william: four months old.

oh good lord. there is nothing like going back to work and the 4-month sleep regression to knock you on your ass for a month or so, huh?

i’ll have every single one of you know that i took these photos the day after mister William turned four months old. so my intentions are so so good. my execution is so so bad. because william is already five months old. i’m planning on posting that one when he’s a year old. he’ll be five when i’m done getting around to his monthly updates…but this is my blog and i want to keep these memories here for me to look back on someday, so i’m going with the old mantra, “better late than never”.

i love that in all of the photos of William, he just exudes exactly who he is. like, this photo is William in a nutshell. smile on his face. finger in his mouth. probably waiting for his sister to come over and entertain him. he’s just a precious little ball of light, he is.

our little boy is growing up so quickly. as of four months, he was just starting to roll over, and just trying so hard to DO things. he loves watching his sister do anything, and i can tell that he is just going to worship the ground she walks on. i mean, he already does, but it’s going to be a serious love fest between the two of them. pretty soon i think that they will just entertain each other all the time and my life will just consist of kicking up my feet and eating bon-bons. PARENTING IS EASY Y’ALL.

sweet little buddy is a hard core mama’s boy. when i went back to work, he was not happy with me. and showed his displeasure by going from getting up once or twice a night to getting up three times a night like clockwork. it’s not cool. it’s adorable, but it’s not cool. i would much rather cuddle during the waking hours! but as with everything else that goes along with babies, this too shall pass. and that is what i keep saying to myself when i get so exhausted i can’t see straight…

little william: i cannot imagine life without you here now. your personality is so full of life and joy, and you delight everyone who sees you, from your dad and i, to your sister, to the checkout lady at the grocery store! thank you for being perfect little you. but maybe start to sleep through the night pretty soon, mmmkay?

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