these days with baby z.

this post is a little late this week, but it’s a holiday and i’m pretty pregnant, so you’ll just look past that, won’t you?

there are six weeks left in this journey, and if i can keep trucking through like i am now, i will feel like i have conquered this pregnancy like a boss. there’s something about being so close that things could start happening at any time (although that baby needs to keep baking some more) that gets you thinking about your job at the end of all this – to get that baby out. and i’m finding that i feel pretty great about my ability to do so. i feel so physically and mentally and emotionally strong right now, that any fear i’m “supposed” to be feeling is nowhere in sight. and that’s a great thing.

here’s to baby z. cooking for another six weeks, and to those six weeks going as fast as they can so i can smooch the little one’s face.


how far along: 34 weeks.

how i’m feeling: the fatigue is coming back for sure, which i’ve been expecting. anytime i do something around the house, i’m finding i need to take a break to sit down and rest. other than feeling a little rundown though, i feel great physically. no more aches and pains than normal, and (as weird as this sounds) i feel really strong and ready for the next six weeks.

total weight gain: well, i don’t want to brag, but i am amazing at predicting my weight gain. like i guessed in the last “these days”, i had gained 25 pounds by my 32 week appointment. right on track for a healthy weight gain. in total, i’m still predicting 33 pounds. and can i just say to everyone out there who might be asking why i’m so open about sharing this stuff, or saying that i’m only sharing because it’s in the normal range (i’d share either way), weight gain during pregnancy is not like weight gain when you’re not pregnant. sure, you want to stay within the right range if you can, but even if you eat the right amount and the right kinds of foods, your body will always have its own idea of what the right amount of weight gain for you is. and that is okay. any weight you gain is going toward your helping your baby grow as well as possible, and so if you are being healthy, it needs to be looked at differently. this could be a post within itself, but you get the idea.

baby z.’s size: baby z. is a cantaloupe baby this week! meaning that it weighs about as much as a cantaloupe (around 4.75 pounds) and is almost 18 inches long. although, because it’s our baby, it probably weighs a bit less and is most definitely not that long.

this week: this coming week my husband is home ALL WEEK and that means the nursery is going to be complete! along with all the other nagging projects he has on his list (which was made by him, not by me, we don’t do “honey-do” lists around here). and then at the end of the week…a free weekend. no plans, no commitments, for the last time until the baby comes. pure bliss.

maternity clothes: seeing as i just keep getting bigger, yes. except for my bikini, which is my regular one, high five! (p.s. check out this post for my tips on dressing with a bump).

sleep: it’s getting tougher every week. mostly because i can’t breathe anymore. did you guys know that it gets hard to breathe later on in your pregnancy? yea! i constantly feel like i just finished holding my breath as long as i could. so that whole sleep thing is a little tricky. i just look at the sleep deprivation as practice for when baby z. gets here.

best moment this week: last sunday my mother-in-law’s family threw a baby shower for the little one that was absolutely amazing. i say this after every shower, but it is so overwhelming to see how much our child is loved by so many people who have never met them. i have so much gratitude for all of it, and will always remember the feeling of sitting in the middle of everyone and feeling all the love in the room.

movement: i have a bone to pick with whoever said that the movements get a bit less crazy later on in pregnancy….that is a lie. it’s true that there is less room for the baby to move, but that doesn’t mean they stop trying to flail all around in there. it just feels a lot more jabby to mama.

food cravings: i’m definitely sensing a pull towards the sugary foods lately, so (other than the ice cream) i’m trying to satisfy the urges by eating lots of fruit so at least i’m eating natural sugars. i’m not saying i haven’t broken down and bought a pack of skittles for myself here and there….but i’m mostly being good.

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: out and weird and proud.

looking forward to: having absolutely nothing to do next weekend. i might even start brainstorming my hospital packing list, get a little crazy you know?

hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of july weekend! it’s about to get hot up here in the tundra, so send some popsicles if you have any to spare. i’ll just be hanging out in our basement with my belly trying to stay cool.

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