william: twelve months old.

and then he was one.

and life went on as usual. except when he started running and eating yogurt with a spoon by himself.

but who needs babies to stay babies? i mean, missing the baby stage is how siblings get made, right? (it is. it’s literally the only way siblings get made.)

as you can probably tell from these photos, our little boy is one big hunk of happy toddler! he is a sturdy little man, no other way to put it. he, much like his sister did, thinks that he is much older than he is. which when combined with how quickly he learns by watching anyone do anything, means that we are running after him constantly, but also picking him up constantly when he asks to go up (“uh! uh! uh!”) to see/grab/touch something he has deemed important to his day.

he knows how to wave, play hide and seek, and can walk, run and climb as well as a much older child. he can say ball, pup-pup, and hi, and is adding new words everyday. his favorite thing to do besides eat is to have dance parties in the kitchen with the whole family.

he is the best at giving hugs and kisses (seriously i’ve never experienced a more cuddly toddler), and he loves to snuggle when he’s tired, but will never fall asleep in your arms. he is very social and loves to give people head bumps as a sign of affection.

he is the sunshine of our family, and it feels crazy to me that he hasn’t always been here, because it seems like our family wouldn’t be complete without him. and yet he’s only been here in the world with us for a year.

little william: thank you for making me a mom again one year ago. you are the perfect addition to our family and you are the very definition of sweetness. just like i said when your sister turned one, we pray that you grow up knowing how loved you are, and that no matter what happens in this life, you will always be our little boy.

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