these days.

let’s bring these back in to the mix, shall we? do you guys remember when i was good at keeping to a schedule and did one of these every.single.week? i vaguely remember that. it seems like a lifetime ago. pretty sure i wasn’t pregnant back when that was happening. my, how life changes.

i’m sure there are a few (dozen) of you who are thinking to yourselves, “great this entire update is going to be about baby and pregnancy stuff. gross/boring/dumb/please stop.” i promise that it will be no more than half full of that stuff, but what can i say, this is my life right now. it kind of consumes me, and if i can prepare any of you for that journey by sharing in my experience, then i’m happy.

i can’t wait for the weekend to start either. i’m registering for baby things tomorrow with my mom (a latte at the target starbucks is on the docket for sure), and we might even be able to work in the garden if we get lucky. i’d even take rain so that i can cozy up and plan out how/what i’m going to plant in the backyard when the ground thaws. i’m in one of those moods where anything sounds good to me. i hope your weekends are just as wonderful as i’m imagining mine will be.


these days i’m…

eating strawberries like they’re going out of style. they went on sale at the grocery store here last week and i may have bought and eaten three packages in that time. i can’t help it, they speak to my soul.

trying to be calm about all the unknowns coming up in the next year. i personally think i’ve done a good job so far, but every so often, i start to think about all the things that we have left to do/don’t know about yet/can’t possibly begin to plan for and i get a little hyperventilate-y. DO YOU GUYS EVEN REALIZE WHAT LOOKING FOR DAYCARE IS LIKE?  it’s terrible, is what it is. not to mention trying to figure what my work life is going to look like. wait, what was i talking about? trying to be calm? yes, that is happening. you be the judge as to how that’s going.

reading absolutely nothing. well that’s not true. i’ve been reading back issues of magazines on the bus like it’s my job, but no actual book reading is happening as of late. mostly because i can’t figure out what to read next. i’ve read the divergent series, but i’m in the mood for some really good fiction to try out. any suggestions?

wearing all the most comfortable clothes i own. give me all the stretchy clothes i say! i can already tell that in a matter of weeks, i’m not going to ever want to put on pants, and i’m just leaning right into that instinct. i did make myself put on jeans with a belly band today, and immediately pouted when i got to work because i wasn’t wearing leggings. [shameless plug: now that i have an actual bump, and it’s pretty obviously due to a baby, i’m posting a lot more bump outfit photos on my instagram, so if you’re not already, you should go follow me on there.]

praying for a lot of people. Mister Man and i decided during lent to pray for one person or couple of people that we feel could use some extra love in addition to our regular nightly prayer. it’s been such a wonderful practice for us, and i would love to keep doing it after lent is over. it makes us think about our friends and our community of people around us a little harder than we might normally, and it really helps us be grateful for everyone who’s been put in our path.

drinking ALL THE WATER, all the time. this is a bad combination with my pregnant bladder, but i’m trying to stay hydrated and non-puffy (i can already sense that my rings might not like my fingers for all that much longer). and also i’m craving it? can one crave water?

loving green everything. now that the snow is gone, i am like a little kid on christmas waiting for all the green to appear outside. we don’t take our springs for granted here in the tundra i tell you! there isn’t much growing here right now, but i’m crossing my fingers that i’m going to see the tops of the bulbs i planted last fall start to make their way out of the ground. i have the opposite of a green thumb, so even though i’m pretty sure i did everything right, i have my doubts that they are actually going to grow.

also loving baking again! last week i got the itch to make cookies, and i did and it was so lovely. i hadn’t baked anything since i’d gotten pregnant, partly due to lack of energy, partly due to the fact that i can’t taste the batter with the raw eggs, and it’s not as fun to bake something when you haven’t been able to taste it first. mixing that batter and putting those cookies in the oven made me feel so “normal” again, just like myself.

working on planning the nursery for baby z. in fact, Mister Man and i have a hot date at the home depot tonight to look for closet doors, wall trim and paint colors. because getting the nursery ready means getting the basement bedroom/office finished up first so we can move the guest bed in there. our basement is a mess right now with changing table/carseat/crib box taking up space everywhere, but until we finish the office AND paint the nursery, we can’t move anything new into the baby’s room. so we are moving full steam ahead while i can still help with some of it. i’ll be doing most of the prep work since we can’t ventilate the room properly for me to be able to paint safely. darn.


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these days.

so, i’m sorry that i’ve been bombarding you with blog posts the last couple of days, but turns out that spending time with family, friends and the man brings out the inspiration in me. the fact that my brain finally got a break from work for more than a couple days probably didn’t hurt either (why does busy season have to be smack dab in the middle of the holidays??).

and now you get another one! who knows, i might write another one this weekend too! I AM AN ADULT AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT YO!

i hope your thanksgivings were amazing and no one got sick (although my cousin ry-ry may have…three pieces of pie??) here’s to a long weekend and heading full blast into the holidays. hello christmas music all day everyday!


these days i’m…

eating THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS!! something about taking home a tupperware full of delicious homemade food after thanksgiving just makes me so happy. we didn’t have a lot of food left over (four grown men will do that), but i made sure we got some to take home!

