humpday happy list.

1) humpday handbag: fossil vintage revival satchel.

so many things about this beautiful piece of art. first of all. this is a satchel. so there’s that. also, it is out of my price range. but what are these lists for if not to list things that i want so badly but can never have???

2) humpday snack: trader joe’s inside out carrot cake cookies

a coworker brought these to work yesterday. holy crap. it’s like the best whoopie pie you’ve ever tasted. so good that i may go all the way to the trader joe’s when i go grocery shopping today so that i can scoop some up. i’m soul-searching about this right now. it’s serious.

3) humpday show: the mindy project

i love watching this show (but on hulu, because i can’t be bothered to watch anything when it’s actually on the television). it is hilarious and mindy kaling is a genius. but seriously, mindy, if you can hear me, please be my friend. we could drink bottle of wine upon bottle of wine and laugh while watching chick flicks.

4) humpday cocktail: rosemary gin fizz via “a cup of jo“.

i love gin. gin gin gin. i also love rosemary. and fizzy things. ergo, i suspect this is the perfect cocktail. spoiler alert: i will be making this for our next book club.

5) humpday flashback: dawson’s creek.

okay, so i have talked about this before. but i have just recently discovered the greatness that is dawson’s creek. is this what kids today feel like when they discover friends or the oc? it must be. and it is great. i suppose this could be a second humpday show, but it’s totally relevant still, because Mister Man has been gone this week and i’m on season 6, and it’s all going to end so soon! joey + pacey forever.

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humpday happy list.

while last week i was convinced the week was going to be shorter than it really was, this week, wednesday really felt like wednesday. today was the kind of day that you just want to be over and done with, because every single thing that happens just piles another thing on your ever-expanding to-do list. and nothing gets crossed off your to-do list because the hits just keeps on coming. so here is to vacation daydreams, movie popcorn, and a well-deserved post-work beer. (and hyphenated words, because apparently that is the theme of today…)

1) humpday travel dreams: st. john’s, british virgin islands.

Mister Man and i are going on a honeymoon trip in january that is already making me dream of rum drinks on the beach, sand between my toes, and that water. glorious. this makes me want winter to come quickly, which is not an easy feat.

2) humpday outfit: fall edition #1.

this is what i would wear all of fall if, one) i had unlimited amounts of money to buy clothes from places like halston and allsaints, and, two) i was cool enough. i do not have unlimited amounts of money, and i am most definitely not cool enough. i will have to settle for my normal uniform of jeans, baggy sweaters, and the classic riding boot. (p.s. thank goodness polyvore doesn’t work on my work computer.)

3) humpday memories: sevilla 2008.

i was going to post a really unattractive photo of all my friends out at buddha bar as my way of remembering this place that for one reason or another has been coming up in my head and in my conversation. maybe it was seeing my little hannah bean in nyc. maybe it was amy tempting us all back there with spanish club beats. whatever it was, i’m starting to think that we should have an actual plan for actually going back. and don’t think that you’ve escaped the posting of those photos my sevillanas pequeñas….that will come later.

4) humpday dessert/breakfast: pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing.

this is only the most delicious thing you will ever eat. i don’t have the recipe on me because these goodies were made by mama hooley. i’ve been living on these for the past few days. and i have decided i could continue living on them forever and ever. i’m going to go eat that one in the photo for dinner. goodbye cruel world!

5) humpday quote: by oscar wilde.

because this is a true statement. and it is what i keep telling myself when i want to end it over one spanish phrase that just refuses to make sense. and what i will tell my husband the next time i buy a new dress.

6) humpday surprise: fall care package from a thoughtful friend.

do you have a friend like kelly? i hope so. i hope everyone has a friend like kelly. friends like kelly send you packages full of homemade cookies, mix cds, and coffee. just because the season has changed. love you kel. you’re one in a million.

7) humpday movie: pitch perfect.

going to my second(!) movie in a week. and it is a perfect, guilty pleasure, girl fest type movie. if you hadn’t guessed this yet, i am a big musical nerd. so this speaks to my heart. plus, rebel wilson is just what this wednesday needs so it doesn’t turn out to be a complete turd.


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humpday happy list.

well. this week has been going….less than fast. i can’t tell if it’s because i have a lot of work that only requires me to sit at my desk for 8 hours staring at my computer, or if it’s because it’s the first week of my new translation class. maybe it’s both. either way, on tuesday, i was convinced it was wednesday until about 3pm, so that means my actual humpday is going to feel extra long. at least i had a dinner date with liser at the blue door pub to cure my tuesday blues (is there anything that a cajun blucy with buffalo tots can’t cure?). so here’s to the little things that make weeks like this move a little quicker.

