due date eve.

*i obviously started writing this post last night. obviously still no baby.  

you know how christmas eve is so exciting because you know that when you wake up, it’s christmas morning? and christmas morning means family, presents, bloody marys (if you’re like my family), and sitting by the fire in your cozy pajamas? well, due date eve is a lot like that, but with one little twist: you have NO IDEA when the baby is going to show up. could be tonight. could be tomorrow. could be in ten days.

so it’s awesome, because it’s great that you made it to d-day. but then you have this whole unknown stretch of time in front of you, just made for waiting. you can’t really make plans, but also you should probably try and do something other than wait around for baby. so in the spirit of staying busy, here is a brain dump of what i’ve been up to in the last few weeks of waiting, and what’s going to be happening around here until baby zee decides to show up!40 weeks with baby zee

  • cooking all the freezer meals. like, a lot of them. our freezer is what you would call, stocked up. when i was pregnant with Amelia, i did not cook even one thing to put in the freezer. and that was fine. we got a lot of food cooked for us, and we also had the luxury of choosing not to eat dinner until 8pm, when she went down for her evening catnap. this time around, we have a 2 year old who DOES need to eat a healthy, balanced dinner at 6pm every night. so pre-made meals will be a necessity while we find our new normal. here’s a sampling of what i’ve cooked up: the pioneer woman’s chicken spaghetti, enchiladas, enchilada casserole, mini pizza quinoa bites, chicken pot pie, tortellini soup, and white chicken chili, along with some gluten-free pumpkin muffins and homemade yogurt popsicles for easy snacks for Amelia. it’s amazing what you can get done during naptime with a plan and a rotisserie chicken, i tell ya.
  • making fun lunches for miss Amelia. i don’t know what came over me, but i decided due date week would be the perfect time to become pinterest mom. and then i made these for lunch:


who even am i anymore??

  • sitting on an exercise ball. trying to make sure this baby stays head down, and maybe try to trick it to come out? picture me rolling around on this ball, with my shirt pulled up over my belly (because it’s less restrictive and more comfortable), looking like a goon. this is my new normal.
  • taking all the baths. i feel very heavy these days. and with that, comes a lot of aches and pains. and i happen to have an amazing husband who forces me into the bathtub as often as i can take one…sometimes he even brings me a ginger beer and some popcorn to go with it. i usually throw in some epsom salts mixed with a few drops of peace and calming essential oil to really up the muscle relaxing factor. i’m soaking up this time while i can.
  • watching all the t.v. mostly in the form of “the voice”, “this is us”, and “grey’s anatomy” (i can’t quit that show!). i mean, i know i won’t have as much t.v. watching time as i did last time i nursed a baby, but there will still be lots of time doing nothing in the evenings, and i need to know which shows to catch up on during those times, right? also, i’m just too tired at night to do anything else by veg out if i’m being honest.
  • twiddling my thumbs. because what else do you do when you’re about to be overdue?

amelia all wrapped up

  • spending quality time with my firstborn. i have been trying to give Amelia as much attention as my energy allows while she is still the only child. in the past few days, i’ve started to notice that she is more clingy and needing her mama than she normally tends to be. this is a child who typically refuses to cuddle or hug because she’s too busy doing other stuff. but lately, she’s been wanting more songs and more attention and even hugs. and i’m not complaining, because it’s awesome, but i know it’s happening because she subconsciously senses that things are about to change in a big way around here. she will still get tons of attention and love when baby arrives, and i have no fears about having “enough” love to go around, but i want to make sure she can feel that from me too.

40 weeks with baby zee

any other tips for me as i try to retain my sanity over the next who knows how many days? please share them in the comments. PLEASE.

