DIY: seasonal letter decoration.

when it comes to seasonal decorations (or any other craft), you have to understand that i’m not much of a DIYer. i dabble here and there, yes, but i’m not going to have a craft room in my house anytime soon. i own a hot glue gun (which i use), a sewing machine (which i can barely use), and some craft paper (which i love), and that’s where my supplies end. so an expert, i am not. but every now and again i have some small success on the DIY front.


one of my DIY successes (a “pinterest win” if you will) has been my letter ‘Z’ decoration. i made it in a fit of christmas cheer the first year that Mister Man and i were married. i love it so much, it gives me all the happy feelings when i look at it. i recently decided that i wanted to have that same feeling year round, and so off i went to the craft store for supplies for fall, spring, and summer ‘Z’ décor.

if you’re looking for an easy way to make your home feel more festive for the holiday season (or any time of year), this is the DIY for you.

this DIY is a great way to be crafty and creative even if you’re not all that crafty and creative. all it takes is a wooden letter, any seasonal trinkets and trimmings, and some hot glue. bonus: if you have a child, they can actually be quite helpful with this type of DIY…it’s easy to have them lay out the decorations where they want them to go. this would be a great decoration for a kid’s room using their initials, or a door hanging for the house with the family initial. if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your décor, go ahead and stretch your creative muscle and try this out!

some inspiration for your crafting!

winter (faux cranberries, silver beads, silver bow): i think that winter is the easiest season to find inspiration for because it’s so…seasonal? i don’t know. you can do fake evergreen branches, pinecones, you can use silver, gold, red, green, the sky is really the limit. plus, have you seen the craft stores during the holiday season? they live for that ish!



spring (green paper, faux flowers, burlap bow): when thinking about what i’m drawn to about spring, all i can think about is green. green grass, green buds, green stems pushing out of the ground. add in some flowers and earthiness, and you’ve got a great way to welcome the warmth back into your life (maybe even before it gets there, since we usually have snow until may…).


summer (blue paper, silver stars, red bow): you guys. i didn’t want to go red, white and blue on this one. but i just couldn’t figure out a way to differentiate summer from spring. and also i’m a patriot. so i just let it happen.


fall (red foam paper, faux leaves, silver bow): fall colors happen to look great in our living room where i hang these letters, so this was the easiest one to put together. i love how it turned out.


(sidebar: anyone else sing that carole king song “you’ve got a friend” when they read the seasons in that order? “winter, spring, summer, or faaaall. all you’ve gotta do is call. and i’ll be there, yes i will. you’ve got a friend.” no? just me? great.)

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