how to find your personal style (part three).

if you missed my first post or my second post on this topic, i highly recommend taking a moment to go back and read them. it will give you all the background you need so you won’t be lost as we jump into part three of this series. make sure to save or pin these posts so you can come back to them if you decide to use these tips down the road!


okay, so by now you’ve hopefully cleaned out your closet, identified your personal style themes and given your style a name. high five, amazing job, does it feel wonderful? hopefully! now your ready for the last step, filling the gaps and living your damn life.

not everyone will need to fill gaps. you might have started with enough clothing or had a good enough grip on your style to get rid of just enough to have a solid wardrobe. i was almost there, but did find some gaps here and there that needed to be filled (and still need to be filled, if we’re being honest). you might find that once you went through your dresses, you were left with a handful you love, which makes you want to wear more dresses like that, but you need to invest in a few to round out your collection. in my case, for work and everday dresses, i love jersey knits with tailored waists and swingy skirts, as well as shirtdresses with belts. but i only have one or two of each of these. i could stand to pick up a couple more in black, gray, or green (hell, maybe a nice blush color too).

edited wardrobe dress wishlist

you might also find that you’re fine with jeans, but your shorts collection could use a little boost. i realized that while i am totally set with my tank tops, short sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, i’m woefully lacking in simple, long-sleeved shirts. this is a problem where i live, and i’m not sure how i didn’t realize this sooner? question mark? once you fill your style gaps, all you have to do is remember what you’ve learned and go out into the world & look gorgeous.

edited wardrobe wishlist 2

how to find your personal style

(filling gaps AND looking gorgeous)

  1. identify gaps in your wardrobe. are there any items that you know you love, but you’re starting out with only one or two pieces? when you look at your wardrobe, is there anything you’re outright missing like long-sleeved shirts, blazers, or shorts? once you see what you’re missing, make a list of the key pieces you want to add to your wardrobe. [insert photo collages of key pieces for wardrobes; tops/bottoms/dresses]
  2. fill the gaps in your wardrobe. don’t feel like you have to do this all at once. in fact, anytime you add pieces to your wardrobe, it should be a well thought out process, and you should take the time you need to do it right. don’t buy a piece just because it’s the right color, or has the right length of sleeves. anything that you buy should be something you love, because otherwise you’re going to have to repeat step one of this process over and over again. now that you know your style inside and out, you can tell what you love and what you’ll wear, so make your choices accordingly.
  3. look gorgeous. this is self-explanatory. now that you know what clothes make you feel good, getting dressed everyday isn’t going to be a chore because you know you’ll love anything you put on. and when getting dressed isn’t a stressful process, you’re going to be happier and more confident in your own skin and your personal style.

i hope that these tips have been helpful for you. i know that my mornings are so much easier now that i’ve gone through this exercise, and easy morning make me really happy. hopefully you find the same to be true. also, if you ever want help naming your style, please let me know because i live for that stuff!

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