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these days with baby zee.

woops, i’m actually closer to 39 weeks now since i forgot to post this on friday. oh well. the important and necessary thing for you all to know that is that i am still pregnant. very much so.

let’s throw out some guesses as to when i’ll have this baby, shall we? the due date is october 18. my guess is october 22. throw your guess in the comments below, we’ll see who can get the closest! feel free to throw in a gender guess while you’re at it, i’m really excited to find out if it’s a boy or a girl in there…

38 weeks pregnant with baby zee

[life with a two year old who thinks mirrors are the coolest]

how far along: 38 weeks. very, super pregnant.

i’m feeling: very puffy. my hands are perpetually swollen and i kind of feel like i have arthritis. and then today i woke up feeling very, very tired after what i thought was a good night of sleep. so I’ve been better, but to be honest, i’m feeling better than i expected to be at this point in the pregnancy.

update on stubborn baby’s position: this is like the saga that will not end! if you don’t follow me on snapchat, 1) what are you thinking? 2) you missed the update on my procedure/debacle. basically, i went in to my appointments last wednesday, had four people confirm that baby was breech, then went to the hospital for the manual turning procedure. they did a quick ultrasound on me to confirm the baby’s position, and lo and behold, in three short hours, the baby had turned head down without me noticing. so the good news is that i didn’t have to do the procedure, bad news is that this baby has too much room in my belly somehow. yesterday though, my doctor said that she thought the baby was for sure head down still, so she’s saying there’s a chance! she did tell me that if i go into labor, she wants me in the hospital during early labor so we can make sure baby is in good position and don’t run into any emergency situations.

total weight gain: i went back to my 1 pound a week gain over the last couple of weeks. i’m up to a total of 29 pounds gained, and i’m betting i’ll be really close to the 30 pound guess i had at the beginning of all this. but true story: pretty sure more of this gain is from fluid this time…i’ve never felt so puffy in all my life. the only perk is having lips that look like i got injections. super cool.

baby zee’s size: baby is the size of a leek (WHAT), about 6 3/4 pounds and 19.5 inches long. judging by the amount of space this baby seems to have still, i’m guessing it’s a touch smaller than that.

this week: we are all in nesting mode like whoa. we’ve been cleaning the house top to bottom (okay, Mister Man has, not me), got the area rugs cleaned, ordered the dresser and some new nooks for the baby, set up the second(!) crib in the kids’ room, and finished washing all the baby stuff, including the rock and play. i’ve also been adding to the freezer stash of meals and feeling relieved that we won’t be going hungry right away.

maternity clothes: is it acceptable to just wear the same leggings and tunic dress for the rest of the pregnancy? because that’s where i’m at.

sleep: oh you guys it’s so bad. but whatever. it’s not like it was going to be great once baby came anyways. i might sleep harder once baby is out of me actually…

best moment this week: well, hearing baby was head down was pretty great. we’ve also been having lots of fun as a family of three too. we got donuts on a whim this morning before work and have been spending as much time at the parks as we possibly can before we go hibernation mode for a bit. and Amelia’s mood has been reflecting the quality time. she’s downright giddy these days, so far not showing too much angst about the changes coming our way. that could change, but i’d be perfectly happy if it didn’t…hear that universe?

movement: still pretty wiggly in there, but hopefully no more somersaults. also a bit more braxton-hicks contractions, which are new this pregnancy, and a bit odd.

food cravings: i ate a whole “share-size” bag of skittles in two days this week. does that tell you anything?

food aversions: none whatsoever.

belly button in or out: the russian parking attendant in my ramp looks at me with shock whenever he sees me pull out of the lot, what do you think?

looking forward to: meeting this little human who’s been keeping me on my toes the last 9 months.

38 weeks pregnant with baby zee

[another, because look at that belly, and also my hair&makeup is done, and also my arm looks great in this photo]

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these days with baby zee.

happy weekend to you!

i am about to rush off to a girls overnight at a hotel in the city as a last hurrah before i’m physically attached to a baby for a few months again, so this will be short and sweet. basically, i’m feeling great, can’t believe that there is such a short amount of time before this baby gets here, and am requesting some more prayers because my stubborn baby has once again refused to do what it’s supposed to do.

i hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, do something autumnal for me! i’ll probably be eating pizza and diet coke in a robe on a hotel bed, so i’ll live the dream for you guys too.

