watermelon bourbon cocktail

hah, two recipe posts in a week. at least one has booze in it? i promise saturday’s post does not have anything to do with recipes (but it is a good one). 

as if you haven’t heard me say this enough, one of my favorite things to do on a friday night in is to make up new cocktail combinations. i love looking in the fridge to see what i have to work with and seeing what fun recipes i can think up. there’s a fun challenge in earning my drink, you know what i mean? there are quite a few tries that end with a drink down the drain, but i love sharing the ones that work out!

this is one of those cocktails that, the second i finished making it, knew it would be a hit. it’s also one of those cocktails that was so good that i only took one photo of it, because if i waited too long, it’d be watery and not as fruity and warm and smooth.

something about the wintery bourbon and the summery watermelon makes this a perfect transition cocktail as the fall gets into full swing. i hope beyond hope that you can still find some fresh watermelon, but frozen will do just as nicely, as will any other watery fruit (pear? peach?).

watermelon bourbon cocktail

watermelon bourbon cocktail recipe (makes 2)

  • ice
  • 1 cup fresh watermelon cubes (thawed frozen will work too)
  • 1 large lime wedge
  • 1-2 tsp. honey
  • 2 oz. of your favorite bourbon
  • club soda (optional)

in a shaker, add the watermelon cubes, the juice from the lime wedge, and the honey. muddle together until they make a juice. add the bourbon and ice to the shaker. shake vigorously to mix together and chill. strain mixture out into a glass filled with ice. if you’d like some bubbles in your cocktail, leave some room and add a little club soda. finish off with a pretty straw and you’re set.

note: a standard american shot glass is 1.5 oz., so use a little over one shot for every 2 oz. the recipe calls for.

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