure and whitney at southern hope. what rock was i hiding under that i had never read these wonderful ladies before? i don’t know. but either way, their hearts are so refreshing and they have been a real perk of jumping into this feet first again. who are some of your favorite reads lately? anyone i should check out?

sleepy amelia

since we chatted last, i have been totally spoiled with Mister Man’s lack of work travel. he’s been home most of the month, and i LOVE IT. alas, that schedule can never last, but it was good while it happened. there is something about knowing that at the end of a long day with A, or when i get home from work, i have some help and can just get a breather. yesterday i felt the tips of baby girl’s molars popping through and so i am going to need all the breathers i can get until those babies come in. real talk: there is nothing more terrifying than a teething baby.

with my latest push to be more thoughtful in my day to day life, i’ve been finding that i want to be thoughtful in more ways than what i previously was focused on. i’ve been putting more thought into how i get dressed everyday; i’m trying to be more mindful about my time spent at home; and i’m being as intentional as i can with the type of products i use. i want to make sure that everything around me is something that makes me happy, even down to the smallest things. like these adorable tacks and binder clips. are you kidding me? next up on my list: revamping my skin care routine. stay tuned, i know you’re all holding your breath for that update…

fancy pins

i hope that you all have an amazing halloween weekend! don’t forget to tag your weekend coffee date activities with #withloveandcoffee so i can see all your costumes and weekend fun!

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coffee date.

i’ve avoided making this a regular thing for long enough. i’m just going to give in to the inevitable. i love coffee; i love talking at to people; so coffee dates it is. we’re going to make this a regular thing you and i.

you know how all the healthy lifestyle magazines are always saying, “make your friend dates a chance to be active – go hiking, take a workout class or do something else active with your girls”? yea, well that’s all well and good, but i’ll work out on my own time. i prefer my girl time to be spent over brunch, happy hour, or a good cup of coffee. i suppose we can take a walk with our coffee if the weather is good enough – not too hot, not too cold – so imagine we’re walking if you like. otherwise, curl up on your comfiest chair with your beverage of choice, and let’s do this thing.

it’s still a little too hot for sweaters and scarves, but i can’t give up my hot beverages at this time of year. i’ll be having a skim latte with a half shot of almond syrup. i’d get a pumpkin latte, but i’m trying to pace myself. i can’t burn out on them before october! question for you: have you ever tried pourover coffee? i tried one the other day, and i have to say…i don’t get it. can someone explain it to me? am i not hipster enough for pourover coffee? help.

almond latte

speaking of things that are too hipster for me; let’s talk about having cool hair. now, i don’t have what i would call “mom” hair. but i certainly don’t have what i would call “cool” hair. once upon a time i had bangs, but then i realized that i have curly hair and don’t like to spend more than five minutes fixing it. bangs gone. i work in a fairly conservative place, so fun color is out of the question. and frankly shaving off any part of my hair = seems silly considering my lifestyle. i just think that i’m destined to have the same hair forever. can we agree to just call me classic?


can i stop the conversation for a moment to show you this photo of amelia taking all of her dad’s credit cards out of his wallet? it’s just so hilarious, and we both think this is a foreshadowing of things to come…

amelia and wallet

i want to get a bit sentimental with you for a moment now. because you have been so incredibly wonderful to me this week as i introduced “everything with love”. i have been thinking this over in my little heart for a long time now – an embarrassingly long time. we’re talking a year or so. i have felt so pulled to the message of it, and it finally came together to fit just right. and your response has been more wonderful than i’d ever hoped it would be. thank you for that. thank you a thousand times. i have the biggest smile on my face.

thanks for coffee. i love myself a good chat with a friend on a saturday morning. let’s do this again soon. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of perfect fall weather and lovely times with people who make you happy (throw a beer in there and you have my perfect day). tag your weekend coffee date activities with #withloveandcoffee so i can make sure to follow you all and keep up with your weekend fun. coffee dates are a two way street people!

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