amelia: eight months old.

i feel like i say this every single month, but holy crap does time go faster as they get older! when your baby can interact with you instead of just waiting to be entertained by you, life just opens up into this wonderful new thing. i’m sure the spring weather helps a bit too…thank you for coming back into our lives late afternoon walks!

amelia is seriously the funniest little person ever. she has such a fun, goofy personality coming out. she loves to watch EVERYTHING happen, and is so interested in how things work. she could sit with something she is interested in for a good 15 minutes before getting bored. and oh my gosh she learned to make this cooing sound that my father-in-law taught her, and it’s probably my favorite sound in the whole world.

mister man and i left for our first getaway without her last week, and i was so nervous that i wouldn’t be able to handle being away from her for six days. but you know what, i totally could handle it. i missed her tons, but being alone with my husband for that long was so good for us, and it only made us more refreshed to come back and be good parents for her. she’s growing so fast now that she seemed much more mature when we got back, but all the changes were so much fun.

she is starting to recognize that certain words mean things, and she is starting to say the same sounds over and over. when we say “amelia”, she turns to look at us. she has a very convincing sound that sounds a lot like “light” (“ite”) when she looks at the lights in our house. she loves to say “dadada” often and in this hilarious crazed way. “mama” is nowhere near happening, but that’s cool…

i taught her how to do “soooo big!” the other day, and now i am THAT mom. the one who can’t stop asking her baby how big they are, just to get a tiny little arm raise in response. my daughter may be sick of it already, so i may need to be careful. is it wrong that i refer to things like this as teaching her tricks? i keep referring to her teething toys as chew toys, but i swear i know she isn’t a dog.

i am beyond excited to see how much she grows in the next four months before she turns one (!). there will be walking and falling and more food and swimming and it’s just all so much fun. how can one tiny person be so much fun??

dearest amelia. even though your dad and i have been running on about two hours of sleep for the past few days thanks to your teeth, we still love you more than life itself. sleep pales in comparison to the joy you bring us everyday, and that includes the “bad” days. although how bad could a day possibly be with you in it? thanks for loving us back now that you have an opinion on the subject. you’re our favorite.

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