how to: crown braid tutorial.

yes, a tutorial. oh my little darlings. if you knew how out of character it was for me to do what i’m about to do, you would giggle. but because i love and care for you all, i’m going to do it anyway. 

sometimes my cousin hanna and i like to take field trips. last weekend we decided to head over to minnehaha falls to take some photos of the gorgeous waterfall and the fall colors (and eat at sea salt eatery of course!). we had an amazing time hiking around and spending time together, and got some fabulous shots out of the afternoon. also, my mahi-mahi tacos were to.die.for. holy wow.

it was a little windy, so i wanted my hair to be out of my face because i have TONS of it and i don’t particularly like eating it. but throwing it up in a ponytail was out of the question, because there were going to be cameras there. and because VANITY.

enter: the crown braid. i have no idea if that’s the proper name for it, but that’s what i call it, so that’s what it shall be known as. i never do my hair because it’s just too much work most of the time, but this particular style is one of those magic ones that is easy and adorable all at the same time. it’s casual and pulled together and i think everyone looks good in it.

and because of all that, and because i had quite a few requests for one, i decided a tutorial was in order and i made this video for you. be kind.

i hope you like the tutorial and that you try out the crown braid! send me a photo on twitter or instagram if you try one.


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