naps cure everything, even when they’re not yours.

you guys. yesterday was such a weird, weird day. it was the epitome of everything a monday is, but you wish it wasn’t. i haven’t had one of those days in so long, so this was really just a kick in the pants. not in a good way.

by noon, the following had happened:

  • i changed a very poopy diaper.
  • i fought with a toddler over whether or not she would eat her own cereal or her dad’s.
  • i succumbed to turning on barney at 8:30am.
  • i tipped a garbage can full of coffee grounds and coupons behind the radiator while vacuuming.
  • i dropped a cork into the coffee maker’s water well (don’t ask).
  • i dragged a cranky toddler to the grocery store (where she behaved like an angel somehow).


but you know what? if there’s one thing that i’ve learned from being a mom, it’s that everything is temporary. and sometimes it’s so temporary that when you put your toddler down for a nap, everything gets better. you get all the chores done during the nap, you get a little workout from said chores, and you get a chance to sit down and eat lunch by yourself. then when your toddler wakes up 2.5 hours later, she’s magically cured of all crankiness and you have a dance party in the kitchen while waiting for daddy to come home.

i’ve experienced this so many times, but some days it’s just more apparent than others; naps cure everything, even when they’re not yours. but also if they’re yours, that’s pretty great too. naptime

(and if anyone was wondering, today was so much better. especially since it ended with popcorn, fancy blood orange soda and catching up on the bachelorette.)

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these days with baby zee.

i really love the fact that i did “these days with baby z.” posts when i was pregnant with Amelia. i can look back and see how i was feeling every couple weeks, how big my belly was, and the things i remember about being pregnant. it’s so amazing to have those memories written down and saved for me now.

even though blogging has fallen by the wayside, i do want to have those same memories with this pregnancy, so i will be starting my updates again (monthly at first, biweekly towards the end), and this time they’ll be titled “these days with baby zee.” so i can differentiate the pregnancies.

my weeks for this pregnancy just so happen to change on saturdays, so my updates will be on fridays, at the end of my current week. that way i’ll have had my doctor’s appointments and will have my updated stats and all that fun stuff.

23 weeks

for comparison, the above photo was me at 24 weeks last time.

16 weeks.2

how far along: 16 weeks.

i’m feeling: like i’m almost out of the woods in terms of feeling crappy. my energy is more even throughout the day, i usually don’t crash until about 9pm now, and the nausea is almost nonexistent. this pregnancy was so different from my first in terms of how i felt. i was nauseous most days with this one (although never got sick PTL), and i think if i hadn’t been alone most of the time, would have felt more exhausted than i did. as it was, i didn’t have the luxury of feeling crappy, which is a silver lining if you think about it! i can’t wait until i feel like working out…i’m thinking that’ll be any day now.

total weight gain: up 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy. i had a one pound loss in the first trimester, which i’m guessing is because i was running around after a toddler by myself, so technically i’ve gained 5 overall. this is pretty much how my last pregnancy went, so it’ll be interesting to see what my body does this time around. i have said it before, and after going through it once, i believe it even more wholeheartedly. our bodies know what we need when we’re pregnant, and as long as we are thoughtful about taking care of them (eating mostly healthy, getting some exercise every so often, etc.) weight gain while pregnant is not something that is in our control. embracing it without worry is better for our stress levels than worrying if we’ve gained too much too early, or why we’re gaining if we’re eating right and moving our bodies. women’s bodies are amazing, and if we trust them, they’ll do right by us. end soapbox speech.

baby zee’s size: this week, baby is the size of an avocado (4.5 inches long and 3.5 oz.). yaaaaas, delicious avocados. preferably mashed on toast. you guys, i don’t know why, but i still get such a kick out of the fruit comparisons every week. i just think it’s so funny!

