these days

these days with baby z.

before you ask, there is no baby yet! but we made it to 40 weeks.

it’s a strange feeling i have right now. i feel like i should be going about my daily life, but then again, how can i possibly do that? shouldn’t i be sitting at home, waiting for this baby to get here? but that could be a week from now! or it could be today! my brain is starting to reject me and any logical thoughts i have been able to muster.

i am so excited and so ready to meet our little one, i can hardly stand it. i’ve been reading more about the birth process the past couple of weeks (the latest is ina may’s guide to childbirth). it’s been so encouraging for me to continue to better understand what my body will be going through, as well as how to view unmedicated birth as a positive experience. you might think i’m a little wacky for saying that, but it’s how i feel! we will see how everything turns out, because we know the plan is not in our hands, but His.


how far along: 40 weeks. the baby is due today!

how i’m feeling: i feel better than any 40 week pregnant woman should be allowed to feel! i mean, it’s not like i’m frolicking through the meadows with butterflies following me around, but my goodness this is not what i expected to feel like. there is some discomfort, but nothing i can’t handle. thinking i’ll be going from zero to 60 once this baby is ready to come.

total weight gain: still at a flat 27 pounds total gain. turns out baby is still growing, but i’m shrinking a bit. weird, right? gonna need to do some serious weight-lifting work when i’m not pregnant anymore to get some of my muscle mass back!

baby z.’s size: this week, we have a small pumpkin baby (how’s that for a terrifying visual when getting ready to give birth?). that means that baby could be around 7.5 pounds, and be about 20 inches long. only time will tell if this is accurate.

this week: i am doing a whole lot of nothing. at some point i might get motivated enough to finish the final organizing touches on the nursery, but mostly i have been loving making dinner with Mister Man, taking walks most nights and then snuggling up with a netflix show. it’s the simplest things giving me energy right now.

maternity clothes: basically, i’m trying to wear pants as little as possible these days. the end.

sleep: oh, it’s not so good lately. but i’m getting enough-ish sleep every night, albeit interrupted sleep. if i didn’t have my snoogle, i don’t know what i would do.

best moment this week: actually it has nothing to do with the baby. i took Mister Man out for a surprise 30th birthday dinner on monday, and seeing the smile on his face when he found out the plan has lit me up for the whole week. not to mention it was so nice to dress up and go out for a nice dinner just the two of us. it was so special.

movement: little one is just as active as always, which is impressive considering how crowded it is in there!

food cravings: i can’t eat a lot of food at once, but if i could eat all day long, i would. must be that baby sucking all the energy out of me!

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: you know.

looking forward to: meeting baby boy or girl z.!

this may be my last post for a while, until after we have the baby and get a bit settled into our new life. i want to thank you all for your love and support and shared joy throughout this whole pregnancy. it has made the process so much fun and has touched me in a way that i cannot begin to articulate. baby z. is lucky to have so many people who are so excited to meet him/her!

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these days with baby z.

you know what’s weird? i’m now at the point where i can honestly say that the baby could be born tomorrow (two weeks before my due date) or a month from now (two weeks after my due date). it’s such a strange game to be playing, this waiting game. people ask you if you’re ready, and yes, of course i’m ready to meet this little person playing bongos on my bladder. but then, how can a person ever really be ready to have a baby? i don’t think it’s possible. i think it needs to just happen to you, and then you’re ready because it’s happening to you.

i’ve been trying to just “be” the last couple of weeks. i’m not necessarily nesting a whole lot, or doing a lot of writing, or even seeing people. it just feels important right now to be with Mister Man and myself, not really doing anything special, because the routine just feels so good. i think a part of me realizes that the routine isn’t going to be there much longer, so i’m soaking it up while i still can. and that’s that. and soon the little one will be here.


how far along: 38 weeks.

how i’m feeling: the chiropractor seems to have worked wonders on this old lady hip of mine! i was ready to buy a pimp cane (you know, the kind with a jeweled skull on top?) until the end of last week, and then all of a sudden, the limping wasn’t as bad. and this week, i even went on a walk. twice! so i’m back to feeling all warrior mother again, and i needed that.

total weight gain: i’m now going to weekly appointments until the baby is born, and as of this week’s appointment my total gain was up to 27 pounds. i am now changing my prediction of total weight gain from 32-33 pounds to 30 pounds. i was on such a roll up until the end!