1) humpday recipe: pumpkin chocolate chip brownies

totally still on that pumpkin train. that’s what happens when you buy the large can of pumpkin puree. it sits in your refrigerator and mocks you until you find more ways to use it. ergo, this is how i will be spending my thursday night.

2) humpday dress: anthropologie dots dress

this is a dress that can be worn in every season, just toss on some tights and a cardigan in the winter to keep warm and cozy! apparently there is a sale on at anthro right now, and this dress is a part of that sale….sweet temptation.

3) humpday beverage: la croix sparkling water

i’m a little in love with this. it tastes vaguely like a pina colada. and it’s weird that i love it because i really don’t like pina coladas at all. i’m a daiquiri girl all the way. also, this has none of the health benefits of the coconut water that is all the rage right now. don’t think i’m some sort of health guru. no, this just tastes delicious and is all fizzy goodness.

4) humpday activity: wednesday night bingo

Mister Man and i have this crazy habit of going to play bingo like a geriatric couple. we are way beyond our years. but you better believe that wednesday night bingo at carbones is one of the highlights of our week. you eat pizza and you can win money! it’s especially satisfying when you are there avoiding homework.

5) humpday snack: candy corn and peanut mix

this can’t technically be my humpday snack, although that was the original thought process behind this. i bought the two ingredients on saturday and made the mistake of displaying a bowl of it during book club that night. all that was left by sunday night was two peanuts and one corn. and now i’m not allowing myself to buy more until closer to thanksgiving. because good lord!

maybe cracking a fake coconut water while baking some pumpkin brownies will help me get my days straight again…

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humpday happy list.

i think i like what’s happening with a lot of blogs nowadays, with people doing a once a week favorites type deal. most people do these on days that make sense, like ‘friday favorites’ or something. i barely have the motivation to get out of bed by the time friday rolls around, so the odds of a post going out seems really low. naturally, i thought wednesday would be a good alternative. i probably could have named the post ‘wednesday wishlist’ or ‘wednesday wanderings’ or something nice like that. but when there is an opportunity to use the word ‘humpday’, you better believe i’m going to use it. and use it i shall.

1) humpday book: unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

do yourselves a favor and read this book. it’s the biography of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was a japanese prisoner of war during wwii. it will simultaneously awe you and make you disappointed in yourself for how you deal with your problems.

via barnesandnoble.com

2) humpday workout: treadmills with cable tv

the st. paul ywca just got some new equipment. they really know the way to my heart. and they must know that i am 1000x more likely to exercise when i can watch me some abc family while doing it. at least that’s how i’m taking it.

via amazon.com

3) humpday houseplant: our hibiscus, murphy

joe and i don’t have pets or children. we have plants. with names. i’ll introduce you to them all in time i’m sure, but this is murphy, we call him murph for short. murph has beautiful peach colored flowers, and is still trying to get used to living inside an apartment, which is why he looks a little bit droopy. but we love him no matter what, and are slowly nursing him back to health. is that super weird that we’ve personified our plants?

4) humpday candle: cider lane

i’ve already told you all about my deep feelings for this candle. they’ve just continued to develop as the days have passed. i’m not saying your life will be better if you get one for yourself, but, well, it will be.

via amazon.com

5) humpday food: Mister Man’s chili

this is maybe the best dinner in the world. first, it makes a ton of food, which you can freeze for days when you’re too lazy to do anything but defrost things. second, it’s warm and spicy and delicious. third, it’s Mister Man’s specialty, which means i get to watch him debate how much of what kind of spice would make it taste the best, all in his lovely chemical engineer sort of way.

6) humpday covet: pasta attachment for my darling kitchenaid mixer

i haven’t even come close to appreciating how awesome my kitchenaid is, but i feel like this attachment would make it even awesomer. i have a pasta recipe that doesn’t need a pasta cutter or roller, but i feel like pasta is just better when it’s all in uniform pieces.

via amazon.com

7) humpday link: (via buzzfeed)

if you don’t watch parks and rec, and/or don’t know about ron swanson, then you need to stop everything you are doing and learn yourself.


8) humpday beverage: hot apple cider

because fall. do i need another reason?

via janespice.com

9) humpday beverage dos: caribou skim pumpkin latte with a half shot of pumpkin

because fall. and also i am a picky little girl when it comes to my frou-frou drinks. (but seriously, the half-shot makes it you guys.)

via cariboucoffee.com

10) humpday surprise: 3 years together flowers from Mister Man

came home to these on monday after work. and even when he technically has permission from the world to only remember our wedding anniversary from now on. good job mr. z.

so have i killed you all with the fall things yet? my apologies if that’s the case, but you have to admit that it’s all addicting. anyway, we will see how this weekly list thing goes. if nothing else, it’s a really nice way for me to spend a little time thinking about what makes me happy, and isn’t that a worthwhile activity? happy humpday to you all!

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