this week: nothing really happened, pregnancy-wise. OH! EXCEPT! i had not one, not two, but THREE strangers say to me, unsolicited, “when are you due?” aca-scuse me? we’re doing that now? we’re asking strangers when they’re due without knowing if they’re pregnant? what if i already had the baby!? this never once happened to me last time, even when i was gigantic, so i’m still at a loss.

maternity clothes: oh boy. listen up. i’ve been in maternity clothes (pants at least) since 12 weeks. i tried to wait, but one day at work i had to unbutton my pants because they were painfully uncomfortable, and that night, out came the maternity pants. i was able to wear my normal pants with a belly band until 26 weeks or so last time, but that doesn’t seem to be working too well for me this time. my body decided very early on that it was just going to let this pregnancy thing happen as soon as possible, and this belly is out and loud and proud. and that’s fine because it means baby is growing and that’s a great thing. except you guys, i hate all my maternity clothes already. i’m already tired of them and i haven’t even worn most of them. anyone have suggestions for good, inexpensive maternity clothing? tell me!

sleep: the only good thing about sleeping right now is that i get to sleep with my snoogle. my sweet, sweet snoogle. do i miss being able to see my husband in the bed? sure. is the extra hip support worth it? abso-fricking-lutely. yea, sleep isn’t horrible, but it’s not the greatest. i’m up at least once a night to pee, and it’s been a lot harder to fall back asleep afterwards. pregnancy insomnia, it is real my friends.

best moment this week: i didn’t feel nauseous even once! low standards for the win!

movement: i think that i may have felt a teeny tiny flutter this week, but there is a 50/50 chance it was gas, so i’m not willing to say i’ve felt the baby move yet.

food cravings: pickles. like, i NEED them. i need them so badly that i even feel like drinking the pickle juice. and if we’re being honest, i have drank the pickle juice. am i sodium deficient or just the walking cliché of a pregnant woman? you tell me.

food aversions: no way man. give me all the food.

belly button in or out: it’s still in, but i feel like that’s only because it feels bad for me and is staying in out of pity.

looking forward to: feeling little baby movements and seeing the little one in a month at our ultrasound.

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and then there were four.

we are so excited to announce that Mister Man, Amelia and i will be adding a new member to our family in october of this year!


we may be biased, but we do think she’s going to make the coolest sister ever.

so maybe my hiatus and my severe exhaustion weren’t just from the whole solo parenting gig. maybe they were also a product of this whole being pregnant gig. does this surprise anyone? everyone? no-one?

the last couple months have been mostly a blur. we found out we were expecting the day before Mister Man left for his training, and when he gets back tomorrow night, i’ll be one day shy of being officially out of the first trimester. you want to know how to make the first 14 weeks of a pregnancy fly by? do them mostly by yourself while chasing a toddler. you won’t remember a thing, even how crappy you feel.

even with all the blurriness and nausea and exhaustion, we know that God’s timing is best, and feel so blessed that we are being given the privilege of bringing another life into this world. we know that’s not always how life works, and we say a prayer of thanks every day for this opportunity.

until the next time i have the energy to write, here’s to baby z., the 2016 edition!

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did i mention that i’m tired?

just popping in to say a quick hello and how are you!

also, i have a question for all you bloggers out there who solo parent and somehow find the energy to blog: how much do you need to spend on coffee every month to keep going? because between work and the child and the house, i’m over here like, “lord help me, i have no extra energy left with which to think of, let alone write, a blog post.” i am in awe of you all.

so yea, we’re surviving over here with no Mister Man, but we don’t like it. Amelia sleeps worse, i sleep worse. i’m tired, she gets sick of being around me all the time. (the girl is a people person, she really thrives when she’s around more than one person. if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see her out to eat, you know what i mean.) did i already mention that i’m tired? because i’m tired.


we get Mister Man back for a little while this week, and after that we get to visit him, and then there’s almost no time at all until he’s done with training. and really, i couldn’t ask for a better daughter to be with during this time. Amelia has been so much fun to be around! we play with play dough, we color, we run around the kitchen table, we take walks around the neighborhood, we watch daniel tiger and thomas the tank engine (SO MUCH thomas), and just generally are silly gals. sure, we have the occasional “disagreement” (we generally disagree only on things like bathtime and bedtime), but for the most part she is a bright light in my days.

