snow and cookies.

dang you guys. i think about half the country got just dumped on by snow this weekend! nemo on the east coast, orko here in the midwest. (orko, really? how is that a name for real?) we don’t really react that strongly to snow here in minnesota, no school cancellations, no work closings, although they did close the highway to north dakota. which means that Mister Man has to postpone his work trip there until tuesday. what terrible ridiculously awesome news!! in case you couldn’t tell, i really like having him here, for more than just the fact that he keeps the bed incredibly warm at night.

this weekend, i got to go to an incredibly fun work party, complete with signature company-themed cocktails and karaoke. yea, i have pretty much the best co-workers around. i spent saturday morning cleaning up the house and having a coffee date with myself, which was very therapeutic. then i got to have a long-overdue catch-up with a friend i’ve gone to school with from kindergarten through college. we now live less than a mile from each other and haven’t seen each other since my wedding. yea, i’m a terrible friend to have.

i went grocery shopping for our book club and got home just in time to welcome Mister Man home from his 10 hour drive back from rapid city, south dakota. book club is like fight club, so i can’t talk about it here, but it too was lovely, and we woke up to the grossness that was winter storm orko.

joe is a professional driver, especially in the snow. he drove my car with its broken driver’s side windshield wiper to raising cane’s on sunday morning. four of us made the terrible/wonderful decision to drive through the storm to get us some chicken and cane’s sauce. it’s worth risking life and limb for, trust.



when we finally made it home to the warm apartment, we proceeded to transform into the laziest bumps in the world. i finally made the chocolate-covered strawberry cookies i talked about here. holy crap, these were the weirdest/best/most delicious things ever. they are like fudgey brownie cookies that are super chewy, and tasted like strawberries and chocolate chunks. plus, they’re pink, so…obviously that’s awesome. my goal is to have at least one left to eat on valentine’s day. i’m bringing most of them to work so i don’t eat them in my loneliness when the husband is gone.





make these for valentine’s day. they are pink and delicious and lovely. the recipe is here, i followed it exactly, and i think that this woman is a cookie baking genius. if i lived in baltimore, i would make it my mission to be her friend so i could be the recipient of her leftovers!

hope you all had a fabulous weekend. thank you for all the kind words and support on my post from friday. i never really realized that one of the greatest things about this little blogging adventure is the support you get that you never really even knew you needed. and i had no idea how much i could appreciate people i’ve never met. you are all pretty amazing.

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