william: ten months old.

another post so soon erin? but how? and why? well, since i didn’t post my baby boy’s nine month update until he was almost eleven months old, i figured i should probably try to get the 10 month update posted before that happens…and then we will try to have our little man’s updates all caught up before we leave on our trip! or at least a girl can dream…

here is what mister William was like between nine and ten months:

well, william has certainly turned lots of corners this month. he is babbling nonstop, he’s graduated from the new walker “frankenstein” walk to a confident swagger, and he’s started to clap, wave and clearly understand words you say to him. it’s amazing to watch how quickly this happens.

one of my favorite parts of this month has been the changes in sleep! william has settled down at night and is sleeping through from about 8:00pm-6:30am. i can sometimes get him to go back to sleep for a bit if i need to get ready for my day, but i really can’t complain about the improvement. i honestly think that the thing that helped the most was me going on a long weekend trip with some girlfriends in july. he didn’t get to see me at night anymore, he lost interest in night feedings and started sleeping through.

a big change that was much easier for both of us than i thought it would be was stopping our breastfeeding. my milk supply started dropping in a big way around his nine month birthday, and he started to get even more distracted during feedings when he started to walk. we had already moved to bottles before bed to make sure he was getting enough milk to sleep through, and he didn’t even know the difference when we moved to all bottles. it was quite a change for me, because we barely fed Amelia bottles, but it was so much better for us to make this decision. i’m almost positive that i wasn’t making enough for his crazy activity levels, because once i stopped pumping and nursing, nothing happened. i didn’t have to pump, or hand express, or anything. so it was the right time. when i can, i get breast milk from a dear friend whose baby is only a week apart from William, and we mix that with formula, and he is clearly thriving with the change. it sometimes tweaks my heart a bit, but only because it makes my baby seem so much older when he’s not nursing.

having a ten month old toddler is a very bizarre feeling. we constantly get comments on how big he is, and how well he moves, and what a sweet little man he is. and it’s all true. and i’m trying to slow it all down, and take more videos, and remember all of it, because i can already see him as a two year old, trying to run away from me as fast as he can at the park. he might not be acting like a baby anymore, but he’ll always be mine.

little william: you are trying to grow up so fast, and we are so proud of you with each new milestone you reach (even if they might be a little early for us). the relationship you have with your dad and sister makes me smile every time i see it. you are a shining sun every day, and we know that you will only get brighter as you grow up even more.

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william: nine months old.

let’s just not even talk about how sad it is that i can’t get these written in a timely manner. it’s just going to embarrass all of us. at least the photo was taken relatively close to the right time….

here is what mister William was like between eight and nine months:

my little baby is walking like a maniac. he started officially walking the day after he turned eight months old, and never slowed down after that. he loves being able to run after his sister, and he loves to get into tight spots where he has to squeeze through. it’s actually really funny to watch him meander his way through his newfound freedom of mobility.

william really started to get teeth this month. it was…less than fun for all of us. sleep got pretty dicey for a while. like, the kids (both of them) weren’t falling asleep until 9:30, and both Mister Man and i were losing our minds. no down time will do that to a person. or married parents of two. yikes.

he also has started to eat like a toddler. he eats more than his sister on a regular basis. he is totally done with purees now, and only will eat what we eat. it’s awesome because of how easy it is, we just cut everything we’re having into tiny pieces, and he gums them and swallows them. he likes steak and chicken and eggs and rice and veggies and fruit and pretty much everything you can think of. we are trying to keep him off dairy for a bit longer, and also are being careful with how much sugar he gets, because we don’t want to mess up his gut and risk eczema developing like it did with amelia (although i feel like that’s really a low chance, i don’t want to be too careful).

[this was during a meal where i realized how expensive feeding these two little monsters is going to be…they devoured their own meals at panera in about ten minutes!]

we have been having so much fun with his little personality. he is learning how to do “so big” and “peekaboo” and is babbling a ton! whenever i think about him starting to talk, it makes me giggle a little, because i have a feeling that, much like his sister, he won’t ever stop and then our house will be forever noisy. but it’s the best kind of noise!

little william: i’m sorry that sometimes your stuff come a little later than your sister’s. i wish i could be better at staying on top of things for your memories. but just know that we could never forget how sweet you are. your first year has been such a joy for all of us.

