william: ten months old.

another post so soon erin? but how? and why? well, since i didn’t post my baby boy’s nine month update until he was almost eleven months old, i figured i should probably try to get the 10 month update posted before that happens…and then we will try to have our little man’s updates all caught up before we leave on our trip! or at least a girl can dream…

here is what mister William was like between nine and ten months:

well, william has certainly turned lots of corners this month. he is babbling nonstop, he’s graduated from the new walker “frankenstein” walk to a confident swagger, and he’s started to clap, wave and clearly understand words you say to him. it’s amazing to watch how quickly this happens.

one of my favorite parts of this month has been the changes in sleep! william has settled down at night and is sleeping through from about 8:00pm-6:30am. i can sometimes get him to go back to sleep for a bit if i need to get ready for my day, but i really can’t complain about the improvement. i honestly think that the thing that helped the most was me going on a long weekend trip with some girlfriends in july. he didn’t get to see me at night anymore, he lost interest in night feedings and started sleeping through.

a big change that was much easier for both of us than i thought it would be was stopping our breastfeeding. my milk supply started dropping in a big way around his nine month birthday, and he started to get even more distracted during feedings when he started to walk. we had already moved to bottles before bed to make sure he was getting enough milk to sleep through, and he didn’t even know the difference when we moved to all bottles. it was quite a change for me, because we barely fed Amelia bottles, but it was so much better for us to make this decision. i’m almost positive that i wasn’t making enough for his crazy activity levels, because once i stopped pumping and nursing, nothing happened. i didn’t have to pump, or hand express, or anything. so it was the right time. when i can, i get breast milk from a dear friend whose baby is only a week apart from William, and we mix that with formula, and he is clearly thriving with the change. it sometimes tweaks my heart a bit, but only because it makes my baby seem so much older when he’s not nursing.

having a ten month old toddler is a very bizarre feeling. we constantly get comments on how big he is, and how well he moves, and what a sweet little man he is. and it’s all true. and i’m trying to slow it all down, and take more videos, and remember all of it, because i can already see him as a two year old, trying to run away from me as fast as he can at the park. he might not be acting like a baby anymore, but he’ll always be mine.

little william: you are trying to grow up so fast, and we are so proud of you with each new milestone you reach (even if they might be a little early for us). the relationship you have with your dad and sister makes me smile every time i see it. you are a shining sun every day, and we know that you will only get brighter as you grow up even more.

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