breakout(s, i get them).

hi, my name is erin, and i have bad skin.

that’s such a typical girl thing to say, isn’t it? but when i say i have bad skin, i mean i am one of the people who actually has a dermatologist and has been to them for something other than to get a funky-looking mole checked out.

because of this, i have a pretty strict skin-care regimen, which my husband will tell you i’m religious about. i do the same thing every morning and every night, even when i’m traveling. oh how i wish i was one of those people who could just use a dove bar and call it a day. if any of you reading right now are one of those people, what is that like? i imagine that it feels a bit like heaven.


i somehow was able to keep my breakouts at bay in the months leading up to our wedding last year, which was no small feat. it was so good (for me) that i was even able to do my own makeup. this is momentous people.


then i did something stupid and tried a raw apple cider vinegar toner because i read somewhere that it was the most amazing treatment ever. you guys, if you have even slightly sensitive/problem/demon skin, DO NOT DO THIS. it basically destroyed any progress i had made in making my breakouts stop, and i had to start the process all over again.

so now i’m back to a good regimen, which i thought i’d share here. i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do for breakouts, since i have so much experience with them, and i’m happy to share any tricks i have. let’s be honest, i could basically give facial treatments in a spa, i’ve done that much research.



  • rinse face with warm water
  • moisturize with cetaphil lotion
  • apply eye cream (because wrinkles you guys!)


  • wash face with cetaphil daily facial cleanser
  • every other day, apply either proactiv repairing treatment (make sure you only buy white pillow cases and sheets, unless you want to ruin a few colorful sets while you learn your lesson the hard way) or origins drink up intensive overnight mask, depending how gross your hormones are making your face look
  • apply eye cream (see above)

once-twice a week:

  • wash face normally
  • steam your face with a hot, damp washcloth to open the pores
  • apply clay or charcoal face mask (bonus activity: freak your husband out while you walk around the apartment)
  • apply proactiv repairing treatment

like i said, this stuff is what’s working for me right now, and even though i might get breakouts here and there, my skin is good enough to go outside my apartment with no makeup on my face. i feel like those of you with beautiful skin may not understand how awesome this is, but again, it’s momentous! i get giddy just thinking about it!

any awesome tips out there that i’m missing? any miracle products i should be aware of for the future? (i’m planning on trying out a norwex facial towel that i’ve heard is like a miracle, which you better believe i will be talking about if it works!) i’m totally willing to try new stuff, even if it might make things worse. i’m a risk taker like that.


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