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william: eight months old.

he’s walking. my eight month old is walking. that’s it. that’s the update. don’t have anything else to talk about, and don’t have the time to talk about it because i’m too busy running around after my WALKING EIGHT MONTH OLD because apparently our house is not at all babyproofed. the end.

here is what mister William was like between seven and eight months:

William still loves food. he will eat literally anything you set in front of him, and has started to refuse his purees. so our challenge is now to find solid foods that he can gum. the silver lining of him loving everything is that his typical meal can be steamed peas and carrots, ground turkey, squished beans, applesauce or pears, and every so often we can trick him into eating some rice or oat cereal. we can’t wait for him to start eating eggs and dairy so that he can participate more fully in our meals. boy will that make life about a million times easier!

you know what is really easy already? William, just as a human baby. this boy is seriously just an easygoing guy. he can stay up past his naptime or bedtime if we need him to, and while he has the occasional fussy moment when he’s cutting a tooth or is super tired or hungry, he is almost never out of sorts. people make comments all the time how freely he gives smiles to strangers, and how genuinely happy he is. and we are very thankful that this is how he is, because we needed him as our second child to be this way.

little buddy also loves very deeply. he is obsessed with his dad and sister (i think he loves me too, but he gets bored with me easily). he is in deep love with my parents dog bella, and really dogs in general. anytime he sees a dog walking toward him, he flaps his arms and starts yelling. it’s pretty great to watch. his big thing lately is looking at you and tilting his head all coyly, and making you fall in love with him as well.

so yea, i already touched on the walking thing up there. and while TECHNICALLY, he didn’t officially walk until the day after he turned eight months old, i’m counting it. so i’m too tired to really talk any more about this, because i spend a lot of time running around after two “toddlers” now. sidenote: can an eight month old be a toddler? is a toddler defined by walking, or just by being older than a year? enlighten me.

[this is what he does anytime he gets in his car seat. but dude, i don’t even drive that fast!]

little william: your personality is bursting at the seams these days, and it’s so fun to see you grow into your own little person. time is moving way too fast for me, you are losing more of your baby-ness each day and growing up before my eyes. it’s exciting to watch, but also moving faster than i can handle! i know that with your sweetness, you’ll always stay my baby boy (even though dad is your favorite). thanks for still snuggling with me when you know i need a fix.

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coffee date.

i have been missing this space more and more the longer i’ve been away from it. it’s not that i need this space for any tangible reason – i don’t make money from it, aside from the occasional product freebie – but i feel like it’s one of the only ways that i can channel and share my creative energy in a way that fits my life right now. not to mention all of you wonderful people i know because of this blog. i can’t tell you the amount of times i’m talking to someone in real life, and i reference something that my friend did, only to have to explain that i haven’t actually met said friend in person, i just know them from blogging. and yet some of my internet friends know me better than most people. we text and we comment and we share our day to day lives, and i know if i needed anything, i’d be able to ask any one of them for help. 

i’ve been feeling a little sappy about friendship and stuff lately, so in honor of friends both here and on the internet, i’m doing a long absent virtual coffee date.

if we were having coffee (or tea, you do you) i’d be drinking an americano with sugar free vanilla and a splash of cream. It’s like the caffeine kick of a latte but not as heavy. and also way cheaper. i may be drinking one right now…

i’d start out by asking about your fun summer stuff. any trips planned? do you have way too many weddings? are you able to just chill out? we have a couple cabin trips on the books, and i just got back from a girls weekend in colorado, which was nothing short of miraculous. we have a couple weddings, a record low for us. my brother-in-law is marrying the sweetest girl, i’ve known her since she was in middle school so we have lots of fun events planned for that. both kids are in the wedding (oh my gosh it’s going to be cute), Mister Man is co-best man and i am singing at the ceremony – eep! I can’t wait!

i’m obviously going to talk to you about my tiny little venture of love i started this spring, everything with love co. if you haven’t heard, i started an etsy shop making essential oil diffuser bracelets, keychains and baby accessories. i haven’t had a minute to update the shop or my instagram, but i’ve been selling them to friends, family and people in the community, and just loving it. if you don’t know what a diffuser bracelet is, it’s basically a bracelet that you apply a few drops of essential oil to so you can smell it and benefit from the scent throughout your day. i make leather and faux suede bracelets, and i’ve also branched out into keychains, stroller&crib charms, and pacifier clips. i wear my bracelet every day, and it’s been such a great thing to have in my “more stressful than normal” work environment. it would mean the world to me if you visited the shop or sent me a note if you’d be interested in learning more!

