how to: topknot tutorial.

i said i wouldn’t do another tutorial. and yet here i am posting another tutorial for you. i’m nothing if not ridiculous…

that said, i got such great feedback on my crown braid tutorial, that i thought i would show you all how i do a topknot. it took me SO LONG before i knew how to do a topknot that i would even consider wearing out in public. i finally learned back when i had proper bangs, and my life was forever changed. i only wish i had known how to do one when i had shorter hair too, because i missed out on some prime topknot time. (how many times can i type the word “topknot” today?)

sidebar: i think it’s a law that women who blog are required to know how to do a topknot, so i’m really just doing a public service for many of you. hah. jokes. i love the stereotype of the selfie-taking, topknot-wearing, starbucks-drinking blogger, it’s simultaneously so spot-on and so far from reality at the same time. see above.

some things to remember when trying this out for yourself:

  • translation: i call hair ties “hair binders”
  • bobby pins are your best friends.
  • do yourself a favor and go out and get a bun doughnut. do it. just go.
  • this looks good on everyone.

is it weird that i don’t dress up put on a nice shirt when i’m filming videos? i mean, it would be a lot more “professional” to look like i’m a civilized human being who stays dressed in regular clothes for more than 20 minutes after she gets home from work, but who needs that? i’m not pretending to be a fashion blogger here. (plus, i love my irish hooley t-shirt and it needs to be shared with the world!) although i may go back to my other filming location next time, that purple wall horrifies me.

alright, enough talk, now go out and do your hair!

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how to: crown braid tutorial.

yes, a tutorial. oh my little darlings. if you knew how out of character it was for me to do what i’m about to do, you would giggle. but because i love and care for you all, i’m going to do it anyway. 

sometimes my cousin hanna and i like to take field trips. last weekend we decided to head over to minnehaha falls to take some photos of the gorgeous waterfall and the fall colors (and eat at sea salt eatery of course!). we had an amazing time hiking around and spending time together, and got some fabulous shots out of the afternoon. also, my mahi-mahi tacos were to.die.for. holy wow.

it was a little windy, so i wanted my hair to be out of my face because i have TONS of it and i don’t particularly like eating it. but throwing it up in a ponytail was out of the question, because there were going to be cameras there. and because VANITY.

enter: the crown braid. i have no idea if that’s the proper name for it, but that’s what i call it, so that’s what it shall be known as. i never do my hair because it’s just too much work most of the time, but this particular style is one of those magic ones that is easy and adorable all at the same time. it’s casual and pulled together and i think everyone looks good in it.

and because of all that, and because i had quite a few requests for one, i decided a tutorial was in order and i made this video for you. be kind.

i hope you like the tutorial and that you try out the crown braid! send me a photo on twitter or instagram if you try one.


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humpday happy list.

they’re baaaack! oh and i know you’ve just been waiting for these little humpday posts to come back. don’t pretend you haven’t been. (okay, you probably haven’t been waiting, but just let me pretend for a bit.)

i hope you enjoy my little happiness list on this hot wednesday. i’ve missed looking for inspiration throughout the month, and good thing i’m picking it back up again, because i have a feeling that i am going to need some inspiration over the next few months. i just got a GIGANTIC project assigned to me at work, and although i’m very excited about it and the opportunities it’s going to bring, i’m also freaking the bleep out.

here’s to it being the wednesday before labor day, and all the fun to come this weekend. let me know what’s been inspiring you/keeping you going this month!


1) humpday craftiness: rain drawings.

i saw this on (where else?) pinterest the other day, and now i cannot.stop.thinking about it! wouldn’t this be a fun thing to do on the sidewalk in front of your house, as a little surprise for the mailman  when it’s raining (or anyone really)? now i just need to convince Mister Man that this is a good idea too.

2) humpday hairstyle: topknot, topknot, topknot. also a topknot.

this weather makes me want to strip naked and lay on the concrete floor in my basement. but since i have a full-time job and also that is not socially acceptable, i settle for piling my mane on top of my head in a topknot. there are bobby pins scattered around the house, in all my pockets and bags, if that’s any indication of how often this has been happening. in other news, i need a haircut.

3) humpday gift idea: gifts in jars.

at the bridal shower for my friend kari the other day, one of the guests, who happens to be a coworker of mine (as well as a fabulous blogger), brought two jars that looked like this one, full of household necessities like sponges, dish towels, COFFEE, etc. when i saw them, i had two thoughts: 1) i wanted to steal them for myself, and 2) i wanted to steal them and take them home for myself. as someone who is always at target last minute for shower gifts, and never has wrapping paper on hand, this solves many, many problems.


4) humpday recipe: infused olive oil.

i love me some infusing. simple syrup, alcohol, sugar, give me something to infuse and i’ll do it. nothing is off-limits, including bacon vodka. so when i saw this little post on a beautiful mess, i got really excited. it’s always nice to have some inspiration for simple tricks to make your cooking feel super extra-special fancy. i will be trying this as the fall starts rolling in.


5) humpday cocktail: beergarita.

specifically this pineapple beergarita from my friend trisha. you already know that she is amazing at whipping up delicious cocktails from our thirsty thursday series in july, but this one…i have not been able to stop thinking about this one. last year for labor day at the cabin, i put myself in charge of bringing the ingredients for a fun cocktail (that should surprise no one, unless you’re new here, in which case, welcome!). it was a hit, and so i’m thinking i should keep up the tradition and bring the ingredients for this baby up there this weekend. methinks it would put me in the running for most popular person at the cabin, right?


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