(leftovers include Mister Man’s pies, thank goodness!)

trying to pump myself up to redo our basement family room on sunday. we prepped on wednesday, and the plan is to finish up on sunday. i hate painting so much, but i’m thinking if it’s somehow possible to turn on a christmas movie to watch while doing the work, i can survive. any tips on this?

reading harry potter and the goblet of fire. yep, i’m on book 4 after a month of reading. turns out having an hour of uninterrupted reading time on the bus really increases your page count!

wearing anything and everything cozy. because it hasn’t gotten over 32 degrees in over a week here. and on that note, thinking maybe that i need to make maxi skirts a winter thing somehow? because they’re actually very warm and isn’t it just like wearing a blanket all day long? 

praying. there’s a lot of prayers coming out of this heart right now. for wisdom, for patience, for the strength to give up control. turns out i have control issues? and the need to plan everything, all the time? i’m trying to be better about that.

drinking russian tea. not sure if that’s the right name for it, but it’s basically a homemade mix that mama hools makes, and it’s  citrus and tea and sweetness, and it will warm you up so so good.

loving my in-laws for making me feel so welcome and loved at thanksgiving this year. can we all just appreciate how rare it is to love your in-laws, and how lucky i am to have such awesome ones?

also loving my family, for making me feel like i was in florida with them and letting me know we were loved and missed, but without rubbing it in too much. it made this week a lot easier.

working on finishing the christmas stockings i started LAST YEAR. i’ve been threatened with the purchase of a very expensive carpentry saw if i don’t finish them by christmas eve. and i’m not down with having unnecessary tools in the house, so i will finish them, even if i’m up til three in the morning on december 23rd.


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these days.

oh where oh where do the days go? i feel like i blink and it’s friday already every single week. i’m still planning on doing humpday happy lists once a month, but obviously last month got a little out of hand so i skipped it (and also obviously, my happy was our house!). but they will be coming back. i am thinking about starting a weekly post that is a little less labor-intensive than those were too.

“these days” posts are going to be a little more flexible, a chance for me to wrap up what’s been going on this week, talk about anything fun happening on the weekend, even though life will probably be much less exciting after wedding season is over. homeownership responsibilities and whatnot.

i’m even thinking we could make it a link up. i’ve seen a few of my blogging friends do similar posts, what do you girls think? if we want to make this a regular friday thing, we could link up our posts in each other’s comments and invite the rest of our little communities to do the same. (but let’s be honest, i need to get to know some other smaller bloggers so there is clearly an ulterior motive here!) let me know if you have any interest!


these days i’m…

eating caprese salads like they’re going out of style. there is nothing like a caprese made from homegrown veggies to make you feel like you are being extra healthy and also deserving of that glass of wine.

planning for 5 (or maybe now 6?) friends to stay with us this weekend for the wedding. i am convinced that i have everything ready, but must confess that my brain has been scattered due to work travel, so be patient with me my loves!

reading real simple magazine, but wishing it was better homes and gardens, because i have the interior decorating bug, and i have it bad.

praying for my little sister to have the best first week of freshman year in the whole history of everything. even though you’re going to be a bennie, i think you’re going to have an amazing time!

watching “dr. who” with my husband. if any of you are particularly nerdy like we are, please please please start watching it. it’s on netflix, i will probably need to do a whole post on it because it’s too awesome to only give it one sentence.

drinking vinho verde. it’s a white wine from portugal, usually around $4 per bottle, tastes like a slightly fizzy sauvignon blanc. i’ve been drinking it since i discovered it in portugal 5 years ago, and if it gets popular and makes the price go up, i will be furious.

loving bare nails and no makeup. something about summer coming to an end makes me want to go as bare as possible. i’m all about the lipstick and nailpolish in the fall and winter, but it feels good to be free right now.

not loving my hair. it’s been about, oh, 3-4 months since my last haircut/color and it is not looking hot over here people. the words that come to mind are mousy, scraggly and unkempt. need to book that appointment asap.

working on getting back in shape. jillian michaels, i can’t quit you. but i hate you so much at the same time. do right by me lady.


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working on the fifth of july.

today i had to go to work. and i love my job, but gosh dang it if it doesn’t feel like everyone in the world was on vacation! and gosh dang it if i did not want to be anywhere but the office joining them.

BUT! all is not lost. i got loads of work done. i have three barbecues this weekend to look forward to, along with celebrating the engagement of a dear friend (congrats jess and chris!). i think one day of work before the weekend is a small price to pay for all that fun, don’t you? exactly, me too.


in other fun news, i did a little piece for stephanie over at the lipstick gospel today. she does a series called “the loveliest things”, and i was able to contribute my loveliest things for this friday’s edition. pop over for a visit if you’d like to see them. (she has an amazing eye for photo selection, and i have to say, i’m so partial to the ones she chose for my piece)


i promise that i will be posting more original content here towards the end of the month, and i will also be shaking the dust off the old camera so you kids can have something nice to look at around this place. i know that those of you who follow me on instagram (@hooleywithaz) are probably getting sick of seeing my instagrams being recycled on the blog.

i’m not completely sure what the point of this little post was, other than to say have a happy weekend and i like you guys a lot and thank goodness for barbecues on the weekend to make a girl feel better about working on july 5th. thanks for sticking around.



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dear friday.

i love you.

maybe that’s a little much, but i mean it. i really do. you are the day that makes me smile when i get out of bed. i put on my favorite outfit, just because you’re here.


i love you because when you arrive i get to come home and forget about work until monday. i love you because you are the day of dinner parties and date nights.


but here’s my favorite thing. something about you causes my husband to get out of bed to make me breakfast in the morning. breakfast that sometimes includes pancakes, eggs and orange juice.


thank you for being you.

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