speaking of essential oils, i’ve been on a natural cleaning kick like whoa lately. i’ve been switching out as many cleaning products as i can with homemade versions. my glass cleaner works like a charm, as does my wood floor cleaner. i use the young living thieves cleaner for all purpose cleaning, and although i can’t get Mister Man to give up his scrubbing bubbles for cleaning the shower, i won’t be buying any commercial cleaners anytime soon. i do have a question for all of you. so i have recipes for all these natural cleaners that i use…would you want to see posts on those recipes? i know that not everyone is into the so-called “crunchy” life, but i don’t think you have to be crunchy to want safer, more natural cleaning products, so if there’s interest i’d love to share! i know lots of you love my soup recipes, so maybe you’d love my cleaning recipes too? let me know!

do you ever just sit back and wonder how life can possibly pass by so quickly, and also drag by like it’s not even moving? i’ve started to realize this more and more as our lives fill up with the activities and minutiae that come with being the mom of two growing children. Amelia is starting preschool in the fall, and i must be in denial, because 1) i have no idea when the first day of school is (literally, i have no idea), and 2) i haven’t given any thought to how our schedule will change once that starts, or what she’ll wear (she’s almost grown out of 90% of her clothes), or even entirely how to prep her for this change. basically what i’m saying is that i thought i had a million years before i had to spend time thinking about this stuff, but it turns out i have about a month to do it all. it’s a pretty good analogy for how i live my life. and it maybe explains why i never send out birthday cards…my intentions are good, my execution is so, so bad. also: HOW DO I HAVE A CHILD WHO WILL BE THREE AND GOING TO PRESCHOOL THIS CANNOT BE MY REAL LIFE.

[one day old. this is how old my baby is, and how old she shall always be in my mind.]

thanks for having coffee with me on this muggy, gloomy (at least where i am) friday. i hope you have the best friday ever, and enough coffee to keep you buzzing from the caffeine, but not so much to give you the shakes. i love you and i smooch you.

love, me.

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william: seven months old.

in the last update (you know, the one that was 6 weeks late, so really just posted for me to have a record that my child had a six month milestone…), i mentioned that William had made leaps and bounds from six to seven months, and you guys, i think i finally realized why he never sleeps.

our little homeboy has decided to pretty much learn everything with the span of four weeks. and the next four are probably not going to be much different. between six and seven months, William learned to pull to standing – on EVERYTHING. he learned to crawl. he learned how to stand up and yell in his crib before bedtime. the sheer brain and muscle power all of it takes is shocking. he’s pretty amazing, and i am in awe of him every single day. i mean, the sleep, as ALWAYS, could be better, but the exhaustion is so temporary that i am confident i will make it through this alive…most days.

here is what mister William was like between six and seven months:

William loves food. he loves it. he will eat anything (much like his sister), and in any form (very unlike his sister). she strictly loved purees until almost eight months, while he is very into gumming mushy veggies whenever he can. it’s so funny, because he has no teeth and it’s very hard for him to do, but he loves it! he is now eating rice cereal, prunes, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, apples, pears, and some puffs. he’s also had a couple tastes of watermelon and is very into it. i’ve been making new purees as i think of it, and i’ll usually steam up some frozen peas/carrots until they’re soft enough for him to munch on. i love baby feeding!

i’m not going to talk about this much more, but let me just put this on the record here: William will be walking by eight and half months. that’s my prediction. my daughter was a crazy early walker at nine and half months, but i’m betting that he will have her beat. he seriously thinks he can walk already, so we’ve had a lot of faceplants happening around here. he loves getting walked around while hanging on to our fingers, and is pretty proficient at it, and while he likes crawling, you can tell that being upright is his jam. i’m not sure what it is about Mister Man and i that makes our children like this, but there has to be something to the combination of our genes where the children we make are kind of freakish with their motor skills. too bad they’ll all be too short to do any kind of athletic sport professionally…

i didn’t think it was possible, but somehow my happy baby boy is getting even more smiley by the day. he is very quick with a grin to anybody who smiles at him, and will reach his arms out to almost anyone and be totally fine in their arms. he likes to know that dad and i are nearby, and has very strong preferences about his favorite people (dad, amelia, the grandparents and his uncle mark), but is seriously so social and joyful! he’s starting to show more emotions with that too, like when Amelia cries or is upset, he will have sympathy tears quite often, and he also gets mad if you aren’t quick enough with getting the food from the bowl to his mouth. we lucked out in the mood department with this kid, let me tell you. he’s a lover, not a crier.

little william: your personality is bursting at the seams these days, and it’s so fun to see you grow into your own little person. time is moving way too fast for me, you are losing more of your baby-ness each day and growing up before my eyes. it’s exciting to watch, but also moving faster than i can handle! i know that with your sweetness, you’ll always stay my baby boy (even though dad is your favorite). thanks for still snuggling with me when you know i need a fix.

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