baby z.’s size: baby z. is a leek baby this week! (weird?) meaning that it is about as long as a leek(around 19.5 inches) and weighs almost 7 pounds. i don’t know how much more it can grow, there can’t be much room left!

this week: i’m finishing up the last of the baby laundry, and ordering the last (very few) things we need off our registries so the nursery can be organized once and for all (we were so blessed by our family and friends that we don’t really NEED a whole lot else for baby z. and i can never say how thankful i am for that). oh also, i have a three-day work week because my little sister is getting hitched in a week!

maternity clothes: my darling friend kali (who had a baby four days prior by the way) took pity on me and gave me a whole bag of her maternity clothes to use during the last month of this pregnancy. it sounds silly, but it has made such a huge difference in how i feel when i get dressed every morning. just having more options has made me feel refreshed! thank you kali!

sleep: i’m getting up at about 2am every night, and so my maximum amount of uninterrupted sleep is about four hours a night. some nights it’s less than that. i’m doing surprisingly well, lack of sleep considered. hopefully i can keep it together until the baby comes.

best moment this week: my friends had a baby shower for me this past sunday, and it was so much fun! not many of my friends have had babies of their own (yet), but you wouldn’t know it with how good they are with this pregnant lady. they are so supportive and wonderful and this baby is very lucky to be coming into this world surrounded by the friends and family that we have.

movement: the baby is doing full body rolls in my abdomen as i write this. is that enough of a picture for you?

food cravings: you guys, i can’t stop with the ice cream. but in my defense, Mister Man is totally an instigator. he totally suggests at least half our visits to the ice cream shop down the road.

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: you know.

looking forward to: my sister’s WEDDING in a week!! i am so freaking excited, i can’t even tell you. the bridesmaid dress is fitted and ready (it zips!), and i have thursday and friday off of work for some fun and pampering and wedding festivities. it’s going to be the best weekend, and i couldn’t be more excited for her and her wonderful fiance.

so here’s the deal: i might be back with a post next week, or i might have a baby. i might be able to do a 40-week pregnancy update, or i might have a baby. it’s all a toss-up at this point. so stay tuned to the social medias (links below) and this blog for more posts or an announcement in the next few weeks! i may go crazy with the uncertainty of it all, but that could be fun for you guys to watch too, right? have a fabulous weekend full of sun and love and fun!

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these days with baby z.

one month left.

one month until we get to find out if we have a son or daughter.

one month until we get to kiss those little cheeks and toes and belly and…and…and.

one month until everything  changes.


how far along: 36 weeks.

how i’m feeling: it’s like one week i say one thing with all the confidence in the world and then the next week the baby and my body decide to make me sorry i said anything. so that whole “feeling like a physical specimen” thing has now gone out the window. my hip realized that i was pregnant, and so i’ve been hobbling around like an 85 year old grandma. i’m hoping that with a bit of continued stretching and chiropractor visits, i’ll be walking somewhat normally in the next week or so, and will be in tip top shape for when i need to welcome this little bundle into the world.

total weight gain: as of 34 weeks, i had lost a pound from the two weeks previous. so my total was at 24 pounds. which is fine, i’ve gained enough weight up to this point that my doctor says when a pound drops, it doesn’t make a difference, and i will obviously keep gaining until the end. but i’m using this as an excuse to eat more of my homemade ice cream (dark chocolate strawberry with chocolate chips ya’ll! full fat milk and cream ya’ll! boom!). i am predicting that i’ll be up to 27 total at my 36 week appointment next week, and am still standing by my 32-33 pound total gain by the end.

baby z.’s size: baby z. is a lettuce baby this week! meaning that it is about as long as a head of romaine lettuce (around 18.5 inches) and weighs almost 6 pounds. it’s getting crowded in there!

this week: Mister Man took his last work trip until september! fkjsdkfljaaeiogasdjsfkhk!! i can’t tell you how excited this makes me. he asked if i was going to get sick of him, and the answer was a resounding NO! i love having him home, and having him here for the first month of baby’s life is going to make me so, so happy.

maternity clothes: yeppers! getting pretty sick of the limited amount of clothing i have to wear. does anyone out there want to lend me some maternity tops for the next month? pretty please? i do have a package headed my way from “a pea in the pod”, featuring clothing for a great cause, and i can’t wait to show you guys!