amelia swinging

so basically, we can hack a few more weeks of this. i’m just going to need to stock up on more coffee!

p.s. i may not be around the blog too much lately, but i’m most definitely hanging out on snapchat…so is Amelia. come hang with us if you miss us! (username: hooleywithaz)

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oh hey blog hiatus.

well hello there everybody. i’m back! did you miss me? did you even notice i was gone? actually, don’t answer that, i’ll just pretend that you did miss me and have been waiting on the edge of your seat until i came back.

lemon half and hot water in white ceramic mug on dark granite counter

[hoping that drinking more of these will give me more energy]

i’m home “babysitting” amelia today. i’m usually at work on wednesdays, but our usual babysitter (my lovely mother-in-law) is enjoying two weeks in hawaii and i couldn’t find a backup for today. so i got to take an extra day to hang with my sweetie. and you know what? it’s been unexpectedly awesome. we went to choo choo bob’s for the first time, because miss amelia is having a train moment right now. for those of you not in the know, choo-choo bob’s is a darling little train shop in st. paul. it has toys and trains and even shows with choo-choo bob himself. they also have about 10 train tables that kids can play with, so people just go there to visit and play like a park. you don’t even have to buy anything to come in and let your little one burn of some steam with some steam engines. (and no, this post is not sponsored by choo choo bob, i just had no idea how amazing it was until today. we will most definitely be going back.)

after the train store, we went to my work (of all places) to have a lunch date with my girlfriends. most of us started on the same team in our division and became really close, and now that we work in different departments, we have a weekly wednesday lunch date. i decided to bring amelia with today because they haven’t seen her in a really long time. you guys, i think my favorite thing is bringing amelia to places where there are lots of people around. she is a true extrovert. she waves hi and bye to everyone she sees; there are even some lucky ones who are blown goodbye kisses. and she can keep up with the adult conversations better than some adults i know. we got the biggest kick out of her today.

she’s napping now, although i’m not sure how she’s sleeping through the chainsaws RIGHT OUTSIDE HER WINDOW. i guess i don’t really care how she’s doing it, as long as she keeps doing it. naptime is sacred and i love it with all my being.

toddler playing in the snow in pink snowsuit and white pom pom hat

[we’ve been going outside a lot…this girl loves being outdoors]

we’re surviving our time without Mister Man, although we miss him like crazy and can’t wait to see him for 48 hours this weekend. if you ask amelia where daddy is, she says, “working’!” she must think that work is the worst if it keeps you away from home for so long. she loves to facetime with him while we’re having breakfast and dinner, she pretends to feed him through the phone. she also loves to hang up on him, but that’s probably just a sign of love too.

i’m doing better than i thought i would be. the days are flying by, and i keep reminding myself that people do this for much longer, which helps curb my pity party. but you guys, i am SO TIRED ALL THE TIME. it’s about all i can do to keep up with cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes before getting ready for bed and just zoning after i put amelia down for bed. we’re talking 9pm people. that’s my limit these days. which explains my absence here a bit. any extra energy i have is spent doing laundry or planning meals for the two of us, and there hasn’t been anything left for everything with love. it always makes me a little nervous when i’m gone from here for a while. i feel like i’m losing momentum or people will forget about me or something. but then i realize that this place is not my job (although that’d be cool someday), it’s my outlet. and if i don’t have the energy for my outlet, that’s okay. it’ll be here when i get back.

i’m giving up my editorial calendar for a while. i’m hoping to post a recipe or two, and maybe some other content here and there, but only when i feel like i can hack it. no need to be posting crap just for the sake of having a post, i don’t care what the blogging gurus say. i mean, i wouldn’t be me if i listened to what everybody else said would i?

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