my one word for 2016.

i’ve been thinking about having a word of the year for a few years now. i have loved the simplicity of the idea, and i think it’s taken until now for me to really embrace the simple things for what they are. they aren’t boring, they can be downright beautiful, and they make my life so much more enjoyable. resolutions can feel so stressful sometimes, it’s like juggling all these balls at once, and if you mess up the littlest thing, it all will come crashing down. i’ve been an anti-resolution person for a long time, but always feel like i’m missing something at the start of each year.

there is something about setting one idea for yourself at the start of a new year that feels so right to me. choosing one word for your year allows so much flexibility and grace into your intention as well. you can give yourself room to breathe when you need it, or lean in and be ambitious if that’s what you’re feeling called to.

after a lot of thinking and coffee and a couple hours of alone time, my one word for 2016 is:


(noun): purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct

intention allows me to focus on doing everything in my life to the best of my ability. it makes me focus on patience, motherhood, marriage, friends, work, and anything else that needs a little extra care at any given point. intention reminds me to do things purposefully, not to just go through the motions of my life with no thought as to what is behind all of it. i’m hoping that by focusing on my intention this year, i’ll be able to see what things are truly important to me, and what things can be let go.

as my life gets more full every year, i want to make sure it’s full of the things that mean something to me, not the things that have snuck in under the radar because i wasn’t paying enough attention. i want to live a life that has meaning in every area, even if that meaning is something small. focusing on my intention will let me uncover so much of that goodness, but in a way that works with my not always reliable timing.

if you have resolutions or words of the year, i’d love to hear them below, especially if we haven’t already talked about them!

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