36 weeks baby zee

36 weeks with baby zee

how far along: 36 weeks. very pregnant.

i’m feeling: pretty great still. tired? yes. swollen? oh my goodness yes.

update on stubborn baby’s position: at my appointment this week, we couldn’t tell if baby had a bony butt or its head was up (where it’s not supposed to be). so i had an ultrasound on friday, and we confirmed what i did NOT want to hear…that baby is not head down, but is cradled quite comfortably with its bootie in my pelvis. so that means the next step is to do an external version (aka moving the baby by hand). NOT looking forward to it at all, but if this works, it is much less likely that i would need a c-section. so please keep the prayers coming.

total weight gain: you guys, i gained like 4-5 pounds in the last two weeks haha. i’m pretty sure most is fluid based on how puffy my hands and feet feel, but still. so i’m up to about 27 pounds total now, which was what my total gain was with Amelia. i’m on track (if the fluid chills out) to gain about 30 pounds, which is what i guessed at the beginning.

baby zee’s size: this week, baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce, about 6 lbs. and 18.5 inches long.

this week: Mister Man was gone ALL WEEK LONG, which marks the last time he’ll take a long trip before baby gets here, and the last time i’ll be by myself with only one child. i tried to remind myself all week long that the next time i’m holding down the fort, there will be two kids here, and it really helped keep my perspective clear!

maternity clothes: my darling friend amy let me come over and pick out a bunch of her maternity clothes (she has a brand new squishy 2 month old and a brand new 2 year old!). the dress i’m wearing in these photos is hers, and she saved my life with these “new to me” clothes. they’re going to get me through the next few weeks with my sanity intact! thank you amy!

sleep: oh it’s bad now guys. laying down makes me kind of sore, turning over makes me kind of sore, and i’ve apparently started to snore a little bit? whatever, it’s not like i’m going to be getting any more sleep anytime soon, so might as well embrace it.

best moment this week: amelia giving my belly lots of hugs and kisses, and taking a night out at a hotel in the city with my sisters and sister-cousin for a last night of relaxation and girl time before this baby gets here. (big thanks to Mister Man for pushing me to actually do this…i love you baby daddy).

movement: slowing down a bit, but still kicking and punching and jabbing in there. we’ll see what happens when we try to move the little one…

food cravings: nothing new, but i still have an appetite, so i’m trying to eat lots of protein (hard-boiled eggs, nuts, yogurt) and fruit instead of gorging on skittles like i want to.

food aversions: nope. give me whatever and i’ll eat it.

belly button in or out: it’s totally, completely flat.

looking forward to: getting the dresser in the bedroom (i just washed all our gender neutral baby clothes and can’t believe anything could be that small…Amelia was never that small, right??), and getting the crib set up. we’re hoping next weekend is the weekend to get all of it done!

36 weeks with baby zee

[unsure how this baby could get any bigger…]

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how to occupy a busy* toddler.

*and by busy, i mean one who never stops moving, ever. never ever ever ever.

if you missed it somewhere along the way, let me catch you up.


she was busy when i was pregnant with her, she was busy when she was an infant, and she continues to exhaust and amaze me with her busy-ness to this very day. especially to this very day.

now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great things about having an energetic toddler. they absorb everything around them, they tend to learn quickly, and are interested in so many different things. but it’s also really, incredibly exhausting to be around one all day everyday. and you have to read between their lines and force them to sit still for their own health and sanity every once in a while. but how do you do that? because it’s certainly easier said than done.

here are a few things that have worked for us over the last year or so. feel free to add any ideas in the comments, because with this baby on the way, i’m going to need them!

