he keeps me healthy.

when Mister Man and i took our wedding vows, we promised to take care of each other through everything with the words, “in sickness and in health”. well, i said those words, the priest may have forgotten to tell MM to say them (oops!), but we’ve already established that there is no loophole for him, and that’s another story altogether.

we meant those vows, and even if sickness comes to us, we will be there for each other and will stick it out as husband and wife. but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to keep the “in health” part of that vow, isn’t it? so we have promised each other that we will do everything in our power to keep ourselves healthy as long as possible.

Mister Man is the person who keeps me healthy. he encourages me to get to the gym after work, and knowing that he is counting on me to meet him there keeps me from going home and sitting my butt on the couch. i am lucky enough that he loves to cook with me, so eating healthy at home feels like a date night instead of a chore. when i act like the night owl i am and stay up too late, he gets on my case to get more sleep.

some of our best conversations happen on long walks around our neighborhood. we can walk and talk forever, and all of a sudden an hour and a half has passed and we have a plan for our next project, or an agreement about our next big life event.

but for me, health does not exist solely in and of the body. i need to be mentally and spiritually healthy as well, because otherwise i’m just partly healthy, not totally healthy. and what’s the point of that? Mister Man gets it. he gets that for me, going to church every week is something i need to be healthy, and he participates and believes in that with me. he gets that sometimes we need a burrito bowl at chipotle or a burger at the local bar, along with a beer or two (none for me right now, boo!), because eating healthy at home 100% of the time will drive a person crazy. there is a balance in our lives that makes as much of a difference in our health as our gym membership.

now that we’re having a baby, our health has taken on an even more important role in our lives, because there’s a tiny human joining this world soon who is going to be dependent on us for a very long time. and that means we need to stay healthy for a very long time. we both want to be around to see our child go to school and have a family of their own and to be grandparents.

we know that we can’t control our health 100% of the time, because unexpected, unavoidable things happen. but for the parts we can control, i know that Mister Man will be there to keep me on top of my game, just like i’ll be there for him.

the American Recall Center asked me to share who keeps me healthy as part of their “Who Keeps You Healthy?” campaign. the American Recall Center is “a brand new site devoted to providing health and wellness news in simple, straightforward terms. their ultimate goal is to help their readers take complete charge of their health by being fully informed.”

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