i love this city (and a giveaway!).

last week i had the opportunity to attend an event through work for the united way. the event was put on by a group called “emerging leaders”, essentially a bunch of young people from minneapolis/st. paul who care about philanthropy and doing good things for the community. the theme of the event was “tap’d in”, so there was a bunch of local breweries doing beer tastings (i highly recommend third street brewery’s jack’d up…), and tons of good oktoberfest-style food like brats and pretzels. not a bad way to spend a thursday night.

as i stood there listening to the speakers discuss the importance of giving back and getting involved, it dawned on me that i was in a room full of hundreds of my peers, and that they all liked beer and charity (like me!). these are the people who make up my community.

my goodness did i ever get a feel good rush for my city at that moment. there’s something about realizing that you love the place you live that just puts you in a good mood. and i do. i might live in the tundra, where it’s winter for 7 months out of the year, but you know what? we have culture and philanthropy and wonderful food and even better people. and that makes the cold pretty bearable if you ask me.

i am so lucky to live here.


now i get to introduce you to yet another lovely lady who sponsors this blog. ashten is a girl from southern california who now lives in the south. hotlanta to be exact. and she is a spitfire. i’ll let her tell you that though.

Hey girl heyyyy! I’m Ashten and I HAVE A LOT TO SAY. To spare most people the pain of having to listen to me, I started a blog called alwaysashten. There, I blog about my life: the good, the bad and the sarcastic. I believe “classy, sassy and little bit smart-assy” is not just a phrase, but a way of life and I live it well. Come visit me. I will keep you entertained with my awkwardness and my sass. My dog is also really cute. 

she’s not lying about the sass people. or the cute dog. you have to go see for yourself. warner wears the crap out of a football jersey.

you can find ashten here:


and because she is a classy lady, and knows just how to make me happy, ashten is doing a little giveaway for you all today!! since she’s a newly southern gal learning to love her city, and she also really loves her starbucks (she’s a gold card holder!), she thought she’d share both with you! you guys, she’s giving away a $10 starbucks gift card and an “atlanta” coffee mug (so you can add it to your mug collection or tell people you’ve been there even if you haven’t!). all you have to do is enter below for a chance to win. the giveaway is open to everyone and i will announce the winner on monday, october 14. good luck!

(mustache keurig not included.)

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i gave up coffee and only partly died.

you’ll forgive me if this post doesn’t make any sense.

you see, my head is very cloudy today, as i’ve given up coffee in the very recent past.

i swear i’m not insane or suffering from sort of psychological episode, and i’m also not pregnant (because don’t tell me that’s not where your heads all went immediately!). i’m just trying out an experiment of sorts.

we need to back up a bit to talk about where i was at before making this decision, okay?

every morning i would wake up and make coffee for myself and the husband. i’d pour myself a large travel mug full before running out the door to catch the bus. by the time i got to work, i would be halfway done with the travel mug, and it was gone by 9:00am. a lot of days i’d have networking meetings at the caribou coffee in the lobby and i’d get another small light roast. then by the afternoon, i would be feeling a little tired, so i’d grab a keurig pod and scoot on down the hall to make another cup.

so by the time i’d get home i was 3/4 of a pot of coffee deep. and i’m just a little thing!

and let’s not talk about the vending machine pop. (yes, pop, not soda.) as a co-worker of mine likes to say, “that first sip is just so cold when it hits your lips!” not quite the same addiction as my coffee one, but it was starting to creep up on me.

so i was already starting to think about cutting back, you know, for health reasons, and sleeping better, and being more alert during the day. oh and not wanting to have an addiction. that too.

but that wasn’t quite enough to light a fire under me and actually give up anything.

the final straw was when, at my annual lady doctor appointment, i mentioned that i was starting to think about popping out little ‘z’ babies (i repeat, i am not currently pregnant), and made the mistake of saying i was just going to wing the coffee withdrawal when it happened. i got a couple of raised eyebrows and a side comment of, “you can survive without caffeine…i made it through med school without it”.

well at that point the gauntlet had been thrown. tossed at my head, really. and i went straight from, maybe i’ll cut back on my caffeine, to I’LL SHOW HER I CAN GO WITHOUT CAFFEINE, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!?

so, like many big decisions in my life, the decision to give up coffee and soda was done purely to prove that i can do something just as good as someone else. don’t call me competitive, i’m just passionate.

it’s going…okay. i have been drinking tea in the morning to keep up the ritual of having a hot drink in a travel mug on the bus. i’ve been trying to save money anyway, so it’s pretty easy to go without the caribou. and i’ve been so busy at work that i don’t have the time to get my keurig in the afternoon. the only time it gets bad is right after lunch, when my vision starts to blur and i can’t think of any of the right words to say. and that lasts right into the evening…you should have seen me trying to type this post.

the only thing i don’t think i’ll ever be able to break the habit of is drinking a cup of coffee on weekend mornings with my love in the living room, reading the paper (him) and catching up on emails (me).  that’s just too precious and wonderful to me.

but i never said i was perfect. just competitive and stubborn.


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let’s talk about…drinkware preference.

i’ve been noodling a lot on really unimportant things lately. and sometimes i just need to get my thoughts out in the open air. so today, let’s talk about drinkware preferences. i feel like my thoughts on this will either cement our compatibility or make you think i’m even nuttier than you first suspected. either way, let’s have some fun.


i have very specific tastes when it comes to my beverage receptacles. if you’ve been reading for a while, or follow me on instagram, you may have noticed.

married life gin&tonic

i wasn’t born this way. in fact, i used to be able to quite comfortably drink my 3-buck chuck out of a coffee mug. or my tea out of a juice glass. it didn’t matter what the method was, as long as it got the liquid to my mouth. i was in college, i didn’t have time or money to worry about silly things like that.


and then i met Mister Man. and those days were over. because my husband, he is nothing if not particular. it’s got to be the chemical engineer in him. his motto might as well be, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. so when we started dating, if i grabbed a water glass with the intention of putting beer in it, i would gently be told where the pint glasses were (most likely in the freezer, chilled and frosty). this is all related to the fact that he likes cleaning and tidying, whereas i am a little less “careful” about things like that.

clear coffee mug

and so slowly but surely, i started to pay more attention to the types of drinkware i was pouring things into. all this to say, that the other day, as i was making breakfast in my parents’ kitchen, i actually had a conversation with myself that went a little something like this:

me: which glass would be better for orange juice, that tiny 6 oz. one, or the bigger 8 oz. one?

myself: well, technically a serving of juice is 8 oz., but that smaller glass is actually the juice glass, so you should probably use the 6 oz.

me: but i’m thirsty for more juice than that.

myself: well, it’s probably okay, but you should really use the appropriate glass if it’s available to you.

me: i’ll remember that for next time.

it went a lot faster than that, but that is basically what the exchange inside my head looked like. who does that? who questions what type of glass they’re going to pour their orange juice into? i’m still not sure how this became me, but i’m thinking that Mister Man’s well-organized mind + my tendency towards habitual behavior has ruined me in this area of life. thank goodness he makes such delicious pancakes for me all the time, or i’d have to shake my fist at him.

at least if i’m ever in doubt, we all know that a mason jar can be used to drink any type of liquid.


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