five ways to occupy a busy toddler

  1. crayons. i mean, this is obvious, but invest in some crayons, paper, and any other art supplies that your toddler is interested in. busy toddlers need rest, and sometimes you have to make sure that they get it during their waking hours…they cannot literally run around all day. which my child would try to do if i let her. anything that’s colorful and will get them to sit but still use their brain and motor skills is a great thing.
  2. homemade play dough. see above. only the best thing about homemade play dough is that the making of the play dough is an activity in and of itself. boom. you can let the little one stir the mixture before it goes on the stove, and they usually get a kick out of the fact that their play dough is warm when they start playing with it. my favorite recipe is as follows: take 1 C. flour, 1 Tbsp. alum, 1/2 C. salt, 1 C. water, 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil, and food coloring and mix together in a medium-sized saucepan. heat over low-medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes dough consistency and forms a ball. turn dough out onto a flat surface and knead until it looks like play dough (careful, it’ll be HOT! at first). then play!2 year old with play dough
  3. play kitchen. this is one of the best ways to kill time before dinner if you can’t be outside during that lovely time of day. whether it’s playing in a small play kitchen or playing with real kitchen things while you cook, getting your toddler involved in feeling like they’re adding to the meal can be a real lifesaver when they might be running low on energy but still want to be active. miss Amelia’s favorite thing to cook for me when we’re making dinner is currently “blueberry soup”. it’s very delicious if i may say so.
  4. cleaning. YOU GUYS. little kids love cleaning. they LOVE it. give them a swiffer rag and show them where to “dust” and they feel so grown up. if you aren’t too uptight about water getting on cabinets and floors and walls, you can step it up a notch and give them a spray bottle full of water along with a rag, and let them go nuts. you get help with the dusting (kind of), and you can get some chores done without a crazy toddler-person running circles around you.
  5. daniel tiger. or any children’s show of your choice. there are days when the only time i can get Amelia to sit down is to watch her favorite show, daniel tiger. there are a lot of opinions out there on screen time, but here’s my take: sometimes a rest is necessary, and as long as the screen time is limited, is used as a tool, and is allowing you to interact with your child to help them learn, it can be invaluable. we waited until Amelia was about a year and a half old before introducing a show if that’s helpful (driven mostly by the fact that Mister Man was out of town for my entire first trimester with baby zee so i needed a break). i highly suggest daniel tiger because that show is amazing. Amelia not only picks up on the lessons, but uses them in her daily life. it’s kind of the best.


[full disclosure: she was sick and teething when this photo was taken, so this is not usually how we roll when watching daniel tiger.]

let me know what you think about these ideas for keeping a busy toddler occupied! what are your tried and true tricks? like i said, with baby zee on the way, and winter on the way, we are going to be spending a lot more time at home and inside than we’re used to, and i’m going to need some more ideas.

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coffee date.

happy “it’s finally getting to be seasonal hot drink weather” season! let me tell you all something, and you can hold me to this; i will never be sick of seasonally appropriate food and beverages. seasonal eating and drinking IS MY JAM. give me all the gin and tonics and rose in the summer, all the pumpkin spice and old fashioneds in the fall, and all the hot cocoa and red wine in the winter (we don’t have spring here really so i have no seasonally appropriate beverages for that one). i don’t get all the hating on the PSL man. just let people live their lives and drink it, and if you don’t like pumpkin things, then get something hazelnut or cinnamon flavored. or don’t. but stop hating on my seasonal drinks!

here’s to a post that’s not about my pregnancy, and instead about catching up with you on all things in the z household. coffee dates are the best. let’s always have them.

coffee date fall


if we were on a coffee date, i’d obviously be sipping on a hot, lovely latte. probably a pumpkin spice latte with half the pumpkin spice (or vanilla if i’m feeling old-fashioned). like i said, i am pumped up about fall coming. not only is the weather getting cooler, which means i am far less swollen and puffy, but there is also more time for relaxing and getting stuff done around the house, which is perfect for me since i’m pretty obsessed with organizing right now.

fall candles

if we were on a coffee date, i’d be singing praises for the glory that is living near family. our babysitter recently left for a fabulous, open-ended trip around europe, which is awesome, but also left us with a couple months gap in childcare for one day a week. sounds easy to fill, but finding someone for one day a week is tough, then taking a maternity leave right after for four months? not happening. enter my aunt and my mom splitting the weeks to help us out. it’s amazing. my mother-in-law, who regularly takes care of amelia two days a week just told me that she would be happy to take amelia one day a week while i’m on leave to help me take a break. we are never in need of babysitters or people to help us out with our yard work or anything else we might need. i’d highly suggest that if you are ever able to, you live near your family if you get the chance. it’s pretty dang great.

if we were on a coffee date, we’d probably talk about the fact that i’m feeling like a terrible friend. on average, i’ve been responding to texts four days after i get them (which is ridiculous), i’ve been terrible about locking down friend dates, and just in general i’ve been a lump of a human being. i’d want to know that you feel like that sometimes too. because i can’t be the only one who does this from time to time. i mean, if you’re the type of friend who is amazing all the time, then you can tell me about what that’s like too, because i have no idea. and i’d want to learn from you. teach me your ways, or at least tell me that you understand me on some level. that would make me feel better.


what’s on your mind lately? tell me what’s going on with you over whatever type of coffee date beverage you want. seasonal or not!

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