these days with baby zee.

woops, i’m actually closer to 39 weeks now since i forgot to post this on friday. oh well. the important and necessary thing for you all to know that is that i am still pregnant. very much so.

let’s throw out some guesses as to when i’ll have this baby, shall we? the due date is october 18. my guess is october 22. throw your guess in the comments below, we’ll see who can get the closest! feel free to throw in a gender guess while you’re at it, i’m really excited to find out if it’s a boy or a girl in there…

38 weeks pregnant with baby zee

[life with a two year old who thinks mirrors are the coolest]

how far along: 38 weeks. very, super pregnant.

i’m feeling: very puffy. my hands are perpetually swollen and i kind of feel like i have arthritis. and then today i woke up feeling very, very tired after what i thought was a good night of sleep. so I’ve been better, but to be honest, i’m feeling better than i expected to be at this point in the pregnancy.

update on stubborn baby’s position: this is like the saga that will not end! if you don’t follow me on snapchat, 1) what are you thinking? 2) you missed the update on my procedure/debacle. basically, i went in to my appointments last wednesday, had four people confirm that baby was breech, then went to the hospital for the manual turning procedure. they did a quick ultrasound on me to confirm the baby’s position, and lo and behold, in three short hours, the baby had turned head down without me noticing. so the good news is that i didn’t have to do the procedure, bad news is that this baby has too much room in my belly somehow. yesterday though, my doctor said that she thought the baby was for sure head down still, so she’s saying there’s a chance! she did tell me that if i go into labor, she wants me in the hospital during early labor so we can make sure baby is in good position and don’t run into any emergency situations.

total weight gain: i went back to my 1 pound a week gain over the last couple of weeks. i’m up to a total of 29 pounds gained, and i’m betting i’ll be really close to the 30 pound guess i had at the beginning of all this. but true story: pretty sure more of this gain is from fluid this time…i’ve never felt so puffy in all my life. the only perk is having lips that look like i got injections. super cool.

baby zee’s size: baby is the size of a leek (WHAT), about 6 3/4 pounds and 19.5 inches long. judging by the amount of space this baby seems to have still, i’m guessing it’s a touch smaller than that.

this week: we are all in nesting mode like whoa. we’ve been cleaning the house top to bottom (okay, Mister Man has, not me), got the area rugs cleaned, ordered the dresser and some new nooks for the baby, set up the second(!) crib in the kids’ room, and finished washing all the baby stuff, including the rock and play. i’ve also been adding to the freezer stash of meals and feeling relieved that we won’t be going hungry right away.

maternity clothes: is it acceptable to just wear the same leggings and tunic dress for the rest of the pregnancy? because that’s where i’m at.

sleep: oh you guys it’s so bad. but whatever. it’s not like it was going to be great once baby came anyways. i might sleep harder once baby is out of me actually…

best moment this week: well, hearing baby was head down was pretty great. we’ve also been having lots of fun as a family of three too. we got donuts on a whim this morning before work and have been spending as much time at the parks as we possibly can before we go hibernation mode for a bit. and Amelia’s mood has been reflecting the quality time. she’s downright giddy these days, so far not showing too much angst about the changes coming our way. that could change, but i’d be perfectly happy if it didn’t…hear that universe?

movement: still pretty wiggly in there, but hopefully no more somersaults. also a bit more braxton-hicks contractions, which are new this pregnancy, and a bit odd.

food cravings: i ate a whole “share-size” bag of skittles in two days this week. does that tell you anything?

food aversions: none whatsoever.

belly button in or out: the russian parking attendant in my ramp looks at me with shock whenever he sees me pull out of the lot, what do you think?

looking forward to: meeting this little human who’s been keeping me on my toes the last 9 months.

38 weeks pregnant with baby zee

[another, because look at that belly, and also my hair&makeup is done, and also my arm looks great in this photo]

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