sleep: i’m usually up 1-2 times a night now, without much of an exception. but i’m learning to fall back asleep really quickly, which is a skill i’m definitely going to need when baby gets here.

best moment this week: not going to lie, this week was tough. the hip pain, Mister Man being away, and just a case of the blahs kept me pretty low key all week. (i was desperately trying to take my own advice) but there is always a silver lining, and we did get to go to the home run derby at target field with the husband and my parents, which was SO MUCH FUN! brats, root beer and home runs like whoa. what pain in my hip?

movement: jabby jab jabbing. that is all.

food cravings: i’m definitely sensing a pull towards the sugary foods lately, so (other than the ice cream) i’m trying to satisfy the urges by eating lots of fruit so at least i’m eating natural sugars. i’m not saying i haven’t broken down and bought a pack of skittles for myself here and there….but i’m mostly being good.

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: is this even a question i need to answer anymore?

looking forward to: a baby shower with my mom’s family tomorrow (and one with my darling friends next week!), and my little sister’s last wedding shower on sunday. all sorts of showers! also, can we talk about the fact that my sister is getting married in THREE WEEKS??? how is this happening?

have a wonderful weekend, give yourselves some relaxation and loving, and send me some good healing vibes for this old lady/pregnant hip of mine! smoochies to all of you wonderful people who have been along for this ride with us, your support has meant the world.

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these days with baby z.

this post is a little late this week, but it’s a holiday and i’m pretty pregnant, so you’ll just look past that, won’t you?

there are six weeks left in this journey, and if i can keep trucking through like i am now, i will feel like i have conquered this pregnancy like a boss. there’s something about being so close that things could start happening at any time (although that baby needs to keep baking some more) that gets you thinking about your job at the end of all this – to get that baby out. and i’m finding that i feel pretty great about my ability to do so. i feel so physically and mentally and emotionally strong right now, that any fear i’m “supposed” to be feeling is nowhere in sight. and that’s a great thing.

here’s to baby z. cooking for another six weeks, and to those six weeks going as fast as they can so i can smooch the little one’s face.


how far along: 34 weeks.

how i’m feeling: the fatigue is coming back for sure, which i’ve been expecting. anytime i do something around the house, i’m finding i need to take a break to sit down and rest. other than feeling a little rundown though, i feel great physically. no more aches and pains than normal, and (as weird as this sounds) i feel really strong and ready for the next six weeks.

total weight gain: well, i don’t want to brag, but i am amazing at predicting my weight gain. like i guessed in the last “these days”, i had gained 25 pounds by my 32 week appointment. right on track for a healthy weight gain. in total, i’m still predicting 33 pounds. and can i just say to everyone out there who might be asking why i’m so open about sharing this stuff, or saying that i’m only sharing because it’s in the normal range (i’d share either way), weight gain during pregnancy is not like weight gain when you’re not pregnant. sure, you want to stay within the right range if you can, but even if you eat the right amount and the right kinds of foods, your body will always have its own idea of what the right amount of weight gain for you is. and that is okay. any weight you gain is going toward your helping your baby grow as well as possible, and so if you are being healthy, it needs to be looked at differently. this could be a post within itself, but you get the idea.

baby z.’s size: baby z. is a cantaloupe baby this week! meaning that it weighs about as much as a cantaloupe (around 4.75 pounds) and is almost 18 inches long. although, because it’s our baby, it probably weighs a bit less and is most definitely not that long.

this week: this coming week my husband is home ALL WEEK and that means the nursery is going to be complete! along with all the other nagging projects he has on his list (which was made by him, not by me, we don’t do “honey-do” lists around here). and then at the end of the week…a free weekend. no plans, no commitments, for the last time until the baby comes. pure bliss.

maternity clothes: seeing as i just keep getting bigger, yes. except for my bikini, which is my regular one, high five! (p.s. check out this post for my tips on dressing with a bump).

sleep: it’s getting tougher every week. mostly because i can’t breathe anymore. did you guys know that it gets hard to breathe later on in your pregnancy? yea! i constantly feel like i just finished holding my breath as long as i could. so that whole sleep thing is a little tricky. i just look at the sleep deprivation as practice for when baby z. gets here.

