what’s a part-time sahm to do?

oh, you guys, where is the year going? i feel like with the way my schedule is (home on mondays/thursdays, working on tuesdays/wednesdays/fridays), the weeks go by and all of a sudden i’m like, “it’s monday again?? wasn’t yesterday tuesday??” lord help me.

i have a very unique situation with my work and home balance, and it can make for some unique challenges. i’m not saying that it’s not amazing, because IT IS. i am beyond lucky to have the situation that i do: i get to be home with my daughter, i work and get to contribute to my family’s well-being, and amelia gets to be taken care of by wonderful people (like her grandma!) in her own house. it’s the best ever. but it’s still allowed to be challenging, in its own special way.

because i’m only home two days a week, i have a hard time making a schedule and sticking to it. every week i have every intention of having a cleaning schedule, of getting a set list of things accomplished in the home. but then something gets messed up in the schedule on monday – a late nap/no nap/a doctor appointment/too much fun at the park/etc. – and then i have to go to work the next day. and then by the time i’m home again on thursday, we’ve lost all illusion of accomplishing a list. and if Mister Man is out of town? forget about it. if i was home every day, i would be able to treat it more like a full-time job, and incorporate some structure to our days. but there’s no time for structure in two days!


we recently started a music class on monday mornings, which has been awesome for both of us. it’s given the little bit of structure to our week that we’ve needed to jumpstart everything. first and most importantly, amelia loves it. she is the hit of the class, dancing around and clapping her hands to every song. melts my heart. it makes for better naps on mondays, which means that mom has time to do chores around the house (and maybe even cook dinner??). it has also motivated me to be more planful about our thursdays.

even with that newfound structure, i’m still struggling a bit with getting things done at home during the week. i decided that it might be nice to have assigned tasks for the days of the week. my goal is to not have so many chores to do on the weekends, because right now that’s what has been happening, and i’d like to alleviate some of that pressure for both Mister Man and myself, especially if he continues to travel so much. i’m going to experiment with this for a while to see if it works, but i’m just not sure what’s going to come of it. here’s my idea:

  • monday: music class + laundry (doesn’t have to be done in one sitting, leaves me flexible for our day together)
  • tuesday: work +  full wipedown of kitchen/fridge cleanout (so we start the week knowing what we have to work with)
  • wednesday: work + cooking or baking session/miscellaneous work
  • thursday: home + dusting/vacuuming (as needed, vacuuming needs to happen way more often than it used to with the little one)
  • friday: work + RELAX!

on the days that i work, any other work would be done after amelia goes to bed, so nothing would take more than an hour or be too strenuous. the housework on the days i’m home would be flexible to get done as the day goes on, while still giving us the opportunity to play outside and for amelia to help me with the chores (she LOVES dusting and vacuuming with us, it’s a guaranteed hit!).


so. people of internet land, i need your help. is this schedule doable? is this insane? how do you all manage to structure your weeks? stay at home moms, do you have a particular schedule for your week or do you fly by the seat of your pants like i’ve been doing? any and all suggestions are welcomed with open arms and ears.

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