february goals.

well, here we are, another month gone. another month to plan for. february is my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month. although i’m not a big birthday celebration person, it just makes me feel all cozy and happy, so the month doesn’t feel so dreary.

my goals, as usual, are not too lofty, they’re pretty simple. but since this month will be a little different than our lives usually are, i’m just hoping to accomplish a few little things. honestly, if i can get through it without going nuts, i’ll count it a victory. i’m going to have to cut down on my blogging for the next couple months to make sure that i keep all of our lives on a reasonably regular path, but if you want to keep up with me, i’ll be participating far more regularly on the social media channels below AND snapchat (hooleywithaz). my snapchat gets good when i get a little loopy, and it’s bound to be hilarious this month.

first things first: january goals update

  • finish the updates for the first year of amelia’s baby book. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. it’s a miracle you guys. I FINISHED IT! printed photos and glue and all. i even got a head start on some pieces for year number two. i feel like mother effing martha stewart!
  • continue to workout regularly. i’m so proud of myself for this one you guys. i’ve upped my workouts from two times a week to three times a week and am working on getting them up to four. i also even started to go back to the gym. now, with Mister Man’s travel binge coming up, that may have to go by the wayside a bit, but i’m planning on getting there when i can, and keeping on with the at home workouts.
  • pay it forward. i did manage to do a bit of paying it forward this month. i just realized as i’m typing this out that i feel really kind of uncomfortable saying exactly what i did, because it gives me a “holier than thou” feeling. and i’m not into that. so maybe i’ll save that for another post. i do feel like my post on loss, which made me feel so supported and loved by all of you, did pay it forward in a way. if even one person was able to find some comfort in my words, then it was worth it.
  • do some research into bullet journaling. does saving a post to read later count? no, i did read a few posts on this, but there is one really juicy one that i need to read before i pull the trigger on the bullet journaling. i think i’m most excited to use the journal that i got as a gift from a dear blogging friend, so i’m feeling very pulled in the direction of starting in some form or another.

country white bread with a light crust on a white ceramic plate

  • bake some bread. awwww yea, did i bake some bread! why has no one ever told me about bread makers and how amazing they are? you LITERALLY throw ingredients in the bowl, turn it on, and you have a giant, sandwich bread sized loaf three hours laters. i’m in love. i do still want to try the artisan loaves, it’s just that because i tend to get distracted, i feel like the in-between time for resting and rising is going to throw me off. we shall see.

february goals text with flower detail


  • survive. this is pretty much my main, overarching goal for the month. starting on monday, Mister Man is gone for the rest of the month, with the exception of one short weekend. i am so proud of him, and i feel equally sad that he has to be away by himself, so i’m trying to keep the pity party at a minimum. but yea, surviving is going to be key in february.
  • continue to work out regularly. i think this will be key to goal number one. it will be a little more difficult to make the time, but if i give up a tv show i can do it, and it will be worth the sanity.
  • start a bullet journal. i’ll have more time on my own, so in between keeping the house going (pray for no more snow storms for me to shovel), and trying to work out, i’m going to try to be more mindful of spending my time on pursuits that don’t involve any real housewives.
  • cantor in church for the first time. i can’t remember if i’ve said anything about it here, but i started singing in the choir at church this past fall. i’ve sung my whole life, but had let way too much time go by with none of it in my life. i am one of three girls in our twenties, the rest are my parents age or older (mostly older). and i love it. everyone is so sweet, and it’s wonderful to have singing back in my life. i even decided to start cantoring (which is leading the singing during Masses) and will be doing my first Mass this month. wish me luck!
  • cook some new soups! it’s been a hot minute since i’ve cooked anything new, and i’m itching to get back in the kitchen. here’s hoping for some long naps out of miss amelia, because that’s the only time i’ll be able to really focus on this. thank the good lord for my wonderful husband, who is cooking freezer meals for me as we speak.

what are some of your goals this month? do any of them match mine? any tried-and-true tips for accomplishing goals, please share!

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