these days with baby z.

when i first announced i was pregnant on here, i said that i would try to keep the baby talk to a minimum. if you’ve been paying attention at all, you realize how miserably i’ve failed at that (maybe with the exception of this post about cocktails of all things).

and i can tell you why. because when you are cooking a little human inside you, it consumes every part of you. every thought, every movement, every part of your day, including when you’re asleep, is taken up with thoughts of the baby. and so it wasn’t fair to myself to think i could compartmentalize my life or this blog. i think that’s why i avoided writing for so long. because everything was going to be baby related, and i somehow thought that by not writing i was keeping everyone happy.

so what i’m saying is that i’m giving in. this space will now be a place for my authentic thoughts, and right now, those thoughts might be overwhelmingly full of babies and pregnancy and the like. and i know that i might lose some of you for a while because of that. i also know that some of you might be really happy about it (i’m looking at you, far-away family members and baby-fevered friends). and both of those things are good.


my weeks for this pregnancy just so happen to change on fridays, and so when the mood strikes, i’ll be doing updates on everything. weekly might be too often…not that much changes, let’s be honest. so without further ado, i present “these days with baby z.” for your reading pleasure!

how far along: 24 weeks.

i’m feeling: amazing! i can honestly say that i have not taken one second of this great energy i have right now for granted. i know that it won’t always be like this, especially as i get closer and closer to the third trimester (2 weeks aways, how did that happen?!). so i’m doing lots of little organizing projects at home, i’ve even done a load of baby laundry…word to the wise, washing baby clothes/blankets in dreft laundry detergent will unlock maternal feelings in your heart that you never even realized were in there. tread lightly.

total weight gain: as of four weeks ago, it was about 5-6 pounds. i have my 24-week appointment on tuesday, and my guess is that the total will be closer to 10? who knows man, it’s my opinion that no one can ever guess how they will gain weight while pregnant, and there is no point in trying or worrying about it.

baby z.’s size: this week, we have a corn baby! meaning that baby z. is as long as an ear of corn (about a foot long), and just over a pound or so. it’s getting crowded in there.

this week: we started working on the nursery. actually we started to finish the closet doors in the basement, which is step one in the long process of getting the nursery done. it’s going well so far? i think? let’s be honest, that’s Mister Man’s project.

maternity clothes: yes and no. i am in deep, deep love with my two pairs of maternity pants (i don’t know how i’ll ever go back after baby), but when i get bored with them, i squeeze myself into my regular pants with my belly bands. and i like my maternity shirts, but am squeezing myself into my regular ones too. confession: most of my maternity dresses make me look like a pillow, because there isn’t enough belly to fill them out yet, so i’ve just been trial and erroring with most of my dresses still.  

sleep: slowly but surely getting worse. what with the peeing at 4am and the hips with too much weight on them, even my lovely snoogle isn’t cutting it. so when i sleep through the night, i am loving every moment. those nights are numbered.

best moment this week: finding out some encouraging news about work and childcare and feeling renewed about life balance.


movement: only ALL THE TIME. and I LOVE IT. baby z. and i party all day every day.

food cravings: i have no severe cravings, which is pretty disappointing to me. i mean i guess i can’t get enough strawberries, but i feel like that is also true for not-pregnant erin? also frozen yogurt, but is there a person alive who doesn’t crave fro-yo? so no. no cravings.

food aversions: on the other end, i don’t have any food aversions either. smells don’t really bother me at all. does this make me the most boring pregnant person on the planet?

belly button in or out: hanging on to being in by a thread. if i stretch my arms over my head, it’s out like whoa. it’s really just a matter of time at this point.


looking forward to: picking out the paint and actually getting started on the nursery. the day we get to put the crib together is going to be such a relief!


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