everything with love.

welcome to “everything with love – the story of a life lived thoughtfully”. my own little space on the internet, the same as always, just a little more grown up.

everything with love.if you’ve been with me for a while, thank you for sticking around and sharing in this wonderful journey of life, family and love. you, dear reader, whether we know each other in person or will only ever meet online through our words, mean the world to me. i write my words for you, and i hope that you get something from them, be it a laugh or advice or just a feeling of “she goes through that too”. it is my hope that “everything with love” provides you more of the same; lots of laughs with more of a focus on the small but important things we all go through in this life. i hope to see you around here for a long time.

if you are just finding me, i am so happy you’re here. pull up a chair, pour yourself a hot beverage and dig in for the good stuff. i can’t promise you’ll like all of me, but i can tell you that i don’t take myself too seriously, and i always write with a lot of heart. i hope to see you around here for a long time too.


“everything with love” is a tribute to how i aspire to live my life. it’s a paraphrase taken from one of my favorite bible verses, 1 corinthians 16:14. in his letter to the corinthians, st. paul tells them to “be on guard. stand firm in the faith. be courageous. be strong. and do everything with love.”

i am firmly of the belief that the way we can tell if we are doing our best in this life is to apply the “with love” test to it. in my marriage, am i speaking to, supporting, treating my husband with love? in parenting, am i disciplining, speaking to, surrounding my child(ren) with love? in family, friendship, cooking, working, is everything that i do being done with love? if i can answer that question with a “yes” most of the time, then i know that i’m on the right track. if i answer with a “no” more often than not, then i need to take a good hard look at what i’m doing and why i’m not being more loving. i believe we can argue and discipline and disagree with love, because if we want the best for the people we are disciplining and disagreeing with, and that’s where our actions originate and we do not let bad emotions into the mix, we are still loving them in that way.

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i want this blog to be a reflection of this belief. whether i’m sharing a recipe, or parenting tips, or marriage anecdotes, i want to show that everything (even the smallest things) can and should be done with love.

as we continue forward, i am hopeful that this will be a place of inspiration for you. not because i have the prettiest photos, or the best recipes, or the most perfect family. but because it will inspire you to view the little things in life as big acts of love.

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