these days with baby z.

do you all remember how i said last week that nothing much changes from week to week? well i think someone must have heard me say that and wanted to teach me a lesson about getting cocky. because the last two weeks has actually thrown me for quite the loop as far as comfort and sleep has gone.

but what are you going to do? just keep growing the baby i suppose. i seem to be doing an okay job of that so far, so i’ll keep it up.


how far along: 26 weeks.

i’m feeling: pretty good. my pelvic ligaments started to stretch this past week, and (i need to be honest with you here) this has made me feel so sore. like someone punched me in the crotch for hours and i just have to go about my day pretending like it doesn’t feel terrible. but yea, other than that pretty good. 

total weight gain: you guys, i was almost right on the money with my prediction last week. as of my 24-week appointment last tuesday, i’ve gained about 12 pounds. which evens out to about 1 pound per week over the course of the second trimester so far, which is what they tell you to expect. so that’s neat! 

baby z.’s size: it’s a green onion baby this week. meaning that baby z. is about as long as a green onion (around 14 inches) and weighs about 1 2/3 pounds. you wouldn’t think something so small could affect your body so much, but man does it ever. 

this week: we finally finished the closet doors! which means we can move the guest bed into the office, and finally get started on the nursery. our sanity will return soon.

maternity clothes: almost 100% in maternity pants every day now. still hanging on to regular dresses and shirts that fit. pro tip (and this is very important): you must only ever wear non-maternity dresses that are long enough ladies…your belly shortens things up quite a bit and no one needs to be seeing your pregnant britney. 

sleep: standard wake up time is now 3am. whether to go to the loo or just because i’ve woken up. turning from side to side is a comedy show for my husband. 

best moment this week: realizing that baths are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. 

movement: baby z. is a mover and a shaker and a dancer. which is awesome, and both Mister Man and i love watching and feeling the movements. and as of the last week, baby z. has decided that it really likes the right side of my body. i’m starting to look a teeny bit lopsided. 

food cravings: still nothing. but everything tastes awesome to me right now. especially homemade bread with avocado.

food aversions: still nothing. so boring. 

belly button in or out: in when i’m standing still. out whenever i take a deep breath.

looking forward to: enjoying the last few weeks of my second trimester, having energy and being able to touch my toes. 

i’m getting close to the third trimester, so expect a wrap-up post soon, along with a belly style post about my favorite things to wear now that i’m getting bigger. also, i’m curious to hear from the non-preggos out there…anything you want to hear about or are dying to know? i will share all the secrets, you know i’m not shy.

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