best moment this week: last sunday my mother-in-law’s family threw a baby shower for the little one that was absolutely amazing. i say this after every shower, but it is so overwhelming to see how much our child is loved by so many people who have never met them. i have so much gratitude for all of it, and will always remember the feeling of sitting in the middle of everyone and feeling all the love in the room.

movement: i have a bone to pick with whoever said that the movements get a bit less crazy later on in pregnancy….that is a lie. it’s true that there is less room for the baby to move, but that doesn’t mean they stop trying to flail all around in there. it just feels a lot more jabby to mama.

food cravings: i’m definitely sensing a pull towards the sugary foods lately, so (other than the ice cream) i’m trying to satisfy the urges by eating lots of fruit so at least i’m eating natural sugars. i’m not saying i haven’t broken down and bought a pack of skittles for myself here and there….but i’m mostly being good.

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: out and weird and proud.

looking forward to: having absolutely nothing to do next weekend. i might even start brainstorming my hospital packing list, get a little crazy you know?

hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of july weekend! it’s about to get hot up here in the tundra, so send some popsicles if you have any to spare. i’ll just be hanging out in our basement with my belly trying to stay cool.

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these days with baby z.

two months to go! and i’m so excited! we have enough of the baby “stuff” that we are ready for whenever it comes, crib is up, mattress is in, and the nursery is painted. we’re also pre-registered at the hospital. so while i’m still enjoying being pregnant, i cannot WAIT to meet baby z. that’s when the exhaustion fun starts, right?

i have to confess, i’m getting a little concerned over how big i’m potentially going to get. not weight gain-wise, i have no pretensions about “getting fat” as so many people annoyingly refer to pregnancy weight gain. no, it’s more the actual size of my belly that is concerning me. i mean, how much further can that thing stick out? don’t answer that, i’ll find out in due time.


how far along: 32 weeks.

how i’m feeling: honestly, so good, especially for what people apparently think i should be feeling like at this point. which is apparently like death. i have two more months left, yo! i’m not that uncomfortable, except you should hear me when i get on and off the couch, and in and out of bed. lots of grunting. maria sharapova would be proud.

total weight gain: my 32 week appointment isn’t until next week, so this is all an estimation, but i’m going to go with 25 pounds total so far. it’s still all in my belly, which never ceases to amaze me. how can it all just live there?? i’m very happy that’s where it lives, but still. how?

baby z.’s size: this week we have the subtle hints of a jicama baby. meaning that baby z. weighs about as much as a jicama (around 3.75 pounds) and is almost 17 inches long. meanwhile i am figuring out how to make my way through tight spaces without forgetting that i have a giant belly attached to the front of me.

this week: this week my lovely, amazing co-workers threw a baby shower for us, and it was so much fun. i work with some of the best people in the world. oh, also, i taught Mister Man how to put a cloth diaper on a stuffed dog and fasten it with diaper pins. it was his first diaper ever. EVER YOU GUYS! and he was actually pretty good at it. ever want to fall more in love with your husband? teach him how to change a diaper. it’s like taking all the aphrodisiacs at once.

maternity clothes: bahahahahahahahaha. yes. the answer is yes.

sleep: well, the other night i woke up at 3:30am and never went back to sleep. so that was fun. but then last night, miracle of miracles, i slept through the night (relatively speaking). so i’m holding out hope that i have some good nights left in me.

best moment this week: getting the furniture into the nursery! it now looks like the room we’ve been imagining since we started working on it. and it’s so exciting! i can hardly wait to get in there and start organizing like a mad-woman. nesting forever and ever and ever.

movement: my favorite party trick is now making people stare at my belly until they see one of the gymnastics tricks this baby likes to do, and then watching them freak out like they just saw an alien. it’s so awesome.

food cravings: give me all the ice cream. i only have two months left until i don’t have this baby as an excuse anymore!

food aversions: nothing new here. still just trying to avoid the heartburn, so less tomato sauce for now. and more tums. berry-flavored, please and thank you.

belly button in or out: an interesting thing happened. it’s out until this baby is here for sure, but it weirdly has flattened out. when i wear my bikini, i think it gives people the heebie-jeebies. i love it.

looking forward to: a weekend at the cabin with part of my family. it’s been months since i’ve had a couple of days off work, and i have been living for this weekend for what seems like ages.

that belly style post is still in the works (typical). i’ve just got to get photographic proof of my favorite outfit combos and the words on the computer. those essays are still halfway in my head, but they’re coming along too. hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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